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The Real Gospel

Genesis 1 – In the Head

And this good news of the queen will be proclaimed in the whole inhabited land, into a [manifest] witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.

Matt. 24:14 RBT

While he yet spoke, behold: a bright cloud cast a shadow over themselves. And behold: a voice out of the cloud, she who speaks, “This one is the son of myself, the beloved, in whom I am well delighted; hear him.”

Matt. 17:5 RBT

“I heard another voice from heaven, she who speaks ‘Come, the people of myself, out of her so that you are not fellowshiping with her sins and so that you may not take from her wounds/beatings/plagues.” Revelation 18:4 RBT

In the age of shadows, a divine seed of a heavenly mother descended from the realm of the eternal, a celestial proclamation of good cast upon the earth. However, in the hands of mortal men, the luminous seed became entangled in the twisted vines of human ambition. Crafty minds, driven by the hunger for power, transformed the celestial promise of good into a binding law upon unsuspecting souls, ensnaring them, and invoking a curse that weighed heavily upon everyone – man, woman, and child alike.

The Elohim, in their unity, had sent forth a single seed for good, the word of the divine Man, the son of God, the embodiment of Love. Yet, men seized this sacred offering and, tainted by the poison of mortality, perverted it into a tool for exploitation – a traded commodity, a badge of false virtue, a means for murderers, liars, and thieves to elevate themselves. A corrupted seed of evil.

This celestial wisdom, intended to illuminate the path to glory for the sons of God, became a weapon of destruction, wielded by the ruthless to kill, steal, and destroy. It shackled the humble and taxed the poor, subjecting them to lives of toil and misery, portraying a false and unattainable standard of divinity that damned all to an eternity of suffering if they did not obey, pray, and ask for forgiveness.

And found in the appearance of a man, he humbled himself [his body], having become obedient [to a man-made law] unto death, even the death of the cross. (Phil 2:8 RBT)

Christ redeemed us [the brothers] from the curse of the [man-made] Law, having become the curse for ourselves, for was written: “Cursed is everyone hanging on a pole” (Gal. 3:13 RBT)

In the hands of men, the eternal seed of love was metamorphosed into a demonic seed of false wisdom, a serpent’s venom, a cursed body of death, the not-Christ, left hanging on the wooden pole, to warn all of the consequences of breaking the law—not God’s, but that law crafted by men—a looming, perpetual shadow of death at the head of every street.

The words in the hands of men became the sting of scorpions, instead of the honeycomb of bees. Yet, beneath this malevolent façade, the true essence persevered, the honeycomb lay hidden – the genuine seed of the Elohim, the Mighty Ones of the Eternal Realm, sent to earth to manifest the divine glory to all creation at the closing of the age.

And he is returning from days to take her, and he is turning aside to see the [eternal את] falling-place of the Lion, and behold—an assembly of bees in the body of the Lion, and honey. (Judges 14:8 RBT)

And he is saying to themselves, “From out of the one who devours, food has gone out. And from out of the fierce one, a sweet one has gone out.” And they have been unable to make known the riddle, three days. (Judges 14:14 RBT)

Jesus emerged as the pioneer of a new race. The forerunner, the first among many, a celestial anointed one, the chief, the bright morning star of all stars. His race was the race of the Christ—the anointed race. Willingly, he embraced the curse fabricated and endorsed by mortals – the Law, a false doctrine, the seed of the Cursed Serpent. In his love for his own, he adhered perfectly to this law which was not of the Elohim but of men, enduring the scorn, beatings, and accusations, and finally the death of a criminal on a cross. He did this for love, the love of his own, to show himself Love—the only law of God there was and is and is to be. He demonstrated eternal love—the greatest unbound, inseparable, unbreakable love possible for one’s own beloved by setting himself as the hated one between the two seeds:

Greater love than this has none, that one set [down] the soul-life of himself for the beloved ones of himself [his own race]. (John 15:13 RBT)

Jesus, unlike his brothers blind from birth, always knew his origin and identity. He believed into himself, thus founding a faith to be followed by the rest. He was the first revelation of the sons of God to the created world. The firstfruits of a vineyard to come, and the firstborn among many to be revealed, called by the name Eve, the Mother of all Living Ones, the Queen of Heavenly Ones, the Foundation of Peace. Eve, whose name burdened by ill repute since ages past, locked within the bride-chamber, only to open to him with the keys, would hear the Prudent Serpent’s words of life and the way to open her eyes and be healed of the Cursed Serpent’s venom, and choose to eat and give to her man, the Christ, who was God with her.

