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The Favored 15

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I Myself am the Vine, the True/Real one, and the Father of myself is the Soil-Tiller.
Spearhead ("Cain").

And she is adding to beget his eternal self brother, eternal self Vapor. And he is Vapor, an evil flock, and Spearhead has become one who serves the Ground of Adam. And he is from the end of the Days, and Spearhead is causing to come in from the fruit of the Ground of Adam a gift to He Is. (Genesis 4:2-3 RBT)

He has become a vineyard to the Complete One. Within the lord of Roaring-Multitude he has given The eternal self Vineyard to the Guardians. A man is causing to come in within the fruit of himself a silver one of a thousand. (Song of Songs 8:11 RBT)

The whole branch not carrying fruit within myself, he lifts up itself. And the whole one carrying the Fruit, he purifies itself, so that it may carry more fruit.
Carrying More Fruit.

Yourselves are already clean ones across through the Logos/Word that I have uttered to yourselves.
Abide in 'myself' within all of yourselves
Abide within myself, even myself within yourselves. As the shoot is not able to carry fruit away from itself, unless he is abiding within the Vine, in this way neither yourselves unless you are abiding within myself.

Your woman is as a vine, she who is fruitful within the dual sides/flanks of your house. Your builders are as grafted-shoots of the olive tree encircling your table. (Psalm 128:3 RBT)

I Myself am the Vine, yourselves the shoots. The one, he who abides within myself, even myself within himself, this one is carrying much fruit, because separated from myself you are not able to make no one.
Kindled by the Fire as a Firebrand
If one is not abiding within myself, he is cast outside as the Shoot and he is dried up, and they are leading together themselves, and are casting into the Fire, and he is kindled.
"And He is is speaking towards the Adversary/Satan, 'He is rebukes the Adversary within yourself, and He is rebukes within yourself the One Who Chooses within Foundation of Peace. Is not this one a firebrand plucked/delivered from the Fire?" (Zechariah 3:2 RBT)

If you are abiding within myself, and the Sayings of Myself are abiding within yourselves, whoever you are desiring you shall ask/request and it will become for yourselves.
Within this one the Father of Myself is glorified so that you might carry much fruit and you might become learners to myself.
She is Agape Love, Abide in His Own - Song of Songs 8
According as the Father has agape-loved myself—even myself has agape-loved yourselves—abide within the Agape-Love of Mine.
The Love.

"And if I may dole out fragments/feed the whole of those who begin under of myself, and if I may hand over the Body of myself so that I may be kindled/lit, but do not hold Agape-Love, I gain no one/nothing. The Agape-Love is patient, she is kind. The Agape-Love is not jealous/envious. The Agape-Love is not boastful, she is not inflated. She does not act unbecomingly/unseemly, she is not searching for the ones of herself, she is not sharpened/provoked, she is not reckoning/counting the Evil one. She is not rejoicing upon the Unjust one, but rejoicing jointly with the True one." (1 Corinthians 13:3-6 RBT)

"His left is below the [masculine] head of myself, his right hand, she is embracing myself." (Songs 8:3 RBT)

If you guard the Commandments of Myself you will abide within the Agape-Love of Myself, just as I myself have guarded the Commandments of the Father, and I am abiding within the Agape-Love of Himself.
These ones I have uttered to yourselves so that the Joy of Mine may be within yourselves, and the Joy of yourselves may be filled.
Love of Mine, Joy of Mine, Commandment of Mine
She is the Commandment of Mine, so that you are agape-loving one another as I have agape-loved yourselves.
Love: Set the Soul of himself On the Other Side
"No man holds a greater agape-love [sacrificing himself] than this one, that a certain man should set down the Soul-Life of himself across from the Friends/Beloved of himself."
Yourselves are friends of myself if you are making those whom myself is commanding yourselves.
You were slaves of the Evil One
I am no longer saying yourselves slaves, because the Slave does not see who he is making the Master of himself. I have called yourselves, then, 'Friends' because the whole of the ones I heard from close beside the Father of myself, I have made known to yourselves.
Yourselves chose out not myself, but myself chose out yourselves and set yourselves, so that yourselves might lead under and carry fruit, and the Fruit of yourselves abide so that whatever you might ask the Father within the Name of Myself he might give to yourselves.
Handing Yourself Over to One Another
These ones I am commanding yourselves, so that you are agape-loving one another.
If the World is hating yourselves, you know that it has hated myself first of yourselves.
The World's Own Self
If you were from out of the World, the World would philo-love its own Self. But because you are not from out the World, but instead myself has chosen yourselves out from the World, the World hates yourselves across to this one.
Remember/recall to mind the Logos/Word that myself has spoken to yourselves, A slave is not greater than the Master of himself. If they ran after/chased myself, also yourselves they will run after/chase. If they guarded the Logos/Word of myself the One of Yours they will guard.
The World.

“And within the whole of the beast, you are not giving your lying-down one to her to become unclean within herself, and the woman is not standing-firm to the faces of the beast, to quarter her. Himself is the world. (Leviticus 18:23 RBT)

But every one of these they will make into yourselves across to the Name of Myself, because they have not seen the one who has sent myself.
Now There is no Excuse
If I have not come and uttered to themselves, they were not holding sin.  
then, they are not holding an excuse from around the Miss/Sin of themselves.
The one, he who hates myself, also hates the Father of myself.
If I had not made the Works within themselves whom no one else has made, they were not holding sin.
then, they have both perceived and hated, both myself and the Father of myself.
Except so that the Logos/Word might be filled up, the one within the Law of Themselves, he who has been written that, They hated myself freely. [Psalms 69:4] When the Advocate/Helper comes, whom myself will send to yourselves from close beside the Father, the Spirit of the True One, who goes out from from close beside the Father, that one will bear witness from around myself.
And also yourselves are bearing witness because you are with myself away from the origin.
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