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The Favored 12

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Therefore the Salvation, in front of the six days of the Pass-over, came into House of Misery, where Helpless was, whom Salvation had woken up from out of dead ones.
Passing over from dead ones to living ones.

They made for himself therefore an evening meal in that place, and the Mistress was dust-kicking, and the Helpless then, was one, from out of those who fall back/up together with himself.
Therefore the Bitter-Rebel, she who has taken hold of a pound [twelve ounces] of very costly fragrant/bitter-oil of genuine nard, smeared the Feet of the Salvation, and wiped out/obliterated the Feet of himself with the Hair of herself, the House then was filled up from out of the Fragrance/Smell of the Bitter-oil.
The Tongues Keeper - A Man of the Meeting Places
Caster [Judas] the Man-of-Cities then is saying, one, from out of the Learners of himself, the one who is about to give over himself,
"On account of who was the Bitter-oil not sold for three hundred silver coins, and given to bent-over ones?"
Half way.
Strong’s #5771, avon. Bent one, bowed. From #5753, avah, to bend, twist. The opposite of being “straight/happy”. The basic verb has been interpreted to be figurative for perversity, iniquity, crooked, amiss.
"And Spearhead is saying toward He Is, 'Greater is the bent one of myself than can be carried." (Genesis 4:13 RBT)

And this one spoke, not because he concerned himself around the Bent-over ones, but because he was a thief and he who holds the Tongues-Keeper,96 he was carrying the ones being cast.
Therefore the Salvation said, "Let go of herself so that into the Day of the Burial of myself she may guard it."
For the Poor ones you are holding at all times with yourselves, myself then you are not holding at all times .
Therefore the great Multitude from out the Casters knew that there He is, and they did not come across to the Salvation alone but also so that they might perceive the Helpless, whom He had woken up from out of dead ones.
The Ruling Priests then, took council/deliberated so that also the Helpless they might kill away.
Because many of the Casters were leading under across to the other side of himself, and were believing into the Salvation.
On the Tomorrow, the Great Multitude, the one who has come into the Feast having heard that the Salvation is coming into Foundation of Peace,
were taking hold of the Palm-branches of the Palm-trees and came out into a face-to-face-encounter with himself and they were shouting "Deliver, please, Well-spoken of! the one, he who comes within a name of 'Master' and 'the King of the God Straightened [Israel]'."
Palm branches of the Palm tree.

And the Salvation, he who has found a little ass, sat down upon itself, as he is written,
"The Onocentaurus"
"Fear not, built one of Monument [Zion]! Behold, the King of Yourself is coming, he who sits down upon a young colt of a [mother] donkey."

"Spin around exceedingly, built one [daughter] of Monument! Sound a blast, built one of Foundation of Peace! Behold, your king is coming in to yourself, a just one, and he who is delivered! Himself is a poor/afflicted one, and he who rides upon a male ass, and upon a young colt, the builder [son] of female donkeys." (Zechariah 9:9 RBT)

And Heel-Chaser is saying toward Stall-Fed his mother, `Behold Prepared, my brother, is a hairy [sa'iyr] man, and myself is a smooth man.` (Genesis 27:11 RBT)

שעיר"sa'iyr"Strong’s #8163, sa’iyr. Hairy one. The elders in the 2nd century BC translated this word as used in Isaiah 34:14 in the LXX as ONOCENTAUROS, a half-man, half-donkey creature. The Azazel (Scapegoat) was to be a sa’iyr (hairy one) of the female goats in the Atonement rite in Leviticus 16.

They Did not know the Donkey was themselves
The Learners did not know these ones of himself, the First, but when Salvation was glorified then they remembered that these ones were upon himself, those that have been written, and these ones they had made for himself.
Therefore the Multitude bore witness, the one who is being with himself, when he called the Helpless from out of the Monument and woke himself up from out of dead ones.
The Multitude also across to this one face-to-face-encountered himself, because they listened to this one having made himself the Sign.

