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The Favored 3

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Now there was a man from out of the Separatists, Conqueror of the People [Nicodemus]. A name to himself, 'Chief of the Casters.'
This one came toward himself of night and said to himself, "My Multiplying one, we see that away from God you have come, a teacher, for no one is able to make these ones, the Signs whom yourself is making, unless the God should be with himself.
The Reason it was always "Kingdom"
The Salvation answered and said to himself, "Amen Amen I am saying to yourself [not both], unless one is begotten from above, he/she is not able to perceive the Queen of the God."
The Only Begotten Man From Herself Above
Conqueror of the People is saying to himself, "How is a man able to be begotten? He who is an old man is not able to come into the Belly of the Second Mother of himself and be begotten."70c
Answered the Salvation, "Amen Amen I am speaking to yourselves, unless one is begotten from out of water and of spirit, he is not able to come into the Queen of the God.
The one begotten out of flesh is flesh. And the one begotten out of the Spirit, is a spirit.
The Left, the Right Hand the Sleep, the Waking up The Seed Dies, the Sprout Grows

Do not marvel that I said to yourself, 'It is necessary for yourselves to be begotten from top/above.'
Leading underneath
The wind/spirit blows where it desires, and the Sound/Voice of itself you are hearing, but you see not where it is coming from, and where it is leading under, thus is the Whole of the one begotten from out of the Spirit."
Answered Conqueror of the People, and he is saying to himself, "How are these ones able to become?"
The one Begotten from the top is a Spoken one
Answered the Salvation and said to himself, "Yourself is the teacher of God Straightened, and these ones you know not.
"And he might sleep and wake upnight and dayand the Seed should sprout and grow long, and he sees not how. (Mark 4:27 RBT)

Amen, Amen I am saying to yourself, because the one who we see, we speak, and the one who we have seen we are bearing witness to, and the Witness of ourselves you are not taking hold of.
If I have spoken earthly ones to yourselves and you believe not, how, unless I speak to yourselves the heavenly ones will you believe?
He who has descended
And no one has ascended into the heaven except the one from out of the heaven, he who has descended, the son of the Man, who is him who is in the heaven.
The Serpent → the Son of the Man
And in the manner Drawn Out [Moses] exalted-high the Serpent in the Desolate one, thus it is necessary the Son of the Man be exalted,
so that the whole, the One Who Believes within himself may hold zoe-life eternal.

The same serpent that deceived (The Law which said "he shall go on his belly") is also the fiery biting flying dragon serpent (the angelic Seraphim who, as it is actually written, "is walking upon his curve.") who must be examined closely (The Torah) to be made alive (as a Seraphim). They are of the same self. That is, he deceived himself, and now he must re-examine himself. He deceived because he himself was deceived. He is his own Anti-Christ/Adversary.

"And Drawn-Out [Moses] made a serpent of bronze and placed him upon an ensign-standard. And he has become if the Serpent has bitten the eternal self man and he looked at intently/considered the serpent of the Bronze then he has lived." (Numbers 21:9 RBT)

For thus God loved Himself
For thus the God agape-loved the World, wherefore he gave the Only-kind/Begotten Son, so that the whole of the One Who Believes into himself, might not be destroyed away, but hold the eternal Zoe-life.
Not to Create Separatists
For the God did not send away the Son into the World in order to pick-out/separate70d the World, but that the World might be delivered across to the other side of himself.
The One Who Believes into himself is not picked-out/separated, but the One Who Does Not Believe already has been picked-out/separated because he has not believed into the name of the only-kind/race of the son of the God.
They Handed themselves over to the Dark one instead of the Light
And she is the Judgement, that the Light has come into the World, and men agape-loved [sacrificed themselves to] the Dark one rather than the Light. And so the Works of themselves were pain-ridden/laborious.
For the whole doing wicked/worthlessness hates the luminous-light and does not come toward the luminous-light, so that the works of himself may not be convicted.
The one however, he who makes the Real/True one, comes toward the luminous-light so that the labors of himself may be made manifest/visible that within God they are accomplished.
With these ones came the Salvation, and the Learners of himself into the land of Casters, and in that place he spent time with themselves and was submerging.
And the Favored was also submerging in Place of Little Eye/Spring [Aenon], near Place of Complete [Salim], because the water-ones in that place were many, and they were coming and being submerged.
"However the one who may drink from the water which myself will give to himself, he will not ever thirst into the eternal, but rather the water which I will give to him will become in himself a spring of water leaping up into the eternal zoe-life." (John 4:14 RBT)

For not yet had the Favored been cast into the guardhouse.
Then a controversy became from out of the Learners of the Favored, with a Caster from around a purification/cleansing.
And they came toward the Favored and said to himself, "My Multiplying one, he who was with yourself the other side of the Descent, to whom yourself has borne witness, Behold! He submerges this one, and the whole is coming toward himself!"70e
Answered the Favored and said, "A man is not able to take hold of neither one, unless it is given to himself from out of the heaven.
I am not I
Themselves, yourselves, bear witness to myself that I spoke, "Myself is not myself,70f the Anointed One, but that I am the one who has been sent away in front of that one.
The Bride, the Joy of Mine
The one who holds the Bride is the Bridegroom. The Friend, then, of the Bridegroom, the one standing firm and the one who hears himself, with joy rejoices across to the other side to the Voice of the Bridegroom, "She therefore, the Joy of Mine, is filled up!"71 It behooves that one [the male child] to increase, however make less/inferior myself.
The Complete Man is Above The Whole, His shadow-image cast on Earth
The one from above, he who comes, is above the whole. The one from the earth, he who is, is from the earth and utters from the earth. The one from the heaven, he who comes, is above the whole.
"For from out of the all-around-overflow of the heart the mouth is uttering." (Matthew 12:34 RBT)

The one who has perceived and heard this one, he is bearing witness and the Witness of himself no one is taking hold of.
The one who has taken hold of the witness of himself, has set his seal/mark that the God is real/true.
For he whom the God sent away, utters the sayings of the God, for he gives the Spirit not from a measure.
Which hand is your father?
The father agape-loves the son, and has given the whole within the hand of himself.
The One Who Believes into the son, holds zoe-life eternal. However, the one, he who disobeys the son, will not perceive zoe-life, but the indignation of the God abides upon himself.
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