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Who has divided for the Flood an ascending-channel, and a road for the lightning flash of voices, to bring rain down upon the earth?

Is there no man for the wasteland? No flesh within himself to satiate a desolated one and desolated place or to grow a source of tender-grass going out? Is there a father for the rain? Or who has begotten drops of dew?

Job 38:25-28 RBT
To read the duplicate of the Desire to He Is, and the Day of Vengeance to the mighty ones of ourselves, to comfort all who lament, to set up for the mourners the Monument.

To give to themselves the ornamented one below the ash, the oil of gladness below the mourning, the wrapping of praise below the spirit of dimness.

And he read to themselves, 'Mighty ones of the Just! A planting of He Is!' to self-glorify/boast.

And they have rebuilt the ruins of the eternal one, the desolated first ones have stood up. They have renewed the cities of drought, the ruins of a generation and a generation.

Isaiah 61:2-4 RBT
And all of ourselves, the Glory of Master being unveiled in the face, those who mirror the Same Image, are being transfigured away from glory, into glory, just as away from Master, Spirit.

2 Corinthians 4:1 RBT
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"The one un-missing of yourselves, let him cast the First Stone upon herself."
John 8:7 RBT
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This one is the Day He is has made! We are spinning around and rejoicing in himself!
Psalm 118:24 RBT
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"And Beloved is sending his eternal hand toward the finished-vessel, and he is taking from there a stone. And he is slinging, and he is striking the eternal self Roller/Wallower toward the brow of himself, and the Stone is sinking within the brow of himself, and he is falling upon the faces of himself of the earth of herself."
1 Samuel 17:49 RBT
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"Within the pleasant places of the tender-sprout he is making me to lie stretched out. Upon the water of resting places he is sparkle-flowing myself."
Psalms 23:2 RBT
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"The ropes of Sheol have encircled myself. Baits/lures have come in front of myself."
Psalms 16:10 RBT
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He is causing me to ascend from the cistern-pit of roaring-noise, from the mud of the Mire he is making my pair of feet to stand on a rock. He is making firm/secure my steps."
Psalms 40:2 RBT
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John 11:43 RBT

Helpless! Come here, outside!
Helpless! Come here, outside! (John 11:43 RBT)
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"The Queen of southern wind, will awake within the Judgement, with This Generation, and she will judge-down herself." (Matthew 12:42 RBT)
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Unveiling the Language of the Eternal One

"The opening of your words gives light, and gives discernment to the open-ones." Psalm 119:130 RBT

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The Real Bible Translation Project is the opening of the words which have long been shut-up—mute, blind, deaf animals. It understands the Biblical Hebrew language not as an ancient human language, but a language from ‘the Other Side’ to be opened in these ones, the last days—the language of Today.

My people have been destroyed from failure of the Knowledge… (Salvation 4:6 RBT)

What's in a Word?

"For the bias of the flesh is Death, and the bias of the Spirit, The Life and Complete One." Romans 8:6 RBT

It’s important to have the right bias with each word.

Greek phrónēma (bias) – properly visceral opinion (the innermost, personal level of opinion); inner perspective as it determines (regulating) outward behavior, especially as it bears on the outward results (i.e. of exercising personal insight).

Behold: for completeness, bitterness to myself bitterness; and you have attached to my soul from the pit of failure. You have cast the whole of my misses behind your back. (He is Deliverer 38:17 RBT)

Four corners and four horns in the center of the temple altar, and yet one cornerstone. Bias matters in translation.

The Real Gospel

A Double-Edged Sword

The point of a sword was called “one/unity”. The word is a “doubled-edged sword” with two “edges.” One is dull and useless. What would it mean should both sides unite and become one as the sharp tip of the sword?

Read the Real Gospel

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Read the Real Genesis 1

The heavenly body is dual (ha-shamayyim, the heavenly ones), born of flesh, born of spirit. He is dual-edged, the word become flesh, tenting within ourselves, come not to bring peace, but a sword.

And you, God-is-My-Judge, stop-up the Words, and seal the Book until the time of the end–abundant-ones are roaming and the Knowledge is multiplying. (God is My Judge 12:4 RBT)

A book taken apart and rebuilt. Over 1385 language footnotes are included in the Book of Genesis alone.

Completed Real Bible Translation

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