The World has gone away after himself
The ones therefore, the Separatists, spoke toward themselves, "Do you look/notice that you are not benefiting anything? Behold! The World has gone away behind himself!"
There were then, some Greeks from out of those ones who ascend, so that they might kiss-towards within the Feast.
"Lord we want to see You!"
This one therefore came towards Lover-of-the-Horse, the one who was away from House of Fish of the Land of Circuit, and they were questioning himself, those who say, Master we desire the Salvation to perceive! The Lover of the Horse is coming and is saying to the Manly, "Manly is coming, and Lover of the Horse, and they are speaking to the Salvation."97
Kick the Dust off your Feet
The Salvation then answered themselves, he who says, "The Hour has come so that the Son of the Man should be glorified
Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves unless the Grain of the Wheat, he who has fallen into the Ground, might die away, only himself abides. If then he might die away, he carries much fruit.
The one, he who philo-loves the Soul-life of himself, destroys away herself, and the one, he who hates the Soul-life of himself within the World, this one, will protect herself into zoe-life eternal.
If anyone might dust-kick myself, let him accompany myself, and where I myself am, there also the Dust-kicker, the one of Mine will be. If anyone dust-kicks myself the Father will honor/value himself.
"Time travel"
the Soul-life of myself has been troubled, and what should I speak? Father, save myself from out of this Hour, except across to this one I have come into this Hour.
The hour of himself.

Father glorify the Name of yourself." Therefore a voice came from out of the Heaven, both "I have glorified" and again "I will glorify."

The Multitude therefore, the one having stood firm and having heard, was saying, "To become thunder." The other ones were saying, "An angel has uttered to himself." Salvation answered and said, "She, the Voice has not become across to myself, but across to yourselves.
is a judgement of the World, this one.
the Ruler of the World, this one, will be cast outside.
Even myself, if I am lifted up from out of the Earth, the whole will drag toward myself."
The Dragnet.

This one then He was speaking, he who gives a sign for which death was about to die away.97b
Answered therefore the Multitude to himself, "Ourselves have heard from out of the law that the Anointed One abides into the Eternal One, and how is yourself saying that it is necessary for the Son of the Man to be lifted up? Who is this one the Son the of Man?"
Said therefore to themselves the Salvation, "Still yet a little time the Light is within yourselves. Tread around while you hold the Light so that darkness may not catch/take down yourselves, and the one, he who treads from around within the Dark one, does not see where he is leading under.
He was Hidden Away
While you are holding the Light, believe into the Light so that you may become Sons of Light . This one Salvation uttered, and he who has gone away was hidden away from themselves.
The Sons Didn't believe into himself
However, he who has made so many signs of himself in front of themselves, they did not believe into himself.
so that the Logos/Word of He Delivers [Isaiah] the Prophet might be filled up, who he spoke, "Master, who has believed the Hearing of ourselves? And the arm of the Master, to whom has he been uncovered?"
"For yourself the arm is with the empowered one. She is strong, your hand. She is exalted/raised up, your right hand." (Psalm 89:13 RBT)

They were not able to believe across to this one because He is Liberator [Isaiah] spoke again,
"He has smoke-blinded the Eyes of themselves and he has stone-hardened the Heart of themselves so that they should not perceive with the Eyes," and "May they understand with the Heart and may they twist/turn around" and "I will heal themselves."
He is Liberator spoke this one, because he perceived the Glory of himself and he uttered from around himself.
Nevertheless indeed, even from out of the Rulers many believed into himself, but across to the Separatists they were not acknowledging so that they might not become gathered away.
For they agape-loved the Opinion/glory of the Men more than the Glory the of the God.
Rest Sent the Raven - Genesis 8:7
Salvation then croaked [as a raven] and said, "The one, he who believes into myself, is not believing into myself but into the one who has sent myself.
"And he is sending the eternal self Raven, and he is going out—going out and turning back until the drying of the Dual Water from upon the Earth." (Genesis 8:7 RBT)

And the one, he who looks attentively at myself, looks attentively at the one who has sent myself.
Like a man who goes away and forgets what he looks like.

Myself, a light, has come into the world so that all of Him Who Believes into myself, should not abide within the dark one.
And if anyone is hearing the sayings of myself and does not protect, myself does not deciding/judging himself for I have not come so that I might decide/judge the World, but so that I might save the World
Holding the One who Judges
The one he who displaces myself and who does not take hold of the Sayings of myself, is holding the One Who Judges himself. The Logos/Word whom I uttered, that one there will judge himself within the Last Day.
For I myself have not uttered from out myself, but the one who has sent myself, a father, himself gave to myself a commandment who I should speak and who I should utter.
And I am seeing that the Commandment of himself is zoe-life eternal. Therefore the ones who myself is speaking, in this way I am uttering according as the Father has spoken to myself."
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