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The Favored 6

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With these ones the Salvation came away to the other side of the Sea of the Land of the Circuit of Tiberias [main river of Rome].
Now a great multitude was accompanying himself because they were looking attentively at the Signs whom he was making upon the basis of73e those who are weak.
Salvation ascended then into the mountain, and in that place he was sitting with the Learners of himself.
The pass-over was now near, the feast of the Casters.
And the Salvation, he who has raised up/exalted the eyes, and he who has looked that a great multitude is coming toward himself, he is saying toward Lover-of Horses, "From where might we buy bread-loaves so that these ones might eat?
Now he was speaking this one, he who tests himself, for himself had seen who he was about to make.
The Lover of Horses answered himself, "Loaves of two hundred silver coins [roman denarii] are not enough for themselves so that every one might take a hold of a little one.
One is saying to himself, from out of the Learners of himself, Manly, the brother of Hearer Small-Stone,
"A little boy is here who is holding five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are these ones into so many?"
The five stacked loaves of bread, and two small fish.

The Salvation said, "Make the men to fall back/up." There was now much grass in the Place. Therefore the males fell back/up in number about five thousand.

"In this, one, let not yourselves be hidden, beloved, that one day close beside the lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as day one." (2 Peter 3:8 RBT)

The Whole
One head, one mind, one man.

The Salvation then took the loaves, and he who has given thanks gave to those ones, those who fall back/up. Likewise also from the small fishes, as much as they desired.
When now they were filled, he is saying to the Learners of himself, "Gather together the broken pieces, those who have exceeded all around, in order that not anyone should be destroyed away.
Therefore they gathered together and filled twelve hand baskets of broken pieces from out of the five loaves of the barley, the ones who exceeded all around, to those having eaten.
The Feet that Bring the Good News - Isaiah 52:7
Therefore the men, those who have perceived whom he made, the sign, were saying that, This one is truly the prophet, the one who is coming into the World. Salvation therefore, he who has known that they are about to come, and catch/pluck up himself so that they might make a king, withdrew/retreated back again into the mountain, himself only.
Dusk becomes
And when evening became, the Learners of himself descended upon the Sea,
Ships of the Sea in the Dusk.

And Darkness was upon the Faces of the Abyss
and those who have stepped into a ship, they were coming to the other side of the sea into Consolation-Covering. And already darkness had become and the Salvation had not yet come toward themselves.
And the Sea was woken up by he who breathes a mega/great wind.
Therefore those who drove/pushed about twenty five or thirty stadium[foot-race length], they are looking attentively at the Salvation, he who treads around [full circle] upon the basis of the Sea, and he who becomes next to the ship, and they were awestruck/frightened.
Stadium track.

The one, then, is saying to themselves, "I Myself Am, do not fear."
They were desiring then to take hold of himself into the Ship, and straightly, the Ship has become upon the Earth, into her whom they were leading under/away.
On the tomorrow, the Multitude, the ones standing on the other side of the Sea, perceived that another little boat was not there, except one, and that the Salvation did not enter together into the ship with the Learners of himself, but only the Learners of himself came away.
The River of Rome
But little boats came from out of Tiberias [river of Rome], near the Place where they had eaten the Loaf of him who has given thanks of the Master.
εὐχαριστήσαντος. eucharistēsantos.
"the Loaf of him who has given thanks of the Master."

Salvation is not in the River of Rome
When therefore the multitude perceived that Salvation is not there, nor are the Learners of himself, they stepped themselves into the Ships, and came into Covered-Consolation, those who are searching for the Salvation.
And those who found himself on the other side of the Sea, they said to himself, "My Multiplying one, when did you become here [the right side]?"
You were fattened
The Salvation answered himself and said, "Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves, you are searching for myself, not because you perceived the Signs, but because you ate from out of the loaves and were fattened [with grass/fodder].
Labor not for the meal/food of her who destroys away, but for the meal/food of her who remains into zoe-life eternal, her who the son of the Man will give to yourselves. For the father has set a seal on this one, the God.
Therefore they said toward himself, "Who are we making, that we may work/labor the labors of the God?
Your Complete Self is the Work
Answered the Salvation and said to themselves, "This one is the Work of the God, that you may believe into him who has sent away that one there.
Leading Under.
This one. Demonstrative pronoun signifying the one self above, in the center.
That one. Demonstrative pronoun signifying the self/selves in the sixth day, the "heel" or "footstep", that is, the self comprehended in time, the earth below.

They said therefore to himself, "Who is the marked one/sign therefore yourself is making, that we may perceive and may believe yourself who you are working?
Eating Food you don't understand
The fathers of ourselves ate the 'What-is-it' Manna in the desolate one, according as it is written, "He gave a loaf from out of the heaven to themselves to eat."
You heard the shadow word, now hear the real word (Yourself)
Therefore the Salvation said to themselves, "Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves, Drawn-out [Moses] has given to yourselves the loaf [shadow] from out of the heaven, but the father of myself is giving yourselves the True/Real Loaf from out of the heaven.
"I am the Loaf."