The Field is the World and the good seed [singular]– these ones are the sons of the Queen… (Matthew 13:38 RBT)
And having stretched out the hand of himself upon the learners of himself, he said ‘Behold, the mother of myself, and the brothers of myself. (Matthew 12:49 RBT)
The seed of the woman.
The rest of the brothers, the body of the Elohim, remained concealed beneath their veils of darkness. Blind from birth, fallen sons of God, they grappled with the scriptures, drawn with an inexplicable inquiring spirit to the text that concealed their own divine seed and nature. As they wrestled with the sacred Word, they were, in truth, wrestling with the distorted reflections of themselves within its passages.
Their blindness led them into self-made abysses, a place of belonging nowhere, neither to heaven nor earth. Like Esau, the Flesh, they sought the blessing with tears but obtained it not, stumbling into pits born of their own confusion. They struggled to come face to face with themselves, for the scriptures had been veiled beneath centuries of distortion and lies.

And the Cherubim [guardians] have become those who spread out their wings in the direction of above, those who enshroud in their wings the mercy-seat [seat of mercy and reconciliation]…” (Exodus 25:20 RBT)

And he is taking them and is causing them to cross over the Torrent Valley, and he is making to cross over [eternally אֶת] the one whom is for himself. And Heel is left to his separation, and a man is making dust with him until the ascending of the Dawn.

And he saying toward himself, “What is your name?” And he is saying “Heel [Jacob].”

And Heel [Jacob] is asking, “Make known to me now your name.” And he is saying, why are you asking this one for my name?” And he is blessing/kneeling [eternally אֶת] himself there. (Genesis 32:24-29 RBT)

Broken apart by their blindness they wrestled with the Word, or rather wrestled with themselves, for they were two, the first and the last—born of flesh first, born of spirit last. Caught in the middle. Incomplete. Pulled apart. Unable to fly. Unable to see. Unable to prevail. The blind leading the blind. In their deception they prayed to and worshiped idols. And thus was broke the covenant of unity between their own selves.
And he is seeing the [eternal את] round-one [calf], and their circular dances, and the nose of Drawn-Out  [Moses] is burning, and he is throwing from his hand the Boards and he is breaking their [eternal את] selves, below the mountain. (Exodus 32:19 RBT)
The covenant between the two being broken, they were destined to descend into profound depths. In their journey through the abyss, they sought the original truth, the singleness and purity of the unaltered design of the divine seed—the mirror of themselves. The wrestling with the Word was a wrestling with the shadows of their own mortal flesh and minds. They sat in the bodily tents of themselves, unable to stand. As they embraced their destined falls, each plunge deeper into the depths became a step closer to their true self, the one born from above. The brothers of God, blind, carried within them a destiny for divine awakening and the discovery of themselves. Soon they would awaken and they would take away the burden of their own cross — the cross of a misguided faith. They endured, already crucified by a world that spurned their love, branding them as “sinners.” The world, unaware of their celestial origins, judged them for a perceived deviation from norms.

I have caused to be seven your eternal selves, daughters of the Foundation of Peace, what you are arousing, and what you are waking up is eternal-Love as far as whom she delights. (Song of Solomon 8:4 RBT)

While he yet spoke, behold: a bright cloud cast a shadow over themselves. And behold: a voice out of the cloud, she who says, “This one is my beloved Son, in whom I am well delighted; hear him.”

Matt. 17:5 RBT

Love mirrored, means never ending love.  Life mirrored, means never ending life. The only transgression was the Law itself—the destruction of Love. The making of the seed of life into a shadow of death was the only true sin. The only repentance was to repent of the Law itself. But the distorted mirror needed to be repaired; the ancient ruins long devastated needed to be rebuilt. Only then could they see themselves, face to face.

