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The Favored 4

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When therefore the Salvation knew that the Separatists heard that the Salvation is making and submerging greater learners than the Favored,
although really the Salvation himself was not submerging, but the Learners of himself [were],
he let go of the Land of Casters, and came away again into the Land of the Circuit.71b
But it was necessary for himself to pass across the other side from the Guard-tower [Samaria].
Fortified Guard Tower.

Samaria comes from the Hebrew word "Shomron" (שֹׁמְרוֹן) and its root "shamar" (שָׁמַר), which means "to guard," "to keep," or "to watch over." This root conveys the idea of preservation, protection, or vigilance. "Shomron" is the name of a region and later a city in Israel, which eventually became the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Also related: שָׁמִיר "shamir" a thorn, a point. "Perhaps the two significations (No. I., II.) may be reconciled from the sense of guarding, coming from that of shutting up, making fast with nails." (cf. Gesenius)

She's a Drunk Lie
He therefore is coming into a city of Guard-tower, she who is called 'Drunk-Lie', near the plot of ground that Heel [Jacob] had given to He-Increases [Joseph], the son of himself.
She's a Drunk Lie, a Guard Tower, Prison, Pit. No Peace to be found.

Sitting at the sixth Hour: Dead at the Bottom (A Fountain)
Now the fountain of Heel was there. Therefore the Salvation, being worn out from the Way-making/leveling, was thus sitting upon the fountain. The hour was like the sixth.

There are twelve hours in a day. The Day of God is six steps up (dawn) and six steps down (dusk)

The Woman kisses/washes with her hair and tears "behind" the feet of the Man because he is born upside down, inert, in the Night, his head in the sleep of death, in the belly/bowels of Sheol.

A conversation between the Self: Give myself to drink (Stop drawing from the miry depths, and drink your self)
A woman is coming out of the Guard-tower, to draw-out water. the Salvation is saying to herself, "Give myself to drink."

"He sent forth from above, and took myself, and drew me out from the many dual-waters." (Psalm 18:16 RBT)

He caused me to ascend from the pit-well of the uproar, from the mud of the Mire, and stood my feet upon a rock, and made firm my steps." (Psalm 40:2 RBT)

Drink dual-water from the pit of yourself, and those who flow/trickle from the middle of the well of yourself. The springs of yourself are scattered outside-ward, in the broad places are divided ones of dual water. They are to yourself, and your [eternal את]self is not to strangers. He is your spring/fountain, blessed. And rejoice from the woman of your youth." (Proverbs 5:15-18 RBT)

For the Learners of himself had gone away into the city, so that they might buy food.
The Woman, The Guardianess, is saying therefore to himself, "How, you a Caster, he who is from close beside myself, ask to drink from a woman, she who is a Guardianess? For Casters do not use jointly with Guardians."
Answered the Salvation and said to herself, "If you had seen the gift of the God, the one who is, the one who says to yourself, 'Give myself to drink', yourself would have requested himself and he would have given to yourself water, he who is living.
"This Pit Well is Profound and Complex"
The woman is saying to himself, "Master, you hold neither a drawing [of water], and the pit is deep. From where therefore do you hold the Water, the one who is living?"
"Heel Gave us this Word"
Yourself is not greater than the father of ourselves, Heel, who gave ourselves the pit, and himself drank of himself, and the sons of himself, and the nurselings [cattle] of himself."
The Word Given to you, You will never Understand
Answered the Salvation and said to herself, 'The whole of the one who drinks from the water of this one will thirst again.
The Word of Myself
However him who may drink from the water which myself will give to himself, he will not ever thirst into the eternal, but rather the water which I will give to himself will become in himself a spring of water leaping up into the eternal zoe-life.Luke 1:41
The woman is saying toward himself, "Master, give myself this one, the water, that I may not thirst, nor pass through here to draw."
Her Maker is Her Man/Husband, "I will Betroth you Eternally"
He is saying to herself, "Lead under, call the man/husband of yourself, and come here."

Two Contenders, Twins.

Contend in the mother of yourselves contend.

For herself is not my woman and myself is not her man. And she is turning aside/removing her harlotries from her faces, and her adulterous-ones from between her breasts." (Hosea 2:2 RBT)

"And he has become in the Day of Himself an utterance of He Is. You are calling, 'My man/husband!' and you are not calling to myself continually 'My Baal/Master.'" (Hosea 2:16 RBT)

The woman answered and said to himself, "I hold not a man." the Salvation is saying to herself, "You have spoken nobly/excellently that 'I hold not a man'.
For you have held five men and,
, him whom you hold [the sixth], is not a man of yourself. This real/true one you have spoken."
Bearing false witness of yourself "there", comprehended in time, and bearing true witness of yourself "Here/Now".
Star of David?
"These ones have turned the inhabited land right-side-up [ἀναστατώσαντες]..." (Acts 17:6 RBT)
Born "Inclining Down." The "Heel Chaser." Agape-love yourself—hand yourself over.

