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The Favored 9

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He is Born to Her Dead/Blind
And passing by, he saw a man darkened by smoke [blind]88b from birth.

"Who are you?"
"I don't know, I can't see."

"I have made the blind to walk within the Road they have not seen, within the Trodden Paths they have not seen. I am making them tread. I am setting a dark place in front of the faces of themselves, to be light..." (Isaiah 42:16 RBT)

And the Learners of himself questioned himself, those who say, "My Multiplying one, who missed—this one or the begetters of himself, so that he should be begotten a smoke-blinded one?"
Answered Salvation, "Neither this one missed, nor the begetters of himself, except so that the works of the God might be made visible in himself.
Its necessary/behooves ourselves to work the works of the one who has sent myself until he is Day. Night is coming, when no one is able to work.
Whenever within the World, O! I am a light of the World!"
Anointed Spit from the Mouth Above
He who has spoken these ones, spat to the earth and made clay from out of the Spit, and anointed from himself,89 the clay upon the eyes.
"An ear is she who hears, and an eye is she who sees. He is has made even the pair of themselves." (Proverbs 20:12 RBT)

Sent Out, Looking (up)
And he said to himself, "Lead under, wash into the swimming pool of the Sending-Away [Siloam] who translates to 'him who is sent away.'"90 He came away therefore and washed, and came, he who is looking.
"I am counting the whole of my bones, those ones of herself are looking and are seeing within myself." (Psalm 22:17 RBT)

The First....was a Beggar.
Therefore land-neighbors, and those who have looked attentively at himself the First, that he was a beggar, were saying, "Is not this one the one, he who sits down and he who begs?"
I Am
Other ones were saying that "This one is." Other ones were saying "By no means, but he resembles himself!" That one there was saying, "I myself is."
They were saying therefore to himself, "How therefore were the Eyes of yourself opened up?"
Answered that one there, "The Man, the One who is being called, 'Salvation', made clay, and anointed the Eyes of myself, and he said to myself that, 'Lead under into the Sending Out, and wash.' Therefore he who has gone away and he who has washed, I looked up."
And they said to himself, "Where is 'that one there'?" He is saying, "I don't see."
They are leading himself toward the Separatists, the one once smoke-blinded.
It was then Cessation within a day, her whom the Salvation made and opened up of himself the Eyes.
"This one is the Day He is has made! We are spinning around and rejoicing in himself!" - (Psalm 118:24 RBT)

Formed Upon the Potters Wheel
Again therefore they were questioning himself, even the Separatists, how he 'looked up'. The one then said to themselves, "He placed clay of myself upon the Eyes, and I washed, and I am looking."
Split/Tear #2 - The Separatists
Were saying therefore some from out of the Separatists, "This one, the Man is not from close beside God, because he does not guard/watch-over the Cessation." Other ones then, were saying, "How is a missing/sinning man able to make such signs?" And there was a split/tear within themselves.


The Sign.

Strongs #226. Hebrew אות, a sign, mark. The Hebrew letter ו is the letter/number for "man" or "peg". The "Man" is in the middle and is surrounded by the Eternal Self like a surrounding-help (a.k.a. she adorns herself in "the hidden man of the heart" 1 Pet 3:4), the "first" and the "last", the "Alpha" (man) and the "O" (woman) Rev. 1:8, in Hebrew the א and ת.

He is a Prophet
They are saying therefore to the smoke-blinded one again, "Who is yourself speaking from around himself, since he opened up the Eyes of yourself?" The one then said that, "He is a prophet."
The Casters, then, did not believe from around himself that he was blinded-by-smoke, and looked up, until when they sounded/called the begetters of himself, the one who has looked up.
And they questioned themselves, saying, "This one is the son of yourselves, who yourselves speak that he was begotten smoke-blind. How therefore is he looking this moment?"
Answered therefore the begetters of himself and said, "We see that this one is the son of ourselves, and that he was begotten smoke-blind.
How, then,
he looks, we see not, or who opened of himself the Eyes, ourselves do not see. Question himself. Himself holds a mature/aged one. From around himself he will utter."
These ones spoke the begetters of himself, because they feared the Casters. For already now the Casters had placed-together so that if anyone confesses himself Anointed one [Christ], he might become gathered-away.91
Across to this one the begetters of himself spoke that, "A mature/full-aged one holds himself, ask."
They sounded/called therefore the Man from out of a second one who was smoke-blind and said to himself, "Give glory to the God. Ourselves see that this one, the Man, is a sinner/missing-one."
Answered therefore that one there, "If he is a sinner/missing-one, I see not. I see one, that he who is smoke-blind, I look in this moment.
They said therefore to himself, "Who did he make to yourself? How did he open the Eyes of yourself?"
He answered themselves, "I spoke to yourselves already now and you did not hear. Who do you desire to hear again? Do not also yourselves desire to become learners of himself?"
And they reviled/abused himself and said, "Yourself is a learner of that one there, ourselves then are learners of the Drawn Out [Moses].
Ourselves see that to Drawn Out the God has uttered, this one then we see not from where he is."
Answered the Man and said to themselves, "For within this one is the wonderful/marvelous one, so that yourselves see not from what place he is, and he opened of myself the Eyes.
We see that the God does not hear sinners/missing-ones, except if anyone is God-worshiping, and makes the Desire of himself, he hears this one.
From out of the Eternal one, it has not been heard that anyone opened eyes of him who has been begotten smoke-blinded.
Unless this one was from close beside God, he could not make no one."
Going Outside - Genesis 15:5
They answered and said to himself, "You were begotten entirely within sins/misses, and, you are teaching ourselves." And they cast out himself outside.

"Behold! I have been whirled around in punishment, in a miss, my mother made hot myself." (Psalm 51:5 RBT)

"Because you speak that 'I am abundant, and I have grown rich, and I hold the need of no one' and do not see that yourself is the Distressed/Miserable one, and pitiable, and cringing/bent-over, and darkened by smoke, and naked." (Revelation 3:17 RBT)

Here Outside!
Salvation heard that they had cast himself outside, and he who has found himself said, "You are believing into the son of Man."
That one there answered and said, "And who is he, lord, so that I may believe into himself?"
The Salvation said to himself, "Even you have perceived himself, and the one, he who utters with yourself, is that one!"
The one then, was saying, "I believe, lord." And he worshiped himself.
And the Salvation spoke into judgement, "Myself into this world has come, so that those ones who do not look, may look, and those ones who look, may become darkened by smoke."
The Separatists heard from out of these ones who were with himself and they said to himself, "Are not ourselves also darkened by smoke?"
The Salvation said to themselves, "If you were smoke-blind ones, you would not have held a miss.
, however, because you utter 'We look', the Miss of yourselves abides.
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