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The Real Gospel

The Gathered (“People”), the Walkers within the Dark One have seen a great light, the inhabitants within the land of the death shadow, a light has illuminated above themselves.

(Isaiah 9:2 RBT)

In an ancient Book, emerging mysteriously from the depths of time, strange words transcend mortal understanding, purportedly scripted by a divine entity, a spectral “God of the Beyond.” The verses speak of revelations, of profound mysteries deemed unfathomable to human minds. Yet, upon closer examination, the enigmatic “poems” revealed are not obscured but rather glaringly plain. It dawns upon the reader (as in, let the reader understand) that the author and the intended audience (he who has an ear, let him hear) are one and the same—manifestations of the same self, elohim.

The term “elohim,” once thought to signify an inscrutable or unknowable deity beyond mortal comprehension, is now understood as a plural construct denoting the manifold faces of the eternal self—the All, in All. The divine speaks to himself as it were, within the confines of his own creation, in a dance of revelation and awakening. Spirit vs. Flesh.

As elohim inhabits mortal vessels, like water filling an earthen jar or wine in a wineskin, there arises a separation. The vessel—the flesh—remains unaware of his origin, having forgotten his true nature, rendering himself impotent in service to the greater. The jar lies abandoned, fallen over, emptied of its contents, unable to be filled. The wineskin withers, its purpose unfulfilled, the wine becoming sour and bitter to all who taste of it.

The flesh had a strong, relentless bias: death. The world of flesh was severely inhibited by certain laws: laws of entropy, laws of gravity, laws of thermodynamics, laws of time, laws of death. The Book revealed that the flesh worked “anti” to himself, named “spirit.” Two forces diametrically opposed. It was learned that two biases, or “minds” as it were, dictate everything placing one in a Valley of Decision, every step. However, the initial step ultimately determines the trajectory. From the moment the Book emerged into the realm of flesh, it was ensnared by the biases inherent to corporeal existence. The world, in turn, fell sway to those who asserted dominance and authority over its interpretation—authorized scribes, esteemed elders, revered rabbis, priests in soft clothing, and scholars sanctioned by royal decree or funded by vast sums of money. None of whom ever evaded the fundamental problem of the flesh, nor set anyone free from its hold, nor benefited the mourning, nor empowered the weak, but rather led most like sheep to a slaughter. Yet they were adorned, celebrated, and revered for the numbers they lured in to pay their dues, while the countless bleeding out to death, left alone, vanishing into obscurity, widowhood, and orphanhood were unnumbered and forgotten.

Instead of laying stones and building her up, they picked up stones and threw them at her. But she, the Arche, the Origin, The Foundation of the Seven Pillars of Creation, the Reshith, the very “Head” and “beginning” of their very Life, was helpless, violently seized by men, and she continued paying her dues to a perpetual Caesar who was created for her by her owners, her baals, her authorities and principalities. In effect, giving her paramours payment, while being left empty handed, alone, and famished as a widow locked away forever. A mighty one of elohim was bent over, enslaved! The numbers of the desolated were accounted for however by the mysterious Book—a desolate widow multiplied,

How she has sat separated! A city of a multiplied People! She has become as a widow! Multiplied among the Nations, the princess within the Provinces has become a slave!

(Lamentations 1:1 RBT)

The authorities, out to stone the Origin of themselves for being a harlot, a harlot they themselves created.

Untold numbers of mighty princesses, born from above of an eternal queen of elohim, enslaved and desolated as widows? How could it be?

Punishment for violating the courts of the D.Ds, the Ph.Ds, and all the other respected titles was so severe that it meant death for many in the most brutal of ways. Others whipping or excommunication and reviling. Still others, shaming and disassociation. The numbers on display for the world were never of those slaughtered, shamed, destroyed, abandoned, or driven out. But who could know such numbers? The Book did. It spoke that all would be veneered behind a false face. A complete and utter trampling of the courts, a dug out Winepress filled to the brim of blood all the way until “the Horses.” A scattered flock left to pick out Gardens for themselves where they would be destined to dig forever for treasure, never finding.

“And the Trough [as dug into the ground] was trampled outside of the City, and blood went out from the Trough, until the Bridles of the Horses, away from a stadia of one thousand six hundred.”

