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The Favored 17

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What Salvation is Speaking
Salvation spoke these ones. And he who has lifted up the Eyes of himself into the Heavenly one, spoke "Father, the Hour has come. Glorify the Son of You, so that the Son may glorify you."
According as you have given to himself authority over the whole flesh so that the whole of whom you have given to himself, he may give to themselves zoe-life eternal.
And she is the Eternal Life so that they might know you, the the only true/real God, and him whom you have sent away, Salvation, Anointed one. Myself has glorified you upon the Earth, the Work, he who has perfected the one whom you have given to myself so that I might make.
glorify myself, you father, from close beside you, for the Glory, her whom I have held in front of the one to be the World close beside you.108
The Name of You, Word of You
I have made visible the Name of You to the men whom you have given to myself from the World. They were to yourself, even myself. You have given themselves, and the Logos/Word of You they have guarded.
No longer from the world
they have known that all/whole as much as you have given myself, they are from close beside you.
Because the Sayings which you have given to myself, I have given to themselves and themselves have taken hold, and they have known truly, that from close beside you I came out and they have believed that you sent away myself.
I am Questioning
Myself from around themselves is asking/questioning. Not from around the World am I questioning but from around those whom You have given to myself because they are for you.109
And the Ones of Mine, the whole is yours and the Ones of Yours Mine and I have been glorified within themselves.
Not in the World, In the World
And I am no longer within the World and themselves are within the World, and myself is coming toward you. Father, set apart one, guard themselves within the Name of Yourself whom you have given to myself so that they may be one like ourselves.
When I was with themselves, myself was guarding themselves within the Name of You whom you have given to myself and I have protected, and no one from out of themselves was destroyed away except the Son of the Ruin so that the Writing might be filled up.
, toward you I am coming, and these ones I speak within the World so that they may hold the Joy of Mine—she who has been filled up in themselves.
Myself has given to themselves the Logos/Word of You and the World hated themselves because they are not from the World just as I myself am not from the World.
I do not question so that you might lift up themselves from the World but so that you might guard themselves from the Evil one.
They are not from the World, according as myself is not from the World.
Set themselves apart within the True/Real one. The Logos/Word of you is the True/Real one.110
Mirrored Across
According as you have sent away myself into the World, even myself has sent away themselves into the World.
And myself is setting apart myself across from themselves, so that themselves may also be set apart in truth.
And I am not questioning from around these ones only, but also from around the ones, those who are believing across from the Word of Themselves into myself,
so that all/whole may be one, according as you, a father within myself, even myself within you, so that also themselves may be within ourselves, so that the World may believe that you have sent away myself.
Even myself, the Glory whom you have given to myself, I have given to themselves, so that they may be one according to ourselves one.
That the two may become one
Myself within themselves and you within myself, so that they may be perfected into one, so that the World may know that you have sent away myself and agape-loved themselves according as you have agape-loved myself.
Father I desire the one whom you have given myself, so that where I myself am they also may be with myself so that they may look attentively at the Glory of Mine she who you have given to myself, because you agape-loved myself in front of a foundation of a world.111
Father, just one, even the World has not known you, but myself have known you, and these ones have known, that you sent away myself.
Take hold.
"We are seeing at this moment, through a mirror, within an enigma/mystery, and at that time, face to face. At this moment, I know from a portion. And at that time, I will fully know just as I have also been fully known." (1 Corinthians 13:12 RBT)

He who loves her, loves himself!
And I have made known to themselves the Name of You and will make known, so that the Agape-love, her whom you agape-loved, myself, may be within themselves, even myself within themselves.112
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