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The Favored 20

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He who has been lifted up
And on the One of the Cessation-week, Bitter-Rebel the Tower-ene is coming early, she still being of darkness, into the Memorial and she is looking at the Stone, he who has been lifted up from out of the Monument.
Turn around
She is running therefore, and is coming toward Hearing Small Stone and toward the Other Learner whom the Salvation philo-loved, and she is saying to themselves, "They have lifted up the Master from out of the Monument and we do not see where they have set himself."
"He was raised up, but we can't see where they put him!"

Therefore the Small Stone went out, and the Other Learner, and they were coming into the Monument.
And the Two were running together, and the Other Learner ran in advance, more swiftly than the Small Stone and came First into the Monument.
"He who looks, will look and not ever perceive." Matt. 13:14
And he who has stooped/bent down, is looking at the Linen Cloths, those ones who are laid [outstretched], indeed however he did not enter.
Looking Attentively/Contemplating
Therefore he is coming and Hearing Small Stone, he who is accompanying himself, and he entered into the Monument and is looking attentively at the Linen Cloths, those who are laid [outstretched].
And the Head-sweat-cloth which was, on account of the Head of himself, that which is not being laid with the Linen Cloths but separate/apart from that which has been rolled up into one place.

"Who has heard anything like this? Who has perceived anything like these? Is the earth whirled around within One Day? If a nation is begotten in one foot-strike, then Monument has whirled around and also has begotten her eternal self sons." (Isaiah 66:8 RBT)

Standing Up: Entering The Queen
At that time therefore he entered, the Other Learner also, the One Who has Come First into the Monument and he perceived and he believed.
For never before did they see the Writing that: It behooves himself to stand up from out of dead ones.122 The Learners therefore came away again toward themselves.
"I Can't Find my Savior, I don't see him!"
And Bitter-Rebel had stood outside toward the Monument, she who weeps aloud/laments, so when therefore she wept aloud/lamented she bent over into the Monument.
And she is looking attentively at two Angels in bright white, those who are sitting down, one toward the Head and one toward the Feet where was laid the Body of the Salvation.
Amen / Amen. Begotten complete, and perfect.
The Eternal Ephah
"And I am lifting up my eyes, and I am perceiving, and behold: dual women—those who go out. And the Spirit is in their wings. And to these ones are dual wings like the wings of the Kind Bird, and they are lifting up [supporting as pillars] the eternal ephah between the earth and between the dual heavenly ones." (between means between the left and right)(Zechariah 5:9 RBT).

And those ones are saying to herself, "Woman, why do you weep aloud/lament?" She is saying to themselves that "They have lifted up the Master of myself and I do not see where they have set himself!"
Looking back to the Things Behind
She who has spoken these ones turned/twisted around into the things behind, and she is looking attentively at the Salvation, he who has stood, and she has not seen that he is Salvation.122a
She Doesn't See Her Own Self
Salvation is speaking to herself, "Woman why do you weep aloud/lament? Who are you searching for?" That one, she who is thinking/having the opinion that he is the Garden-Keeper, she is speaking to himself, "Master if you have borne/carried himself, speak to myself where you have set himself, and even myself will lift up himself.
"Speak to me Lord, where have you set himself?"

Salvation is saying to herself, "Bitter-Rebel." She who has turned around, that one is speaking to himself in Hebrew, "My multiplying one," what is called 'Teacher.'123
Salvation is saying to herself, "Do not fasten to myself for I have not yet ascended toward the Father, and lead across toward the Brothers of myself, and speak to themselves, "I am ascending toward the Father of Myself and father of yourselves and God of myself and God of yourselves."
"I am ascending toward the Father of Myself and a father of yourselves and God of myself and God of yourselves."

Bitter-Rebel the Tower-ene is coming, she who is bringing word to the Learners that, "I have perceived the Master." And these ones she spoke to herself.
Those who have been shut up
Therefore she who is evening on the Day of That one, on the One of Cessation Week, and the Doors of those who have been shut up where the Learners were across to the Fear of the Casters, the Salvation came and stood up into the Middle, and he is speaking to themselves, "Peace to yourselves."
And he who has spoken this one, has shown also the Hands and the Side to themselves. Therefore the Learners, those who have perceived the Master, rejoiced.
Said the Salvation therefore to themselves again, "Peace to yourselves just as the Father has sent away myself, even myself is sending away yourselves.
Breathe In
And he who has spoken this one, breathed in, and he is speaking to themselves, "Take hold of a set apart spirit."124
If you might send away the Misses of anyone, they have been sent away to themselves. If you might hold fast anyone, they are held fast.
And Twin, one from out the Twelve, the one who is being called 'Double,' was not with themselves when Salvation came.
The Pattern/Type/Model is within the Hands
The Other Learners were saying therefore to himself, "We have perceived the Master." And the one said to themselves, "If I do not perceive within the Hands of himself the Pattern of the Nails and cast the Finger of myself into the Pattern of the Nails and cast the Hand of myself into the Side of himself, no I will not believe.
And with eight days, the Learners of himself were inside again, and Twin with themselves. The Salvation is coming by the Doors, those who have been shut up, and he has stood into the middle and said, "Peace to yourselves."
Next, he is saying to the Twin, "Carry the Finger of you here and behold! the Hands of myself! And carry the Hand of you and cast into the Side of Myself and become not unfaithful, but faithful."
Finger of God.
Left hand / Right hand.

Twin answered and said to himself, "The Master of myself, and the God of myself." The Salvation is saying to himself that, You have perceived myself, you have believed. Blessed are the ones who have not perceived and who have believed."
In the Eye of the Learners
Therefore many indeed and other signs the Salvation made in the eye of the Learners of himself, ones which are not those that have been written within the Book of this one.
And these ones are written so that you may believe that Salvation is the Anointed one, the Son of the God and so that those who are believing, may hold zoe-life within the Name of Himself.
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