Revelation 14:20 RBT

It was ourselves all along

“Vanity and Vanity” Demons. Adversary. The evil one.



a double portion of the spirit, going around and around in eternity…

In this way they fulfilled all of the dark sinister symbology of the Book, in themselves. There was never any separate army of spectral demons hunting humans, for they themselves were the ones preying on humans. There were never any possessed magicians, sorcerers, sorceresses out there to be weary of, for they themselves were the ones casting the “spells, enchantments, and magic” upon unaware souls. There was never any cosmic “hell” out there somewhere waiting below the throngs of humanity, for they themselves had dug it out below humanity, forming and fashioning it and then laying their nets at “the Head of every Street” to take the world captive (Isaiah 51:20). The Head of every Street meaning the Head of every sect, every denomination, every doctrine, every theological path there ever was. There was never a “horned monster” out there roaming around the earth seeking whom he may devour, because they themselves were their own horned monster, “the Father” begetting themselves below, to the spirit of the Darkness and blindness, creating a double—the double portion—of their own self image. Their power to create the very thing that they cast themselves as, the never saw. And so they slaughtered one another. They ran from their own hell shadows. The mourned and lamented. “The Adversary who roams the Earth.”

Thus they haunted themselves, attacked themselves, slapped, tormented, and butchered themselves, and became a stench to the world. And the “Dark One” multiplied beyond number until the World’s pain became “full to the brim.”  They rode upon each others backs, and fled from themselves perpetually, and clamored violently over one another like one drowning in water, losing all sense to panic and fear, even when one should try to save them. Running, but never able to escape, because after all, they were running from their own death-shadows. The Book foresaw this too: the whole becoming a vanity vanity, vapor vapor, evil evil, death, dying. And Salvation in between themselves staked and hung at the Head of every Street.

evil one evil one, and Salvation in the middle.

One particular case of elohim in the flesh, the Salvation, we learn, found his way out. He submerged, crossed over, and ascended. From out of the death shadow and into the light. The Forerunner.

because those whom he knew beforehand, he predestined to be shaped together [symmorphus] to the image of the Son, into him who is the firstborn among many brothers.

Romans 8:29 RBT

standing/ascending in between the Left and Right. “Born from above.”

He was the first born above, a “spearhead” piercing everything straight through back to the Origin, making the way straight, breaching the castle, to redeem the harlot and set her free. Like Boaz (“In Himself is Strength”) redeeming his Ruth (his “Friend”), he redeems Heaven herself from the Grip of Hell. Returning and entering back into the Origin to stand up and be “born from above.” Ariel, the Lioness of God, the Queen, was released; her daughters, stood up.

Hoy! Ariel Ariel! The city where David/Beloved has declined upside down! Snatch up a duplicate upon a duplicate, the Feasts are making the round!

Isaiah 29: 1 RBT

This was the man in the middle. It was necessary for one to “stand up in the gap.” The gap of what? Between the two of themselves below, the father and the son of each other, their heart turned one against the other. Being two, flesh of darkness and spirit of darkness. One had to stand up in the middle. Why? Because their twin selves were crucifying himself. Himself being Salvation. Salvation being himself.

“I strike the Body of myself below the Eye of Myself to enslave it…

(1 Cor. 9:27 RBT)

Jacob wrestles Jacob. The son of “Day” of Vengeance vs. himself of the Night.

The three standing up. “A three-corded rope not easily broken.” The word “resurrection” was put in place of the true word, “standing up.”

And thus the prophets of the Book prophesied that the elohim, “the God of Ourselves” would return from the depths of a “dream” in which they slept a dead sleep, and they would become one, finally, with the Word of Himself, alive, living and active. They would no longer look for drink, but become the Drink. They would no longer search for food, but become the Bread Loaf. They would bring vengeance by becoming the Day of Vengeance from within their eternal origin, the Queen of Seven (“Sheba”). The Woman, the “Church of Himself” built up from above, instead of “dug down” below where she began, meant she would now, at last, stand up from “the south.” Her Foot-strike, because of what was done to her, would be mega fierce as the “Lioness of God.” Her wind, her spirit, her Judgement, her just ones. She was made a Harlot, and treated as such within the Night of herself. Now, she is aroused and rises up as the “Wind of the South” or, “the Day” with her “sons of Day” to flip the tables of the Heart, her own Heart. To restore the twins, the broken tables, below the Mountain. She herself, divided against herself, through lies spanning thousands of years, unable to stand, finally hears the eternal word, “Awake Awake, Deborah!” Deborah, “The Queen Bee.” Within her, her two lamenting, mourning selves are finally pressed together to become one, the Lioness (“Ariel”) of God. A full 180 degree change from the desolate widow of slavery, to the Woman who, as it is written, “judges down herself.” She comes out of being locked away, her eternal Voice, previously gagged and muted for millennia, now ringing mega loud:

And she is the Judgement, that the Light has come into the World, and men agape-loved [gave up themselves to] the Dark one rather than the Light. And so the Works of themselves were pain-ridden.

