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The Favored 13

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In front then of the Feast of the Pass-over, the Salvation, he who has known that the Hour of himself had come so that he would step over from out the World of this one, toward the Father, he who has agape-loved the Own—the ones within the World; into the end-aim he agape-loved themselves.
Going Out, and Becoming the Devil/Accuser
And from an evening meal, of the one who is becoming of the Accuser,98 he who has already cast99 into the Heart, so that he should hand over himself, Caster of Hearing Man-of-Cities,
he who has seen that the Father has given the whole to himself, into the Hands, and that away from God he came out, and toward the God He is leading under,100
The Left Hand of the Abyss of Hell.
"His left is below my head." (Song of Peace/Solomon 8:3 RBT)

And he is saying He is toward the Adversary/Satan, 'From where are you coming in?' And he is eyeing, the Adversary eternal self את He is, and he is saying, 'From rowing within the Earth, and from walking myself within her.' (Job/Hated One 1:8 RBT)

Cloaks of Darkness, An Evening Supper that puts to Sleep
he is waking up from the Evening Meal, and he is placing the Cloaks/Outer Garments, and he who has taken hold of a towel, has girded around himself.
After that, he is casting water into the Wash Basin and he began to wash the Feet of the Learners and to wipe out/obliterate with the Towel with whom he was girded around.
"For to seven days again, myself is he who brings rain upon the Earth, forty of day and forty of her night, and I have wiped out the eternal self whole of the Standing One, whom I have made from upon the faces of the Land of Adam." (Genesis 7:4 RBT)

Therefore he is coming toward Hearing Small-stone, he is uttering to himself, "Master you, of myself, are washing the Feet.
Salvation answered and said to himself, "The one whom myself is making, you see not at this moment. And you will know with these ones.
Yourself is the Feet, Hands, and the Head
Small Stone is saying to himself, "You are not ever washing the Feet of myself into the Eternal One." Answered Salvation to himself, "If I am not washing you, you are not holding a portion with myself.
He is saying to himself, "Hearing Small Stone Master, not the Feet of myself only, but also the Hands and the Head!"
He is saying to himself the Salvation, "He who has been bathed is not holding a need, except to wash the Feet, but is completely pure. And yourselves are pure, but not the whole.
For he saw the one, he who hands over himself—across to this one he spoke that, "You all are not pure ones."
"You are all unclean."

New Cloaks/Garments
When therefore he had washed the Feet of themselves and took hold of the Cloaks/Outer Garments of himself, and he fell back/up again, he said to themselves, "Do you know who I have made for yourselves?"
Yourselves are sounding/calling myself 'the Teacher' and 'the Master' and nobly/excellently you are saying 'I am' for
if therefore myself has washed the Feet of yourselves, 'the Master' and 'the Teacher', also yourselves are indebted to wash the Feet of one another.
For I have given to yourselves an under-pattern101 so that according as myself has made for yourselves also yourselves should make.
Amen Amen I am saying to yourselves, A slave is not greater than the master of himself, neither an apostle/sent-one greater than the One Who Sent himself. If you see these ones, you are blessed if you make themselves.
Myself is not speaking from around the whole of yourselves. I see those whom I have chosen, but in order that the Writing may be made full/complete, the one, he who eats the Bread of myself, has lifted up upon myself the Heel of himself.
From this very moment I am speaking to yourselves in front/afore of the one to become, so that you might believe when he becomes because I myself am.
Amen Amen I am saying to yourselves, the one then, who is taking hold of whomever I should send, is taking hold of myself. And the one who is taking hold of myself is taking hold of the one who has sent myself.
"And I am placing a hated-one in between you and in between the Woman and in between your seed and in between her seed. Himself is gaping upon you, a head, and your eternal self is gaping upon ourselves, a heel." (Genesis 3:15 RBT)

The Salvation, he who has spoken these ones, the Spirit was troubled and he bore witness and said, Amen Amen I am saying to yourselves that, One from out yourselves will hand over myself.
Looking into each other
The Learners were looking into one another, those who are at a loss/perplexed from around him whom he is speaking.
There was, him who reclines up, one from out the Learners of himself within the Bosom of the Salvation whom the Salvation agape-loved.
Hearing Small Stone is nodding [the head] therefore to himself, and he is speaking to himself to inquire who might be the one from around whom he is speaking.
He who has fallen back up therefore—that one thus upon the Breast of the Salvation—he is speaking to himself, "Master who is?"
He Gives the Portion, The Key, to...
Therefore the Salvation is answering, "He is that one, to whom myself will dip the Fragment and will give to himself." He who has dipped therefore the Fragment, he is taking hold and is giving to Caster of Hearing Man of Cities.
Portion/Morsel of Bread Dipped.
The Hour out of the Twelve. A.k.a the tip of the finger dipped. A.k.a the Key of David. A.k.a the Revolving Door. A.k.a. Horse hoof...

Then at that time, the Adversary came with the Portion into that one. The Salvation is saying therefore to himself, The one who you are making, make more quickly.
This one then, no one knew, of those who recline up toward whom he spoke to himself.
For some were thinking since Caster held the Tongues-Keeper, that the Salvation is saying to himself, "Buy of those whom we are holding need into the Feast, or to the Bent-over ones so that he may give anyone.
He who has taken hold therefore of the Fragment, that one came out straightly. And it was night.
When He Came Out, He is
When therefore he came out, Salvation is speaking,102
the Son the of Man has been glorified and the God has been glorified within himself. If the God is glorified within himself, also the God will glorify himself within himself, and straightly he will glorify himself. Little children I am still a small one with yourselves. You will search for myself and according to what I said to the Casters that, 'Where I myself lead under, yourselves not are able to come,' I am also speaking to yourselves at this moment.
I am giving a new commandment to yourselves so that, you might agape-love one another as I have agape-loved yourselves so that also yourselves might agape-love one another within this one, the whole will know that to myself you are learners, if you hold agape-love within one another.
He is saying to himself, Hearing Small-Stone, "Master, where are you leading under?" Salvation answered himself, "Where I am leading under, you are not able to accompany myself
. You will accompany, then, afterwards.
The Small Stone is saying to himself, "Master, across to who am I not able to accompany you? At this moment I will set the Soul-life of myself across from you."
Until him
Salvation answered, "You will set the soul-life of yours across from myself. Amen Amen, I am saying to yourself, the rooster will not ever sound/call-out until him whom will deny myself three times.103
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