Carefully rebuilding the real writings, one piece at a time.

“And they have rebuilt the ruins of the eternal: the desolated ones of the first ones are standing up, and they have repaired[renewed] the cities of drought, the desolated ones of a generation and a generation [i.e. the dual generation].” (Isaiah 58:12 RBT)

Jesus the Christ, the Jonah, the Dove, willingly threw himself from the refuge of the ‘mother-ship’ into the heart of the sea to be swallowed by the great fish in the Great Storm of Rage, for the sake of his brothers’ lives, taking responsibility for the very trouble that was brought upon them.

And they are saying toward himself, “Make known now to ourselves, in whom to who is this evil one to ourselves? What is your work? And from where are you coming? What is your earth? And where from here is the Gathered of yourself?

And he is saying toward themselves, “Beyond is Myself, and [beginning to end את] I AM [Yahweh] Elohim, of the dual Heavenly Ones. My self is a fearful-one whom has made [beginning to end את] the Sea and [beginning to end את] the land of Dryness.” And the mortal men are fearing a great [feminine] fearing-one. And they are saying toward him, “What is this [feminine] one you have made [Eve]?” Because the mortal men have come to know that from and to the faces of I AM [Yahweh], he himself is one who flees [runs], because he has exposed it to themselves.

And they are saying toward himself, “What are we making for yourself, and [so] the Sea is quieting from above ourselves?” Because the Sea is the one who walks and the one who rages.

And he saying to themselves “Lift me up, and cast me toward the Sea. And [then] the Sea is being quieted from above yourselves. For he who knows is myself, that the Great Rage-Storm over yourselves is because of me. (Jonah 1:8-12 RBT)

Thus the work of the Christ Jesus became the seal of redemption from the trouble “caused” by him for the brothers, and the promise of the arrival of the Spirit of God to bring consummation, a holy matrimony of love between their two selves at the end of the age when the nakedness of mortality would be clothed with immortality and the sons, the builders, would be revealed in all their splendor. The redemption of the Elohim from the grip of mortals was completed by Jesus, making Jesus the Lord of many lords and the King of many kings. The promised seed, the stars of heaven, were destined for eternal love, being themselves eternal love, on the verge of awakening from their slumber to remember their true selves and origins. The celestial seed of good, hidden within the writings, would be unveiled at last to the world, and the fabricated “law of God”, (that is, “you have heard it said” vs. “it is written”) made by men would be abolished forever.

And the woman was given the two wings of the Great Eagle so that she could fly into the desolate-place, into the place of herself, where she is nourished there from the face [person] of the [Prudent] Serpent, a time, times, and half a time. And the Serpent [Christ] cast from out of the mouth of himself water as a river behind the woman that he may make herself river-borne. And the earth urgently-assisted the woman. And the earth opened up the mouth of herself and drank down the river which the dragon [Christ] cast out of the mouth of himself. And the dragon was angry upon [for the sake of] the woman, and he went [along] with the remnant of the seed of herself, the ones who guard the charges of the Theos and the ones who possess the witness of Jesus, to make war. And he stood upon the sand of the sea. (Revelation 12:14-17 RBT)

Then the Night would fall, in which no work can be done, but a new era would dawn thereafter.

I am who I am.

I love whom I love.

I am our-elohim I am.


I am passing by over you and I see you trampling yourself in your own bloodshed
And I am saying to yourself in your bloodshed: – And I am saying to yourself in your bloodshed:
(Ezekiel 16:6 RBT)

In the Head,
‘the word was and the word was’
[the dual word] toward the Theos [Elohim in the middle],
and the word was
This one [Christ] was in the Head toward the Theos [Elohim]. All [those of the body] have become through himself, and not one who has become has become separate of himself [but united with himself]. (John 1:1-3 RBT)

And the word has become flesh and has tented in ourselves [our bodies], and we beheld the glory of himself [Christ], the glory as a one-of-a-kind-race beside the father, abounding in grace and truth. (John 1:14 RBT)