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The Favored 21

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With these ones the Salvation manifested again to the Learners upon the basis of the Sea of the Tiberias [River of Rome], and he manifested in this way.
They were together Hearing Small Stone and Twin, the one who is being called 'Double,' and Given-of-God, the one away from Reed-Brook of Land of the Circuit, and the ones of the Endowment [Zebedee], and other ones from out of the Learners of himself, two.
Hearing Small Stone is speaking to themselves, "I am leading under to fish." They are saying to himself, "We are coming, and ourselves together, to you." They came out and stepped into the Ship and within that one, the Night, they grasped no one.
"The Dried Earth is Being seen"
And from Dawn, even now, from her who has become, Salvation stood up into the Shore. The Learners did not however yet see that he is Salvation.
Dusk / Dawn Night / The Day
The Dove Finds Dry Land
"He is is speaking to the Fish. And he vomited up the eternal self Dove toward the Dry one." (Jonah 2:10 RBT)
Lukewarm Self.
"In this way, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am about to vomit you from out of the Mouth of Myself." (Revelation 3:16 RBT)

The Salvation is speaking therefore to themselves, "Little children, Do you not hold some relish-food? They answered to himself "No."
And the one said to themselves, "Cast the Net into the Right-hand portions of the Ship, and you will find." Therefore they cast, and they no longer had power/strength to drag itself away from the Multitude of the fishes.
The Small Stone Cast into "Goliath" / "Over-Garment" Romans 13:14
Therefore the Learner, that one who the Salvation agape-loved, is saying to the Small Stone, "The Master is Simon ("Hearing")." Therefore Small Stone, he who has heard that he is the Master, girded all around the Over-Garment, for he was naked, and he cast himself into the Sea.
To the Little Boat
And the Others Learners have come to the Little Boat for they were not far away from the Earth, but away as from two hundred cubits, those who are dragging the Net of the Fish.
200 cubits away.

Therefore even as they stepped away into the Earth, they are looking upon a bed of burning embers, she who is laying outstretched, and a small fish, that which is laid upon, and a loaf.
The Salvation is saying to themselves, "Carry away from the Small Fishes of those whom you have grasped,
Therefore Hearing Small Stone ascended and dragged the Net into the Earth full of mega/great fish, one hundred fifty-three, and of those who are being so many, the Net was not split/divided.
The Net not divided against itself.

Morning Meal
The Salvation is saying to themselves, "Come, have breakfast." And none of the Learners had courage to examine thoroughly himself, 'Who are you?,' those who have seen that he is the Master.
The Salvation is coming and he is taking hold of the Loaf, and he is giving to themselves, and the Fish in like manner.
The Salvation even now has made manifest this third one to the Learners, he who has been woken up from out of dead ones.
The Three Men, Three Cord - Genesis 18:2
When therefore they had breakfasted, the Salvation is speaking to the Hearing Small Stone, "Hearing one of Favored, do you agape-love myself much more these ones?" He is saying to himself, "Yes Master, you see that I philo-love you" He is saying to himself, "Pasture/graze the Lambs of Myself."
He is saying to himself again, a second, "Hearing one of Favored, do you agape-love myself?" He is saying to himself "Yes Master, you see that I philo-love you." He is saying to himself, "Shepherd the Sheep of Myself."
Are you a Friend?
He is saying to himself, the Third one, "Hearing one of Favored, do you philo-love myself?" The Small Stone was grieved/distressed that he said to himself, the Third one, "Do you philo-love myself?" And he said to himself, "Master you see everyone, you know that I philo-love you." The Salvation is saying to himself, "Feed the Sheep of Myself."

Amen AmenI am saying to yourself, when you were younger, you girded yourself and you treaded around where you desired, but when you should grow old you will stretch out the Hands of Yourself, and another will gird yourself, and he will bear/carry where you do not desire.
Carried to where you do not desire.

"And they are girding sackcloths around their waists/loins, twisted-cords around the heads of themselves. And they are coming toward the king of God-is-Straight, and they are saying, 'Your servant, Son of Shouting, has said, 'Let my soul live!'" (1 Kings 20:32 RBT)

Those who know this one, that the Ancient man of ourselves was jointly-crucified/staked so that the Body of the Miss might be abolished/done away with, to no longer enslave ourselves to the Miss. (Romans 6:6 RBT)

And he spoke this one, he who gives a sign for which death will glorify the God, and he who has spoken this one is saying to himself, "Follow Myself."
The Small Stone, he who has turned back, is looking at the Learner whom the Salvation agape-loved, he who is accompanying, who also had fallen back/up within the Evening Meal upon the Breast of himself, and said, "Master, who is the one who hands over yourself?"
Therefore he who has seen this one, the Small Stone, he is speaking to the Salvation, "Master, what about this one?"
The Salvation is saying to himself, "If I desire himself to abide until I am coming, what is toward you? You. Follow myself."
Therefore this one, the Logos/Word, came out into the Brothers that the Learner, that one there, does not die away. But the Salvation said not to himself that he is not dying away, but instead if I desire himself to abide until I am coming, what is toward you?"
This one is the Learner, the one who is bearing witness around these ones, and the one who has written down these ones, and we see that the Witness of himself is true/real.
And there is also many others, those whom the Salvation has made, whatever if it might be written down/according to one, nor do I think the World himself to make room for the Books, those who are written.
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