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The Favored 7

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And with these ones, the Salvation was treading around in the Land of the Circuit, for he desired not to tread around in the Land of Casters, because the Casters were searching to kill away himself.
And the feast-day of the Casters was near, the Tent-Pitching/Pegging.
"Step over, Show yourself!"
The Brothers of himself therefore said toward himself, "Step over from this side, and lead under into the Land of Casters, so that also the Learners of yourself will look attentively at the Works of yourself whom you are making.
For no one makes someone within secret and himself searches within a bold one to be. If you are making these ones, make yourself visible to the world."
For neither the brothers of himself were believing into himself.
Now and Not Yet
Therefore the Salvation is saying to themselves, "The 'Time of Mine' is not yet at hand, but the 'Time of Yours' is at all times ready/standing-by.
The world hates not yourselves. Myself however it hates, because myself is bearing witness from around himself that the works of himself are evil ones.
Yourselves ascend into the feast. Myself is not ascending into this one, the feast, because my time has not yet been made full."
And he who has spoken these ones himself,75c he abode within the Land of the Circuit.
When however the brothers of himself had ascended into the Feast, then also himself ascended, not visibly/openly, but as in secret.
Therefore the Casters were searching for himself within the Feast, and were saying, "Where is that one there?"
And there was much cooing [like doves] from around himself within the multitudes. The ones yet were saying that "He is Good." The other ones however were saying "No, but he leads astray the multitude."

Indeed though, no one was speaking with boldness from around himself across to the Fear of the Casters.
Already then, she who is of the middle of the Feast,76 Salvation ascended into the sacred place and was teaching.
The Casters then were marveling, those who say, "How does this one see written letters, he who has not been taught?"
Therefore the Salvation answered themselves and said, "The Instruction of Mine, is not mine, but of the one who has sent myself.
Myself away from Myself Utters Useless Babel
If anyone desires to make the Desire of himself, he will know from around the Instruction, whether it is from the God, or myself away from myself is uttering.
The one away from himself, he who utters, searches for the Glory of his own. However the one searching for the Glory of the one who sent himself, this one, is true/real, and injustice is not within himself.
It was something to make, not to obey
Drawn Out [Moses] did not give to yourselves the law,77 and no one from out of yourselves make the law. Who do you search for to kill away myself?
The Multitude answered, "You hold an evil-spirit.78 Who is searching to kill away yourself?
Answered Salvation, and said to themselves, "One work I made, and the whole of you marvel.
Circumcise out from the Foreskin of the Fathers, not Moses
Across the other side to this one, Drawn Out [Moses] has given to yourselves the Circum-cision79 not that it is from the Drawn Out [Moses], but from out of the Fathers, and within the Cessation you cut-around [circumcise] the man.
Circum-cision. Cut Around.

Remove the foreskin of the "law". "Drawn out" is the meaning of the name "Moses". Put another way, draw out the sword from its sheath.

If the man is taking hold of circum-cision within Cessation so that the law of Moses might be loosed/untied, you are filled with bitter gall to myself because I made the whole entire man healthly/sound within Cessation.
Do not judge/distinguish down to an appearance, but judge/distinguish the just decision.
Some from out of those ones of Foundation of Peace were saying therefore, "This one is not who they are searching for to kill away.
And behold! With boldness he is uttering and they are not ever speaking anything to himself. Truly the rulers have known that this one is the Anointed [Christ].
Coming of Christ
But we see from what place this one is. But the Anointed One [Christ], whenever he may come, no one knows from what place he is."
Therefore the Salvation, he who teaches, croaked [as a raven] within the sacred place, and him who speaks, "Even myself you see, and you see from what place I am, but away from myself I have not come, but he is a true/real one, the one who sent myself, who yourselves do not see.

Myself sees himself, because I am from close beside himself, even that one myself sent away.