For the Loaf of the God is the one descending from out of the heaven, and the one giving to the world zoe-life.
They said therefore toward himself, "Master, all the time give to ourselves the Loaf of this one."
The Salvation said to themselves, "I am the Loaf of the zoe-life, the one, he who comes toward myself does not ever hunger, and the One Who Believes into myself, does not ever thirst at any time.
But I said to yourselves that also you have perceived 'myself', and believed not.
The whole who the father is giving 'myself' will arrive toward 'myself', I will not ever cast outside.
For I have descended from the heaven, so that I should make not the Desire of the 'mine', but the Desire of the one having sent myself.
And this one is the Desire of the one who sent myself, that the whole that he has given to myself, I should not destroy away from out of itself, but stand itself up in the last day.
Standing up the Whole in the last day.

For this one is the Desire of the father of myself, that all, He Who Looks Attentively at the Son and He Who Believes into himself should hold zoe-life eternal, and myself will stand himself up within the Last Day.
The Casters were cooing [a dove sound]74 therefore from around himself because he said, "I am the Loaf, the one who has descended from out of the Heaven."
And they were saying, "Is this one not Salvation the son of He-Increases [Joseph], of whom ourselves see the father and the mother? How
is he saying that 'From out of the heaven I have descended'?
Unless they be Dragged in
Answered Salvation and said to themselves, "Mutter not with each other.
No one is able to come toward myself, unless the father, the One who has sent myself, drags himself, even myself, I will stand himself up in the last day.
ἑλκύω, to drag. Dragnet.
And the one said to themselves, "Cast the net into the right-hand portion of the ship, and you will find." Therefore they cast and no longer had power/strength to drag it from the multitude of the fishes. (John 21:6 RBT)

It is written in the Prophets, "And the whole will be taught ones of God." [Isaiah 54:13] Everyone, those who have heard from close beside the father and those who have learned, comes toward myself.
Myself and the Father are one
Someone has not perceived the father unless the one, he who is from close beside the God—this one has perceived the father.
Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves, the One Who Believes, is holding zoe-life eternal. I am the Loaf of the zoe-life. The fathers of yourselves ate in the desolate one the 'What-is-it' Manna and they died away.
This one is the Loaf, the one from out of the heaven descending, so that anyone from it may eat, and not die away.
He is the Flesh of Myself
I Myself am the Loaf, the One who is living, the One who has descended from out of the Heaven. If anyone has eaten from this one, the Loaf, he will live into the Eternal one, and the Loaf then who myself will give, is the flesh of myself, [given] for the Zoe-life of the World.

Living into the Eternal One.

"…and now a corner, he has taken also of the Wood of the Living Ones, and he has eaten, and he has lived to the Eternal one…" (Genesis 3:22 RBT)

Therefore they, the Casters, were battling/at war toward each other, saying, "How is this one able to give to ourselves the flesh of himself to eat?"
Therefore the Salvation said to themselves, Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves, unless you have eaten the flesh of the son of the Man, and have drunk the blood of himself, you do not hold zoe-life within yourselves.
The one, he who eats the flesh of myself, and he who drinks the blood of myself, holds zoe-life eternal, even myself, I will stand himself up in the last day.
For the flesh of myself, is real/true food, and the blood of myself, is real/true drink.
The one, he who eats the flesh of myself and he who drinks the blood of myself abides within myself, even myself within himself.
Just as a father, the one who lives, has sent away myself, even myself is living across the other side to the Father; and the one, he who chews [as chewing the cud]74b myself, even himself, he will live across to myself.
This one is the Loaf from the Heaven, he who has descended, not according as the fathers ate and died away. The one, he who is eating this Loaf, will live into the Eternal one.
These ones he spoke in the assembly, teaching in Covered-Comfort.
Therefore many, those who have heard from out of the Learners of himself said, "The Logos/Word of This one is hard/harsh. Who is able to hear himself?
However the Salvation seeing within himself that the Learners of himself are cooing [like doves] from around this one, he said to themselves, "This one sets-snares/stumbles yourselves.
If therefore you look attentively at the Son of the Man, he who is ascending to where he was at the First,
The Sayings "Is"
the Spirit is the one giving life. The flesh is not useful for anything. The sayings which myself utters to yourselves is spirit and is zoe-life.
But there are from out of yourselves some who believe not. For the Salvation saw from out the head/origin who are those ones, they who believe not, and who is the one who will hand over himself.
And he spoke across to this one, "I have told yourselves that no one is able to come toward myself, unless it might be that which is given to himself from the father."
From out of this one, many out of the Learners of himself came away into the back/behind and tread around with himself no longer.
The Twelve
Therefore the Salvation said to the Twelve, "Are not yourselves also desiring to lead away/withdraw?
Answered himself, Hearing Small-Stone, "Master, toward who will we go away? You hold the sayings of zoe-life eternal.
And ourselves have believed and have known that yourself is the Holy one of the God."
Answered themselves the Salvation, "Did not I choose yourselves, the twelve, and from out of yourselves one is an accuser?75
Judas - Man of the Cities
He was speaking, now, the Caster of Hearer Man-of-Cities [Judas of Simon Iscariot],75b for this one was about to give over himself, one, from out of the Twelve.
The Twelve.

"broken pieces/bones" or "hours" before "one", the seventh one (also called a single "bone of the Day").

"I became quiet and he is breaking me up and he has grasped me in the neck and is dashing me to pieces and is standing me up to himself, to the guardhouse." (Job 16:12 RBT)

"I strike under the eye [black-eye] of myself the body and enslave, lest how myself having preached to others I might become unapproved/rejected." (1 Corinthians 9:27 RBT)

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