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The Favored 18

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He who spoke these ones, Salvation, came out together with the Learners of himself on the other side of the Winter Torrent of the Dark Place [Kidron] where there was a garden into whom himself and the Learners of himself entered.
And Caster, he who hands himself over, also had known the Place, because many times Salvation led together there with the Learners of himself.
Therefore the Caster, he who has taken hold of the Coil113 and from out the Chief Priests and from out the Separatists under-rowers are coming there with torches and lanterns and weapons.

Therefore Salvation, he who sees the whole of those ones who are coming upon himself, he came out and he is saying to themselves, "Who are you searching for?"
They answered himself "Salvation the Sprout!"114 He is saying to themselves "I Myself am!" And Caster had been standing firm also, the one who is handing himself over with themselves.
Stump/Root of Yishay/Jesse.
Hebrew letter י represents "hand/arm"
Hebrew letter ש represents "two front teeth"
"And he has gone out, a rod from the Stump of Jesse, a branch [netser] from out of the roots of himself is bearing fruit." (Isaiah 11:1 RBT)

Therefore when he spoke to themselves 'I Myself am' they came away into the ones behind, and fell to the earth.
Mighty Ones ➞ Mighty Men.
"The Fallen Ones have become within the Earth in the Days of Themselves, and also behind the upright one, of whom the builders [sons] of the Mighty Ones [Elohim] are coming toward the built ones [daughters] of the Man, and they have given birth to themselves, those ones are the Mighty Men, who are from the eternal men of the Name. " (Genesis 6:4 RBT)
(Dual) Light of the World.

Greater Light to Rule the Day, Small Light to Rule the Night.

The Tsoharaim - "The Noon Lights"

Hebrew צהרים "midday" or "noon". When they are led into one.
Some took it for a dual form, because how could there be "many noons"? Called an "expanded plural" in Brown-Driver-Briggs (cf. Strongs #6672).

"...for with my eternal self the Mortal-Men are eating within the Noon-Lights." (Genesis 43:16 RBT)

Again therefore he questioned themselves, "Who are you searching for?" And the ones they said, "Salvation the Sprout!"
Answered Salvation, I have spoken to yourselves that, I Myself am. If therefore you seek myself, let go of these ones, to lead under,
The Word is water in A Vessel
so that the Logos/Word whom he has spoken, might be filled up, because those whom you have given to myself I have destroyed away from out of themselves not even one.
Therefore Hearing Small Stone, he who holds a sword, dragged herself and struck the Slave of the Chief Priest and cut off the Right Ear of himself. And a name of the Slave was King [Malchos].114b
He who has an ear to hear.

No way I'm Drinking that.
The Salvation said therefore to the Small Stone, "Cast the Sword into the Case/Container. The Cup whom the Father has given to myself, no I shall not drink itself.115
Therefore the Coil and the Ruler of a Thousand, and the Under-rowers of the Casters took hold together of Salvation and bound himself.
and they were leading toward He is has Favored [Hannan] first, for he was a father-in-law of Depresser [Caiaphas]115b who was Chief Priest of the Year of that one.
And Depresser was the one, he who has taken counsel together with the Casters because he is carrying together one man to die away across from the People.
That one There
And Hearing Small Stone and the other learner were accompanying the Salvation. And the Learner, that one there,116 was well-known to the Chief Priest, and he also came in together with the Salvation into the Court of the Chief Priest.
And the Small Stone stood up toward the Door outside. Therefore the Other Learner came out, the Well-Known one of the Chief Priest, and he spoke to the Doorkeeper and led in the Small Stone.

At the Door
The Little Girl, the Doorkeeper, is saying therefore to the Small Stone, "Surely even you are from out of the Learners of this Man?" That one there is saying, "I am not."
And the Slaves and the Under-rowers were standing firm, those who make a heap of burning embers, because he was cold, and they were being heated up, and also the Small Stone was with themselves, he who stands firm and he who heats himself up.