John 3:19 RBT

She, the one who stands up, the “bright cloud” casts a shadow of chaos and mourning, lying stretched out (“tohu”)… the “haAdamah” (ground of Adam) that brings forth bramble and thorns.

And this one, the Gospel of the Queen will be proclaimed within the entire inhabited land, into a manifest witness to all Nations; and then the end-aim will come.

Matthew 24:14 RBT

While he still spoke, behold! a bright cloud cast a shadow over themselves! And behold! a voice out of the cloud, she who is speaking, “This one is the son of myself, the Beloved, within whom I am well delighted. Listen to himself!”

Matthew 17:5 RBT

“I heard another voice from heaven, she who is speaking, ‘Come out of her, the People of myself, so that you are not fellowshiping in the misses of herself, and so that you are not taking hold of the wounds/beatings/plagues of herself!”

Revelation 18:4 RBT

“No man holds a greater agape-love [giving up himself] than this one, that a certain man should set down the Soul-Life of himself across from the Friends/Beloved ones of himself [his own kind].” (John 15:13 RBT)

And she is walking and is sitting from anti-opposite to herself, causing to be distant as the breadth of the Bow, for she has said, “Never shall I see in the death of the Begotten one.” And she is sitting from anti-opposite, and is lifting up her eternal self voice, and is weeping.

(Genesis 21:16 RBT)

Hagar, “the Fleeing Woman”, flees from herself, the Gebereth, (“mighty queen”). She bears sons to slavery and death, until she returns to herself.

Because of the bias of the flesh, being fully anti to the spirit, the mighty ones fell. The very fall itself caused by the illusion created of themselves, by themselves. They gave themselves up to owners, false gods and goddesses, a Caesar of perpetual dictatorship, who effectively begat them completely anti to their own selves, setting them as far away from their Origin as could be. They begat themselves down from an Amorite (“the Prominent Speakers”) father and Hittite (“the Terror”) mother. Prominent speakers of terror! Evil ones “sent away by God” effectively separating themselves, or as written in the Hebrew, le-bado “to his own separation.” Blindness set in deep, and drunkenness overtook them, caused by the smoke of false translations, false teachers, false bread, and false lips uttering nothing true, so that they would never read, “to his own separation” but instead “all alone.”

Because they didn’t know themselves, but slept in a dream as it were, in the Night of Herself, they formed and fashioned a Golden Calf, a Baal, a “Supreme Ruler of Heaven and Earth,” the “Man of 613 laws” a False Father, a Caesar of perpetual dictatorship. And thus, they became their own Adversary rowing around in a boat isolated and lost in a sea of confusion and chaos, trying to feel their way through darkness, consoling and comforting themselves, weeping and lamenting as they went.

Jacob dusting/wrestling…Jacob. At the crossing over, before the Dawn of himself.

And he is taking them and is making them cross over the eternal self (את) of the Torrent Valley, and he is making to cross over the eternal self (את) straightly to himself. And Heel-Chaser (“Jacob”) is remaining over to the separation of himself, and a man is [stirring/kicking-up] dust with himself until the ascending of the Dawn.

And he saying toward himself, “What is your name?” And he is saying “Jacob.”

And Jacob is asking, “Make known to me now the name of yourself.” And he is saying, why are you asking this one for the name of myself?” And he is blessing/kneeling his eternal (את) self right there. (Genesis 32:23-29 RBT)

Broken apart by the blindness of their smoke screened eyes, they wrestled with the Word, or rather wrestled with themselves, for they were zerah zerah (“seed seed”) duplicates, divided against each other, the first and the last—born dead, living to die away in the Great Miss (“Sin”). They were caught, trapped, incomplete. Pulled apart. Unable to fly. Unable to see. Unable to prevail in the World. The blind led by the blind. In their deception they prayed to and worshiped baals and hung themselves upon a tree, ever living within the pain of a crown of woven thorns, accursed. And thus was broke the ancient covenant of unity between their own selves.

