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The Favored 14

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Let not the Heart of yourselves be troubled. You are believing into the God and into myself you are believing.
Within the House of the Father of myself, there are many abodes/abiding ones [feminine]. If not, then, I would have spoken to yourselves that 'I am leading across to prepare a place for yourselves.'"
And if I am leading across and I am preparing a place for yourselves again I am coming and will take hold of yourselves close beside toward myself so that where I am, myself and yourselves may be.
And where myself is leading under, you see the Road.
He is saying to himself, Twin, "Master, we see not where you are leading under. How are we able to see the Road?"
The Salvation is saying to himself, "I Myself am the Road and the True/Real one and the Zoe-life. No one is coming toward the Father unless across the other side from myself.104a
You never knew himself
If you had known myself, you would have known also the Father of myself. Away from this moment you are knowing himself and have perceived himself.
He is saying to himself Lover of the Horse, "Master, show ourselves the Father, and he is availing ourselves.
I am Lover of the Horse
He is saying to himself the Salvation, "So much time with yourselves I am, and you have not known myself, Lover of the Horse? The one who has perceived myself has perceived the Father. How do you speak, 'Show ourselves the Father?'
Do you not believe that, Myself within the Father and the Father within myself, is? The Words that myself is speaking to yourselves, I am not speaking away from myself. The Father, then, within myself, he who abides, makes the Works himself.
Believe myself that, Myself within the Father and the Father within myself. And if not, believe across to the Works themselves.
He will Increase, Become Greater
Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves, the one, he who believes into myself, the Works that myself is making he will also make, and he will make greater ones than these ones, so that myself is leading across toward the Father.
In the Name of Myself
And that if you might ask within the Name of Myself, I will make this one so that the Father might be glorified within the Son.
If anyone asks myself, within the Name of Myself, Myself will make.
If you agape-love myself, you will guard the Commandments, the ones of Mine.
Even myself will question the Father, and he will give to yourselves another helper/advocate, so that he might be with yourselves into the Eternal One.
The World is not Able to Take hold of the Spirit
The Spirit the of the True/Real One, whom the World not is able to take hold of because he is not looking attentively at itself neither is he knowing. Yourselves are knowing itself because it abides from close beside yourselves and it will be within yourselves.
I will not send yourselves away orphaned. I am coming toward yourselves.
Still a little one, and the World is no more looking attentively at myself. Yourselves then, are looking attentively at myself because myself is living, and yourselves will live.
Within that one, the Day, yourselves will know that, Myself within the Father of myself and yourselves within myself, even myself within yourselves. The one, he who holds the Commandments of myself, and he who guards themselves, that one is the one who agape-loves myself. The one, then, he who agape-loves myself, will be agape-loved under the Father of myself, even myself will agape-love himself and I will manifest myself to himself.
Caster, not the Man-of-Cities, is saying to himself, "Master, then who has become that you are about to manifest yourself to ourselves and not to the World?"
Agape-Love: Handing Yourself Over
Salvation answered and said to himself, "If anyone is agape-loving myself, he will guard the Logos/Word of myself and the Father of myself will agape-love himself and toward himself we will come and we will make an abiding-one close beside himself.

And the Man is saying, `The Woman whom you have given is with myself. She has given himself to myself from out of the Tree, and he has eaten.` (Genesis 3:12 RBT)

"Wise ones of the women have built her house, and a foolish one within her dual hands, she is breaking down [in pieces] ourselves." (Proverbs 14:1 RBT)

"In this way, the men are indebted also to love the Women of themselves, as the bodies of themselves. The one, he who agape-loves the Woman of Himself, Himself agape-loves." (Ephesians 5:28 RBT)

The one, he who does not agape-love myself, does not guard the Words of myself, and the Logos/Word that you are hearing is not Mine. But of the one who has sent myself, a father.
I have uttered these ones to yourselves close beside yourselves, he who abides.
You will Remember, Because You Have already Known
The Helper/Advocate then, the Spirit, the Holy one who the Father will send within the Name of Myself, that one will teach yourselves the whole and will make yourselves remember the whole who myself has spoken to yourselves.
Peace I am sending away to yourselves. The Peace of Mine,104 I am giving to yourselves. Myself is giving to yourselves not as the World is giving. Let not the Heart of yourselves be troubled nor even be cowardly.
"And they are healing the eternal self fracture of my Gathered One upon her who is swift, to speak, 'Complete One, Complete One' But there is not a Complete One." (Jeremiah 6:14 RBT)

If you loved 'myself'
You heard that myself spoke to yourselves, 'I am leading under and I am coming toward yourselves.' If you agape-loved myself you would have rejoiced that I am leading across toward the Father because the Father is a greater one than myself.
Growing up into a Father
I have told yourselves before he becomes so that when he has become, you might believe.
I will speak not much longer with yourselves, for the Ruler of the World is coming, and he holds no one within myself.
I'm handing myself over to the Father to Become the Father
But in order that the World may know that I am agape-loving the Father, and the Father is giving to myself according to what he has commanded, this is how I am making. Awaken! Let us lead from this side.
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