The Woman is saying to himself, "Master, I am looking attentively because you are a prophet."
Kissing in Sinai
The Fathers of ourselves within the Mountain of this one kissed [worshiped],72 and yourselves are saying that within Foundation of Peace is the Place where it is necessary to kiss.
As an hour of the Day, so a woman of the man.
The Salvation is saying to herself, "Believe myself, a woman, because she is coming,72b an hour, when neither within the Mountain of this one [Sinai] nor within Foundation of Peace [Zion] will you kiss the Father.
"Kiss the son, a corner, he is breathing-through-nostrils, and yourselves are perishing in the Road, for as a little one his nostril is consuming, straight is the whole of those who seek refuge in himself." (Psalm 2:12 RBT)

Yourselves kiss the one you don't see. Ourselves kiss the one we see, for the salvation is from out of the Casters [seed].
The Future Exists, Now
But the hour is coming, and is
, when the real/true kissers will kiss towards the father within a spirit and a real/true one. For also the father is searching for such ones, those who kiss towards himself.
Spirit is the God, and it is necessary to kiss those ones who kiss himself within the spirit and the real/true one.
The woman is saying to himself, "I see that an anointed one [messiah] is coming, the one who is called 'Christ' [in Greek]. When he comes, that one will announce [as an angel] to ourselves everything."
the Salvation is saying to herself, "I am the one who utters to yourself."
The Marvel: She speaks within him, He speaks within her
And upon this one, the Learners of himself came and marveled, because he was uttering [words] with a woman. Nevertheless no one is saying, "Who do you seek" or "Why are you uttering with herself."
The woman then let go of the water pot of herself and came away into the city, and is saying to the men,
See how much you have made!
"Come! Perceive a man, the one who spoke the whole to myself, how much I have made, whether this one is the Christ!" They came out from the city and were coming toward himself.
Questioning Himself
Within the Between, the Learners were questioning himself, those who say, "My Multiplying one, eat."
The one then said to themselves, "Myself holds food to eat that you see not."
Therefore the Learners were saying to each other, "One did not bear himself to eat."
Make the Desire - Song of Solomon 7:10
the Salvation is saying to themselves, "The food is mine, so that I may make the Desire73 of the one, he who has sent myself, and make perfect the Work of himself.
Do not yourselves say that, 'He is still four months, and the Reaping is coming'? Look! I am saying to yourselves, Raise up the Eyes of Yourselves and look attentively at the Fields, because they are bright ones toward the Reaping already!
The First and the Last
The one, he who reaps, is taking hold of a wage and is leading together/assembles fruit into zoe-life eternal, so that the one, he who sows/scatters, and the one, he who reaps, together may rejoice .
For in this one, the word is a true/real one, because the other is the one who sows/scatters, and the other is the one who reaps.
You sowed yourself, you reap yourself
Myself sent away yourselves to reap the one yourselves did not toil/wear-out for. The others have toiled/worn-out, and yourselves have entered into the beating of themselves.
The Word of the Woman
And from out of the City of that one, many of the Guardsmen [Samaritans] believed into himself across to the Logos/Word of the Woman, she who is bearing witness that, He spoke to myself all those I have made.
When therefore the Guardsmen came to himself, they were asking himself to abide close beside themselves, and he abode there two days.
Many Believed the Word of Himself
And many more believed across to the Word of Himself.
And to the woman they were saying that, We are no longer believing across to the Utterance of yourself, for we ourselves have heard, and we have perceived that this one is truly the Savior of the World.
The Dual Light
And with the Two Days, he came out from that place into the Land of the Circuit [Galilee].
"And mighty ones are making [eternally] two Great Light-places, the [eternal] Great Light-place for a ruling place of the Day, and the [eternal] Young Light-place for a ruling place of the Nightward, and the Round Stars." (Genesis 1:16 RBT)

For the Salvation himself has borne witness because a prophet in the Own Fatherland is not holding value/honor.
When therefore he came into the Land of the Circuit, the Circular-ones [Galileans] received/welcomed himself, those who have perceived how great the whole ones he had made in Foundation of Peace in the feast-day, for also they themselves had come into the feast-day.
He came back therefore to Reed-brook of the Land of the Circuit, where he had made water wine. And there was someone royal, the son of whom was weak in Comfort-Cover [Capernaum].
Weak and Ready to Die Away
This one, he who has heard that the Salvation had arrived out the Land of the Casters [Judea] into the Land of the Circuit, went to himself and was questioning that he might descend and heal the son of himself, for he was ready to die away.73b
Said therefore the Salvation toward himself, "Unless you all perceive signs and wonders, you will by no means believe."
Saying toward himself, "The Royal one, Master, descend before the infant-child of myself dies away."
The Salvation is saying to himself, "Lead across, the son of yourself is living." The man believed the Logos/Word who the Salvation said to himself, and he led across.
Already then of himself, he who descends, the servants of himself face-to-face-encountered73c himself, those who say that, The Male Child of himself lives.
Coming out of the Fiery Trial within the Seventh
He inquired therefore the Hour from close beside themselves within her whom he held a nicer/better one. They said therefore to himself that yesterday at hour seventh, the Inflamed one let go of himself.
Seventh Hour of the Day.

"He lives"

"For he has known the road with myself, he has tested me, I am going out as the Gold." (Job 23:10 RBT)

The Son of Yourself is the Living One
Therefore the father knew, because in that one there is the hour in which the Salvation said to himself, "The son of yourself is living." And he believed himself and all the house of himself.
The Salvation now once again made this one a second sign, he who has come from out of the Land of the Casters into the Land of the Circuit.
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