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The Favored 5

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Ascended - Genesis 1:35
With these ones there was a feast-day of the Casters. And Salvation ascended into Foundation of Peace.
There is now within those ones of Foundation of Peace [pl. The Jerusalemites], upon the sheep swimming pool, the one, she who is called 'Beyond/Across, House of Kindness' [Hebrew Bethesda], she who holds five pillars.
Foundation of Peace [Jerusalem] Above.

The Barren Woman, with five pillars "covered porches"

"Before yet she is whirling around, she has begotten. Before yet he has come in, a rope/cord is to herself, and she has caused a male to escape. Who has heard like this one? Who has perceived like these ones? Is the earth whirled around in a day of One? If a nation is being begotten in one foot-strike, then she has whirled around, and also Monument [Zion] has begotten her eternal self sons." (Isaiah 66:7-8 RBT)

In these ones were lying down a multitude of ones, those who are weak, blind ones, lame ones, withered ones, those who are expecting the movement of the water.
For an angel, down to time, descended within the Pool and troubled the Water. The one therefore who stepped in first with the Troubling of the water became whole from whatever disease he was hindered/held back by.
In that place there was now someone, a man, he who holds within the the weak one of himself, thirty and eight years.
The Salvation, he who has seen this one, he who is lying down, and he who has known that he has held already much time, is saying to himself, "Do you desire to become whole?"
Answered himself, the one who is weak, "Master, I am not holding a man, so that when the water has been troubled, he might cast myself into the Pool. Within whom then myself is coming, another in front myself is descending."
The Salvation is saying to himself, "Wake up, lift up the bed of yourself, and tread around."

And straightly [at once] the man became whole, and he lifted up the bed of himself and tread around. It was then in that place The Cessation [Sabbath] Day.
Therefore said the Casters to the one, he who has been treated, "It is the Cessation, and not allowed for yourself to lift up the bed of yourself."
Who however answered themselves, "The one, he who made myself whole, that one there said to myself, 'Lift up the bed of yourself and tread around.'"
They requested therefore himself, 'Who is the man, the one who answered to yourself, 'Lift up and tread around'?"
And the one, he who has been healed, did not see who he is, for the Salvation had nodded out [the head] of a multitude of him who is within in the Place.
With these ones the Salvation is finding himself in the sacred place, and said to himself, "Behold! You have become whole. Sin no longer, so that a worse one not become to yourself."
The man came away, and announced [like an angel] to the Casters that he is Salvation, the one who made himself whole.
Cut Out to Make in the Day of Cessation - Genesis 2:3
And across to this one the Casters were pursuing the Salvation, because he was making these ones in Cessation.
Now the Salvation answered themselves, "The Father of myself until this moment he is working, even myself, I am working."
The Sabbath.
Working in the sweet spot of Rest. The center of All makes work "rest". Being out of it makes work "toil".

Across to this one therefore, the Casters were searching more to kill away himself, because not only was he loosing/releasing the Cessation, but also he was calling the Father of his own self 'the God', he who makes equal himself to the God.
Answered therefore the Salvation and said to themselves, "Amen Amen I am saying to yourselves the son is not able to make anything away from himself [i.e. making the rib...], unless he sees the father making someone. For whoever he might make, these ones also the son likewise makes.

For the father is fond [philo] of the son, and shows himself the whole that himself makes. And he will show himself greater works than these ones so that yourselves might marvel.
For even as the father awakens the dead ones and makes alive, thus also the son makes alive the ones whom he desires.
For neither does the father pick-out/separate anyone, except the whole decision he has given to the son,
Honor Thyself
so that the whole may honor/value the Son, according to how they honor/value the Father. He who does not honor/value the Son does not honor/value the Father, the one who has sent himself.
Stepping Over from one Base to another Base
Amen Amen, I am speaking to yourselves because the One Who Hears the word of myself, and Who Believes the one who has sent myself, he holds zoe-life eternal and comes not into judgement but rather has stepped over73d from out of the Death, into the Zoe-life.
Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves because the hour is coming and is
, when the dead ones will hear the sound/voice [hers] of the son of the God, and those who have heard will live.

She is Zoe-Life Within
For even as the father holds zoe-life within himself, he thus also gave zoe-life to the son to hold within himself.
And he gave himself authority to make judgement, because he is son of man.
Marvel not at this one, for an hour is coming in whom the whole of those ones within the Monuments/Memorials will hear the Voice of himself,
and those ones will come out, those who have made the good ones, into a standing up of zoe-life, and the ones having practiced foul things into the standing up of a judgement.
Repeat after me...
Myself is not able to make anything away from myself. I separate/pick-out according to what I hear, and the decision of mine is just, because I seek not the Desire of mine but the Desire of the one having sent myself.
If myself is bearing witness from around myself, the Witness of myself is not a real/true one.
The True Witness
He is the other one, the one who is bearing witness from around myself, and I am seeing that the Witness whom he is bearing witness to from around myself is a true/real one.
Yourselves have sent away toward Favored and he has borne witness to the Real/True one.
I myself then do not take hold of the Witness from close beside a man, but these ones I am speaking, so that yourselves may be saved.
That one there was the Candle-Lamp, the one who ignites/kindles and the one who brings to light. Yourselves, then, were desiring to leap for joy toward an hour within the Light of himself.
"And a firebrand is ascending from the earth and he has given drink to the eternal self whole of the faces of the Land of Adam." (Genesis 2:6 RBT)

Completing/Perfecting the work he began within
And myself is holding the Greater Witness than of the Favored, for the Works whom the father has given to myself, so that I should perfect themselves, themselves the Works whom I am making are bearing witness from around myself because the Father has sent away myself.
And the one who has sent myself, that one there the father, has borne witness from around myself. Neither have you heard at any point in time a voice/sound of himself, nor have you seen a visible appearance of himself.
And the Logos/Word of Himself you are not holding within yourselves, he who abides [Love/God], because him whom that one sent away, yourselves do not believe.
You are thoroughly examining the Writings because yourselves are thinking to hold within themselves zoe-life eternal, yet those ones are the ones who bear witness from around myself.
and you are not desiring to come toward myself so that you may hold zoe-life.
I am not taking hold of a glory from beside men.
but I have known yourselves, that the agape-love of the God you do not hold within yourselves.
I myself have come within the name of the father of myself, and you are not taking hold of myself. If the other should come within the name of his own self, that one there you will take hold of.
Taking hold of her, The Glory of Himself
How are yourselves able to believe, those who take hold of a glory from close beside one another? And the Glory of the one from close beside the only God, you are not searching for?
Think not that myself will accuse yourselves toward the father. There is the one, he who accuses yourselves, Drawn-out [Moses], into whom yourselves have hoped.
For if you were believing Drawn-out [Moses], you would have believed myself. For from around myself that one there wrote.
Now if the Writings [neuter] of that one there you believe not, how will you believe the Sayings of myself?
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