Therefore the Chief Priest questioned the Salvation around the Learners of himself, and around the Instruction of himself.
It was always there
Answered to himself Salvation, "I have uttered boldly to the World. Myself at all times taught within a gathering, and within the Sacred Place where the whole/all the Casters come together and within secret I uttered nothing/no one.
Spoken Words of Myself, These Ones.
Why are you questioning 'myself'? Question the ones who have heard what I have uttered to themselves. Behold! These ones see them whom myself spoke!
'Giving' Yourself A Slap
And he who has spoken these ones from himself, one, he who stands close beside the Under-rowers, has given a slap with the palm to the Salvation, he who spoke, "In this way you should answer the Chief Priest."
"The whole of the trees of the Field, are clapping a palm." (Isaiah 55:12 RBT)

Salvation slapped by the Left hand.

Skinning yourself with a Pottery Shard
Answered to himself Salvation, "If I uttered badly, bear witness around the Bad/Evil one, but if goodly, why are you flaying/skinning myself?
And he is taking for himself a potsherd to scrape himself within himself. And himself is sitting within the middle of the Ashes." (Job [Hated One] 2:8 RBT)

The He is has Favored therefore sent away himself, he who was bound/tied up, toward Depresser, the Chief Priest.
And Hearing Small Stone was he who stands firm, and he who heats himself up. They said therefore to himself, "Surely even you are from out of the Learners of himself?" That one there denied and said, "I am not."
One is saying from out of the Slaves of the Chief Priest, he who is the same kind as him whom Small Stone had cut off the Ear, "Did myself not perceive you within the Garden with himself?"
The Cock Crows at...Dawn
Therefore again Small Stone denied and straightly, a rooster called out.
Therefore they are leading the Salvation away from the Dell into the Praetorium [Headquarters of Governor]. And it was morning/dawn, and themselves did not come into the Praetorium, so that they might not be dyed/colored but might eat the Pass-over.
The Javelin [Pilate] went therefore outside toward themselves and said, "What accusation are you carrying down from the Man of this one?
"a Latin name, equivalent to 'armed with a pilum or javelin"

Handing over The Man
They answered and said to himself, "If this one was not making an evil one, we would not have handed over himself to yourself.
The Javelin therefore said to themselves, "Take hold of himself yourselves, and down to the Law of Yourselves judge/decide himself." Said to himself the Casters, "It is not allowed for ourselves to kill away anyone."
In order that the Logos/Word of the Salvation might be filled up whom he had spoken, he who gives a sign for which death was about to die away."117
Making Confession
The Javelin came in therefore again into the Praetorium, and he sounded/called out the Salvation, and said to himself, "You are the King the Casters."
Answered Salvation, "Away from yourself you are saying this one, or other ones have spoken to you around myself."
What I was Told I believed
Answered the Javelin, "Am I not myself a Caster?" The Ethnos of Yours and the Chief Priests handed you over to myself. Whom did you make?"
She is not Mine
Answered Salvation, "The Queen of Mine is not from out the World of this one. If the Queen of Mine were from out of the World of this one, the Under-rowers would contend for myself, so that I might not be handed over to the Casters. And
the Queen of Mine is not from this side.
The Javelin said therefore to himself, "So therefore you are a king." The Salvation answered, "You are speaking that, 'I myself am a king.' Into this one I was begotten, and into this one I have come into the World so that I may bear witness to the Real/True one, the whole/all, he who is from out of the Real/True one, is hearing the Voice of myself

Which one?
The Javelin is saying to himself, "Who/which is true?" And he who spoke this, again came out toward the Casters, and he is saying to themselves,"Myself is finding not one cause within himself.
Free the King
And it is a custom/habit for yourselves so that I might set free one to yourselves within the Pass-over. Are you willing therefore I might set free to yourselves the King of the Casters?"
Therefore again they clamored [as the loud bay (croaking) of animals], those who say, "Not this one but the Son of a Father [Bar-abbas]." And the Son of Abba was a robber/plunderer.

"Flesh within honor, yet he is not distinguishing, he has been ruled like the Beasts that are silenced." (Psalms 49:20 RBT)

"Myself has spoken within my heart upon the cause of the sons of the Man, to cleanse themselves the Mighty Ones [Elohim], and to see that they are a beast, they to themselves. For the fate of the sons of the Man, and the fate of the Beast, and the fate of the one for themselves is according to this death upright this death, and a spirit of one is for the whole, and there is no advantage/gain of the Man more than the Beast, for the Whole is a breath [Abel]. " (Eccles. 3:18-19 RBT)

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