"The heart of the flesh is planning his road, and He is is making firm his steps." (Proverbs 16:9 RBT)

"He is is the word toward the second Jonah [Dove] to say: Stand for yourself, toward Nineveh the Great City, and proclaim toward her the eternal proclamation which is: 'Myself is the one who orders words toward yourself.'

Day of Himself and the Hour of Himself, One Hand.
Therefore they were searching to grasp himself, but no one cast upon himself the hand, because the hour of himself had not yet come.
From out of the multitude now, many believed into himself, and they were saying, "The Anointed [Christ], when he might come, he will not make more signs than those whom this one has made."
The Separatists heard the Multitude cooing [as doves] these ones from around himself, and the Chief Priests and the Separatists sent away under-rowers79b that they might grasp himself.
Under rowers sent away, to turn the Boat.

Therefore the Salvation said, "Still yet a little time with yourselves I am, and I am leading under/withdrawing toward the one who sent myself.
Your Corruption cannot Come
You will seek myself and you will not find. And where I am myself, yourselves are not able to come.
Therefore the Casters said toward themselves, "Where is himself about to lead across, that ourselves find himself not? Is he not about to lead across into the Scattering [thorough, of the seed] of the Greeks and teach the Greeks?
Who is this one, the Word, who he spoke, 'You will search for myself, and not find', and 'Where I am myself, yourselves are not able to come'?"
In, then, the mega/great last day [sixth is the biggest], of the Feast, the Salvation stood firm and croaked [as a raven], he who speaks, "If anyone thirsts, may he come toward myself and drink.
The One Who Believes into myself, according as the Writing has spoken, "From out of the Belly of himself, rivers will flow of water, that which is living."
The Writing Has Spoken.
This is not an old testament quotation because the Scripture/Writing herself is speaking now as a "river flowing from out of her belly."

This one now he said from around the Spirit, whom those ones were about to take hold of, the ones who have believed into himself, for not yet was Spirit, because Salvation was not yet honored/glorified.
They Got it Wrong, He comes from out of the Circuit.
From out of the multitude therefore, these ones were saying that "This one is truly the Prophet."
The other ones were saying, "This one is the Anointed [Christ]." The ones however were saying, "Not so, for the Anointed [Christ] is coming from out of the Land of Circuit."
Did not the Writing speak, that from out of the Seed of Beloved [David] and away from House of Bread/Loaf [Bethlehem] the village-home where Beloved was, the Anointed One is coming?"
Split/Tear #1 - The Multitude
A split/tear therefore became within the multitude across to himself.
The Great one (Sixth Day) and the small one(day of one).

"And two builders/sons have been born to the Beyond/Across. The name of the One is Division [Peleg] for in his days the Earth became divided, and the name of the brother of himself is Small/Little." (Genesis 10:25 RBT)

Some now from out of themselves desired to grasp himself, but no one cast/laid upon himself the hands.

The laying on of hands.

"The right hand of He is, is her who is lifted up/exalted. The right hand of He is, is her who makes a valiant one." (Psalm 118:16 RBT)

The Rowers of the Ship are Questioning
Therefore the subordinate-rowers came toward the Principle Priests and Separatists, and they said to themselves, those ones across, "Why did you not lead himself?"
The subordinate-rowers answered therefore, "A man never uttered this way as this Man utters."
The Separatists Are Questioning themselves
The Separatists therefore answered themselves, "Have not also yourselves been led astray?
Not anyone from out of the rulers believed into himself, or from out of the Separatists.
Except this multitude, the one not knowing the law, are cursed."
Conqueror of the People [Nicodemus], the one who has come toward himself, the first one who is from out of themselves, is saying toward themselves,
"The Law of Themselves"
"The law of ourselves does not distinguish/pick-out the Man, unless he hears first from close beside himself, and has known who he is making."

They answered and said to himself, "Is not also yourself from out of the Place of the Circuit? Search for and behold that from the Place of the Circuit a prophet is not awakened."
And each one led across into the house of himself.
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