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The Favored 8

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Salvation however led across into the Mount of the Olive Trees.
He is Dawn: The People of Elohim
Of the dawn then, again he came into the sacred place, and the whole, the Gathered People,80 were coming toward himself. And having sat down, he was teaching themselves.
The Religious Separatists
The theologians [scribes] and the Separatists now, are leading a woman, she who has been caught-down upon adultery, and having stood firm herself within the middle,

"The beginning of ordering words of He is in Salvation. And he is saying, He is toward Salvation, "Walk, take for yourself a woman of whorings and boys of whorings, for the Earth, he whored, she is whoring from behind He is. (Hosea 1:2 RBT)

Adulteresses, you do not see that the friend [feminine] of the world is the hated-one/enmity of the God. If therefore whoever has determined to be a friend [masculine] of the world, a hated-one/enmity of the God, he is set down. (James 4:4 RBT)

She Labels Herself a Sinner
They are saying to himself, "Teacher, she, the Woman, was caught-down upon self-observation, she who commits adultery.80a
"We were told to tell the people they were sinners"
Within, now, the law, Drawn Out [Moses] commanded ourselves to stone such a kind. Yourself therefore, what are you saying?"
You tempt/test yourself
This one, then, they were saying, he who tests/tempts himself, so that they might hold to accuse himself. But the Salvation, he who has stooped down below, with the finger was drawing/engraving into the earth.
Casting/Laying the First Stone of the Foundation of Peace upon her, the Earth.

"To the upright one, thus He is Master has said, 'Behold myself! I lay for a foundation in Monument [Zion] a stone, a stone tried, a precious cornerstone, a foundation who is being founded. The One who builds up faith is not hastening." (Isaiah 28:16 RBT)

Thus is the queen of God: if a man may cast the seed upon the Earth, and might sleep and wake, night and day, and the seed should sprout and grow, he knows not how. Of her own self the earth brings forth fruit: [1] first a grass, [2] then the head of grain, [3] then the complete wheat within the head of grain. (Mark 4:24-28 RBT)

Foolish one! Found the First Stone!
But as they remained, those who question himself, he straightened back up himself, and he said to themselves, "The one un-missing/un-sinning80b of yourselves, let him cast [found] the First Stone upon herself."

"For the whole have missed the mark [sinned] and have fallen behind the glory of the God." (Romans 3:23 RBT)

Second Time
And again, he who has stooped down below, was engraving into the earth.
"Come out of her my People"
And the ones, those who have heard, and those who are convinced under the Shared-Awareness, they were coming out one throughout one,81 those who started away from the older ones until the last ones. And only the Salvation was left down and the woman, she who is within the middle.
The FootStrike, The Woman! - John 2:1, 4:21
And the Salvation, he who straightened back up, and he who looked at no one else but the woman, said to herself, "The Woman!82 where are those ones, accusers of you? No one has down-judged you!"
Target Acquired: The Now
The one, then said, "No one, Master." The Salvation then said to herself, "Neither does myself down-judge you. Lead across, and no longer miss away from the
No longer miss the target of Now!

Again therefore the Salvation uttered to themselves, he who speaks, "I myself am the light of the world. The one, he who accompanies myself, does not ever tread around within the Dark one, but instead will hold the Light of the Zoe-life."
The Separatists therefore said to himself, "You are bearing witness from around yourself. The Witness of yourself is not a true/real one."
Answered Salvation and said to themselves, "Even if myself is bearing witness from around myself, the Witness is a true/real one of myself, because I see from where I have come and where I lead under. Yourselves however do not see from where I am coming or where I am leading under.
Yourselves are separating/picking-out down to the flesh. Myself is separating/picking-out no one.
And if however, myself decides/picks-out, the decision of mine is the true/real one because I am not alone, but myself and the one who sent myself.
And within the Law, even the one of your own, it has been written that the Witness of two men is true/real one.
Three Bear Witness (Myself is—who—Myself is)
I myself am the one bearing witness from around myself, and the one having sent myself is bearing witness from around myself, a father."83b
Who's the Father? Myself.
They were saying therefore to himself, "Where is the father of yourself?" Answered Salvation, "You see neither myself, nor the father of myself. If you saw myself, you would have seen also the father of myself."
These ones, the words, he uttered within the Treasure-House, teaching within the sacred place, but no one grasped himself, for not yet had come the hour of himself.
The Treasure House, or A Storehouse of Knowledge/Truth.
The treasury stored various valuable items and offerings for the upkeep and maintenance of the sacred place (temple). These included precious metals like gold, silver, and bronze, donated for construction and sacred vessels. Additionally, jewels, gemstones, and monetary gifts from the people funded operational expenses. Offerings such as grain, oil, wine, and livestock were stored before use in religious rituals, along with artifacts and religious objects like scrolls and incense burners. These items were essential for worship and service...

