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The Favored 2

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No Woman
And on the third day, a wedding became within Reed-Brook of Land of the Circuit, and the mother of the Salvation was there.
And also the Salvation and the Learners of himself were called/summoned into the wedding.
And the mother of the Salvation is speaking of him who has fallen short of wine toward himself, "They hold no wine."
And the Salvation is saying to herself, "What is to myself and to yourself? A woman is not yet come, the hour of myself."
Make her
The mother of himself is saying to the dust-kickers [diakonos], "Make the one whom he is speaking to yourselves."70a
Fountain of Life
And in that place there were six stone water jars, down to the Cleansing of the Casters, those who are laid [out-stretched], those who have room upward two or three measures.
Six Stone Water Pots.
Laid down/stretched out (the shadow), stood upright to be filled up to the top.

The Fountain of Life = Mother of Life. She is not filled up.

She first descends into herself.
"Myself is yet before I am completing to order words toward the heart of myself, and behold! Stall Fed is she who is going out, and her jar is upon her shoulder, and she is descending the Eye/Spring of herself, and she is drawing out. And I am saying toward herself, 'Now, give myself to drink.'" (Genesis 24:45 RBT)

A pit well of the deep versus a fountain from above. Flipping the table. Inverting the whole. Water from two different sources.

The Salvation is saying to themselves, "Fill up the Water Jars with water. And they filled up themselves until above/the top.
Moses Means "Drawn Out"
And he is saying to themselves, "Draw out
70b and carry to the Banquet Tri-Couch Chief." And they carried.
Drawn out Like Moses
Then when the Banquet Tri-Couch Chief tasted the Water, that which has become wine, and he did not perceive where it came from, but the dust-kickers perceived, those who have been drawn out of the Water, the Banquet Tri-Couch Chief is calling to the Bridegroom.
"Hey bridegroom, she's here!"

The Beautiful Wine Guarded Until Now
And he saying to himself, "Every man is first setting the Beautiful Wine, and when they should become drunk, the Smaller. Yourself has guarded the Beautiful Wine until this moment."
Signs אות - those cut out to be made - Genesis 1:14
The Salvation made this one the origin of the Signs in Reed-Brook of Land of Circuit. And he manifested/made visible the Glory of Himself and the Learners of Himself believed into Himself.
With this one he descended into Covering-Comfort [Capernaum], himself and the mother of himself and the brothers of himself and the Learners of himself, and in that place not many days abided.
And near was the Pass-over of the Casters, and the Salvation ascended into Foundation of Peace.
A Marketplace of Harlotry: 'Trading' and 'Selling' Yourselves
And he found in the sacred-place [temple] the ones who sell/trade oxen and sheep and doves and the coin handlers—those who sit.
And he who has made a scourge out of rushes-rope, he cast out all from the sacred-place [i.e. garden of eden], both sheep and the oxen, and of the coin-handlers he poured forth the coins, and up-turned the tables.

Don't make her a House of Harlotry
And to those ones who barter the Doves, he said "Lift up these ones on this side. Don't make the house of the father of myself a house of commerce/seaport.
Chambers down, Pillars up.

"Wisdom has built her house. She has cut-out her pillars: seven." (Proverbs 9:1 RBT)

The ways of Sheol — her house is of those who descend toward the chambers of death. (Proverbs 7:27 RBT)

The learners of himself remembered that it is written, "The jealous one of the house of yourself will eat up myself."
Therefore the Caster answered, and said to himself, "What marked one/sign are you showing to ourselves since you make these ones?
the Salvation answered and said to themselves, "Loosen/release the sanctuary of this one, and in three days I will awaken himself."
Therefore the Casters said, "Forty and six years this sanctuary was built, and yourself in three days will awaken himself."
Love the woman of yourself as the body of yourself - Eph. 5:28
And that one however was speaking from around the Sanctuary of the Body of Himself.
When therefore he was awakened from out of dead ones, the Learners of himself remembered/called to mind that he has spoken this one, and they believed in the Writing and the Logos/Word whom the Salvation had spoken.
When then he was within the Foundation of Peace, within the Pass-over, within the Feast Day, many believed into the Name of Himself—those who look attentively at the Signs of Himself, whom he was making.
And himself, Salvation, did not trust himself to themselves across to the other side of Himself, to know all.70g
He knows what is within Himself
And that he held no need that anyone should bear witness from around the Man. For himself knew who was within the Man.
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