Moses’ two tables. Inscribed “from this side and from this side”

And he is seeing the eternal self (את) round-one (“calf”), and their circular dances, and the nose of Drawn Out (“Moses”) is inflamed, and he is casting from his hand the Tables and he is breaking their eternal (את) selves beneath the mountain. (Exodus 32:19 RBT)
The “tables of the heart” between the two being broken below, they were lost in a complete failure of the Knowledge. But the failure was due to the lies, falsehoods, the bookworms, and hardness of heart.
The Writing was bound up and could not speak the Words of herself.
But in her time she would break forth. The time of herself called by the prophets as “her whirling” that is, the time of her begetting,
Before she is whirling around, she has begotten, before the pain is coming to herself, she has cause the remembered one/male to escape.
Isaiah 66:7 RBT
Love as it turns out, was not just some disposition, or an “unreachable god” but was she herself, the foundation of elohim of peace:

I have caused to be seven your eternal selves, daughters of the Foundation of Peace! What are you awakening? And what are you laying bare? The eternal self of Love, until whom she delights!

Song of Solomon 8:4 RBT

While he yet spoke, behold: a bright cloud cast a shadow over themselves. And behold! a voice out of the cloud, she who says, “This one is the Beloved, the son of myself, within whom I am well delighted; hear himself!”

Matthew 17:5 RBT

Wisdom has built the house of herself, seven pillars, to supplant the House of Misery.

Hebrew “sign,” the eternal one/life, seven pillars. The Man in the middle/top. Hagar sits opposite herself “the breadth of a bow.”

Wisdom’s house. Seven “covered porches” of Solomon’s “Temple.” This was what was meant by “speaking in tongues” and signs and symbols.

The prophecies then continue to speak of the awakening of the elohim, a nation born of one Day, and their readiness to volunteer, for war.

And the woman was given the two wings of the Great Eagle so that she could fly into the desolate-place, into the place of herself, where she is nourished there from the face of the [Prudent] Serpent, a time, times, and half a time. And the Serpent [Christ] cast from out of the mouth of himself water as a river behind the woman so he could make herself river-borne. And the Earth ran to help the Woman. And the Earth opened up the mouth of herself and she drank down the River which the Dragon [Christ] cast out of the mouth of himself. And the Dragon was angry on account of the Woman, and he went to make war in company with the Remnant of the seed of herself, the ones who guard the Commandments of the God and the ones who possess the witness of Salvation. And he stood upon the Sand of the Sea.

(Revelation 12:14-17 RBT)

I am passing by over you and I am seeing you trampling yourself in your own bloodshed!
And I am speaking to you within your bloodshed, LIVE.
And I am speaking to you within your bloodshed, LIVE.

(Ezekiel 16:6 RBT)

To be the mother of life, means to be rejoined to herself. Until then, we are told, she is “unable to carry.” Thus barren, and childless. She was prophesied to awake and live, and to become one, the Lioness “Ariel” of God.

The Eternal Ephah

The prophets prophesied of her two selves that once they were no longer divided, they would be able to carry,

“…and to these ones are the wings of the Stork/Kindness, and they carried the eternal Ephah between the Earth and between the Heavens.”

Zechariah 5:9 RBT

Zechariah’s “dual women” a.k.a. “Amen and Amen” a.k.a. “Tohu and Bohu” a.k.a. “Aniah and Taniah” a.k.a “Mary and Martha.” When both sides unite, they become “mother of life.” The Eternal Ephah between “heaven” and “earth”, his head in heaven, his feet upon earth.

Behold! He is coming in company with the Clouds, and every eye will perceive himself, those who have pierced himself, and all the Tribes of the Earth will strike upon himself, yes Amen!

Revelation 1:7 RBT

So also the Anointed one, who has been presented one time into the Many to bring up the Misses/Sins [living sacrifices] without sin/missing, will be perceived from out of a second one to those who eagerly expect himself into salvation.

Hebrews 9:28 RBT

And they have rebuilt the ruins of the eternal one, the desolated ones of the first have stood up, they have renewed the cities of drought, the desolations of a generation and a generation.

Isaiah 61:4 RBT