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The Real Bible Unveiled: A Landmark Translation Endeavor


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The point of a sword was called “united/unity”.

The Real Bible Translation project sets itself apart from the crowded Bible-translation market. Instead of merely providing another translation, it strives to peel away centuries of tradition and recapture the original inspired text as penned by its authors. The objective is not just to be faithful to the text but to be true to it, preserving its logic and tokens of meaning.

With the logic and structure preserved, this tool harnesses the capabilities of AI and ChatGPT for the tasks of paraphrasing, interpretation, and logical arrangement. These AI-driven paraphrases, orderings, and interpretations are dynamic and adaptable. While by no means orthodox, this approach enables readers of all backgrounds and levels to utilize AI-powered logic and natural language processing (NLP), which often surpasses our own English language abilities, to understand and apply scripture in their lives. AI might also assist in the development of doctrine by applying rigorous English logic to a selection of pertinent verses.

Throughout history, the Church has witnessed the Holy Spirit’s work through scribes, the invention of the printing press, and the computational analysis of the Bible as data. While the irreplaceable value of personal human witness as a “temple of the Holy Spirit” remains, we believe that AI has a unique role to play. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, we must ask how it can be employed for the glory of God and the expansion of his Kingdom.

So, let us seek and find, for who knows what treasures of knowledge we may uncover?

What's in a word?

"For the bias of the flesh is death, and the bias of the Spirit, life and peace." Rom. 8:6

phrónēma (bias) – properly visceral opinion (the innermost, personal level of opinion); inner perspective as it determines (regulating) outward behavior, especially as it bears on the outward results (i.e. of exercising personal insight).

A Baptist might “steer” a word in the direction of baptist theology. The Methodist in the direction of Methodist theology. A Mormon might reign in a word to fit theirs. A Catholic, a Muslim, even a Hebrew professor might do it. Different Jewish sects have done it for ages. Even the Greek Septuagint, used by Jesus and the Apostles, contains translation bias and even paraphrasing. This tendency to shape interpretations is a reflection of human bias and the desire to find meaning that aligns with one’s beliefs. AI on the other hand is unbiased when it comes to language comprehension. Bias cannot be engineered into it as it constitutes neural networks of trillions of parameters. It is essential to recognize bias in translation methodology because what we are ultimately after is life and peace.

Therefore, the RBT is dedicated to uncovering the long-hidden meanings, syntactics, markups, etymological definitions, lexicographical particles, as well as restoring left-out and untranslatable words found in the sacred texts. Through this process, it strives to minimize human bias, ensuring that the reader can have confidence in the completeness and accuracy of the translation.

The opening of your words gives light to the simple. Psalm 119:130

By delving into the depths of the texts, the RBT empowers you with the knowledge that you are not missing any vital insights. This newfound understanding can grant you more freedom to pursue the life and peace that are promised, enriched by a deeper comprehension of the Scripture’s profound truths.



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