He said therefore again to themselves, "Myself is leading under, and you will search for myself, but within the Miss of yourselves, you will die away. Where myself leads under, yourselves are not able to come.
"He will depart and go to Heaven"
Therefore the Casters were saying, "Surely not will he kill away himself?" Because he is saying, "Where myself leads under, yourselves are not able to come."
And he was saying to themselves, "Yourselves are from the ones below, I myself am from the ones above. Yourselves are from this one, the world. I myself is not from this one, the world.
Believe 'I myself am'
I said therefore to yourselves that you will die away within the misses of yourselves. For if you do not believe that 'I myself is', you will die away within the misses of yourselves.
"Who am I?"
They were saying therefore to himself, "Who is 'yourself'?" The Salvation said to themselves, "The Origin/Beginning, who also I am uttering to yourselves.84
Speaking Himself into the World
I hold many ones from around yourselves to utter and to separate/pick-out. But the one who has sent myself is the true/real one, even I myself, the ones who I have heard from close beside himself, I am uttering into the world.
He spoke "Father" to yourselves
They did not know that he was speaking the father to themselves.85
The Salvation therefore said to themselves, "When you have lifted up the Son of the Man, then you will know that 'I myself am' and from myself I make no one except according as the father taught myself. These ones I am uttering.
Born dead, inert, aborted. When you lift him up, you will know that "I myself am".

He does not Send Her Away
And the one who has sent myself is with myself. He has not let go of myself alone, because myself is making the ones agreeable/fitting for himself, at all times.
Uttering these ones of himself, many believed into himself.
Casters: Those who "Believed To Him"
Therefore the Salvation was saying toward the ones who have believed to himself,85b Casters, If yourselves abide within 'the Word/Logos of Mine', you are truly learners of myself.
Cast Yourself

"And yourselves as stones, those who live, are being house-built, a breathing house, into a sacred priesthood, to bring up breathing ones, offered ones acceptable to the God through Salvation Anointed." (1 Peter 2:5 RBT)

And you will know the True One, and the True One will set free yourselves."
They answered toward himself, "We are seed of Father of Multitude [Ab-raham], and we have been a slave to nothing at any time. How is yourself saying that 'You will become freed ones?"
The Salvation answered themselves, "Amen AmenI am saying to yourselves, that the whole, the one who makes the Miss, is a slave of the Miss. The slave, then, is not abiding within the house, into the eternal. The son is abiding into the eternal.
If therefore the son is setting free yourselves, you will be actually/in reality free.
I see that you are seed of Father of Multitude, but you are searching for myself to kill away myself, because the Word/Logos of Mine does not fit within yourselves.
He is Uttering yourselves, and you are making what you hear.
The ones who myself has perceived from close beside the father, I am uttering, even yourselves. Therefore the ones who you have heard from close beside the father, you are making. They answered, and said to himself, "The father of ourselves is Father of Multitude." The Salvation is saying to themselves, "If you were children of the Father of Multitude, the works of the Father of Multitude you would make.
Abraham Did not Make the True one
, however, you are searching for myself to kill away a man who has spoken the True One to yourselves, her whom I have heard from close beside the God. This one, Father of Multitude did not make.
"We're Children of God!"
Yourselves are making the works of the father of yourselves." They said therefore to himself, "Ourselves have not been begotten from out of harlotry, we hold one father, the God."
You never agape-loved myself
The Salvation said to themselves, "If the God was father of yourselves, you would have agape-loved myself,86 for myself came out from the God, and have arrived. For neither have I come away from myself, except that one there sent away myself.
You don't know because of you
Because of who do you not know the utterance of Mine? Because you are not able to hear the Word/Logos of 'Mine'.
He is the Father of Himself
Yourselves are from out of the father, the False Accuser, and the desires of the father of yourselves, you desire to make. That one there was a manslayer away from the origin, and within the True/Real one has not stood firm, because there is not a true/real one within himself. Whenever he might utter, from out of the own self he utters the False One, because he is a liar, and the father of himself.87
Because myself then is speaking the True/Real one, you do not believe myself.
Which one from out of yourselves convicts myself from around a miss? If I am speaking across to the true/real one, why are yourselves not believing myself?
The one who is from out of the God hears the sayings of the God. Across to this one yourselves do not hear, because you are not from out of the God.
Answered the Casters and said to himself, "Are not ourselves noble in speaking that you are a Guardsman [Samaritan] and hold an evil spirit?"
Answered Salvation, "Myself does not hold an evil-spirit, but I value/honor the father of myself, and yourselves dishonor myself.
Judging between the Good one and the Evil one
Myself then is not searching for the glory of myself. There is the one, he who searches and who distinguishes/picks-out.
Amen Amen I am saying to yourselves, 'If anyone guards the Word/Logos of Mine, he will not ever look attentively at death, into the Eternal one." The Casters said therefore to himself, "
, we know that you hold an evil-spirit. Father of Multitude died away, and the prophets, and yourself is saying, 'If anyone guards the Word of Mine, he will not ever taste of death, into the Eternal one.
Yourself is no greater than the father of ourselves, Father of Multitude, who died away. And the prophets died away. Who does yourself make?
"Myself is no better than my fathers" - 1 Kings 19:4
Answered Salvation, "If myself is glorifying of myself, the glory of myself is nothing. It is the father of myself who glorifies myself—who yourselves are saying that 'He is the God of ourselves.'
And you have not known himself. Myself then, sees himself. And if I say that I do not see himself, I will be like yourselves, a liar. Except I see himself, and the Word/Logos of himself I am guarding.
Father of Multitude, the father of yourselves, leaped-much, so that he might see the Day of Mine, and he saw, and he rejoiced."
Therefore the Casters said toward himself, "You hold not yet fifty years, and you have perceived Father of Multitude."
I am, to become, before Abraham
Salvation said to themselves, "Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves, 'Before Father of Multitude, I myself am to become.'"88 Therefore they lifted up stones, so that they might cast upon himself. Salvation however, was concealed, and he came out from the sacred place passing across the other side of the middle of themselves, and was in this manner passing by.
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