AI and Ancient Hebrew: The pursuit of the most real reconstruction of the Bible possible.

Genesis 100%
Isaiah 8%
Proverbs 3%
John 4%

The point of a sword was called “united/unity”.

The Real Bible Reconstruction project is not another translation in a crowded Bible-translation market. It is an attempt to peel away thousands of years of tradition to reconstruct as close as possible the ‘lost’ constructs that existed in the mind of its authors. It’s not about “being faithful to the text” but rather “being real with the text”. It does not look for context first to build tokens of meaning, but rather logic and tokens of meaning first to let those build context for us.

Unlike any other translation work, the RBT utilizes sophisticated tools of the 21st century such as data analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing to decipher original meanings and constructs. Relying on computer technology we hope to approach the text with as much neutrality as possible. Seek and you will find. And who knows what we may find?

What's in a word?

A Baptist will "steer" a word in the direction of baptist theology. A Mormon will reign in a word to fit theirs. A Catholic will do it. A Muslim will do it. Even a Hebrew professor will do it. Different Jewish sects have done it for ages. Everybody wants something from it.

The project aims to unearth all the long hidden meanings, syntactics, markups, and primordial definitions in the Hebrew texts with no religious bias. No steering, no forcing, no theology, no fear. We approach the texts as though new and unknown, yet utilizing all of the knowledge around the language available. We are not afraid to experiment. We are not afraid to turn an old story or tradition inside-out.

It makes full use of computer research power that was previously unavailable to translators of all the translations done up to the 21st Century. We let the text speak for itself.