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The Favored 16

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These ones I have uttered to yourselves so that not you might not stumble/trip.
Vapor "Abel", who Slaughters a Lamb as "an offering."
They will make yourselves gathered away ones, but an hour is coming, so that every one who kills away yourselves should think it offering a worship service to the God.105
And these ones they will make because they do not know the Father neither myself.
But these ones I have uttered to yourselves so that when the Hour of themselves should come, you may remember themselves, that myself spoke these ones to yourselves, and I spoke not to yourselves from out of the origin, because with yourselves I was.
I am leading under toward the one who has sent myself, and no one from out of yourselves is questioning myself, "Where you are leading under?"
The Pain Has Filled The Heart
But because I have uttered these ones to yourselves, the Sorrow/Pain has filled the Heart of yourselves.

"And you have become like him who lies down in the heart of the Sea, and like him who lies down within the head of ruin." (Proverbs 23:34 RBT)

But myself is speaking the True/Real one to yourselves, it carries together to yourselves that myself should go away, For if I go not away, the Advocate/Helper will never come toward yourselves. If then I may lead across I will send himself toward yourselves.
And he who has come, that one will convince the World from around a miss/fail, and from around a just one, and from around a judgement.
from around a miss indeed because they do not believe into 'myself'.
and from around a just one because toward the Father I am leading under and no longer are you 'looking attentively at' myself.
and from around a judgement because the Ruler of this World has been judged.
I still hold many to speak to yourselves but you are not able to carry at this moment.
And when that one comes, the Spirit of the True/Real one, it will guide yourselves within the whole True/Real one, for it will not utter away from itself but whatever it may hear it will speak and the ones coming it will announce [as an angel] to yourselves.
That one will glorify myself because it will take hold from out of Mine and will announce [as an angel] to yourselves.
Everyone is 'Mine'
Everyone, as many as the Father is holding, is Mine. Across to this one I spoke that "From out of Mine it will take hold and will declare to yourselves." A little one, and you are no longer looking attentively at myself, and again a little one, and you will perceive myself.
Said therefore from out the Learners of himself toward one another, "Who is this one whom he is speaking to ourselves, a little one and you are not looking attentively at myself and again a little one and you will perceive myself and because I am leading under toward the Father?"
They were saying therefore, "This one who is, whom he is speaking, a little one, we do not see who he is uttering."
The Salvation knew that they were desiring to question himself, and he said to themselves from around this one, "Are you searching with one another because I spoke 'a little one' and you are not looking attentively at myself and again 'a little one' and you will perceive myself?
Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves that, you will weep and yourselves will wail. The world, then, will rejoice. Yourselves will be sorrowful but the Sorrow of yourselves into joy will become.
Weeping, for her selves.

"The night of herself", those who are wailing/lamenting, in grief, deeply pained.

Divided, But Destined to Become the Lioness of God
"And I have pressed/straitened the Lioness of God. And Taniah and Aniah [lamenting one and weeping one] have become. And she has become for myself as the Lioness of God. (Isaiah 29:2 RBT) Taniah and Aniah reveal two women that are both mourning, lamenting for separate reasons. Taniah mourns in a house of misery. Aniah mourns for being childless, barren, for her selves or "the night of herself" being divided. But they will be pressed together into one, and there will be no more lamenting, nor weeping.

תהו ובהו Tohu and Bohu / Taniah and Aniah: Divided Against Herself

The Hour of Herself, The Two Pressed into One - Ariel
When the Woman is giving birth she is holding grief, because the Hour of Herself has come. And when she begets the Child she is no longer calling to mind the Pressing-Together through the Joy that a man has been begotten into the World.
Also yourselves therefore
indeed hold sorrow and again I will perceive yourselves and the Heart of yourselves will rejoice and the Joy of yourselves no one will take away from yourselves.
The Day of Himself
And within that one, the Day, you will not question myself anything. Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves that, whatever you may ask the Father he will give yourselves within the Name of Myself.
Up until this moment, you have not asked anything within the Name of Myself. Ask and you will take hold, so that the Joy of yourselves may be filled/complete.
These ones I have uttered to yourselves within proverbs. An hour is coming when I will no longer utter within proverbs to yourselves. But with boldness from around the Father I will declare away to yourselves.
Within that one, the Day, you will ask within the Name of Myself, and I am not saying to yourselves that myself will ask the Father from around yourselves.
For himself, the Father, philo-loves yourselves because yourselves have philo-loved myself and have believed that myself has come out from close beside the God.
The Father
I came out from out of the Father and have come into the World again. I am letting go of the World and I am leading across toward the Father.
The Day.
"Leading Across."
The Father of Myself. Great Light, Young Light. Dual Light of the World. Etc.

"I and the Father are one."

"The Father in me and Myself in the Father"

בשר, noun #1320 fresh flesh.

בשר, verb #1319 to bear good news/tidings.

The Learners of himself are saying, "Behold!
within boldness you are uttering, and you are not saying any proverb!
we see that you see all/the whole and you are not holding a need so that anyone should question you, within this one we believe that you came out away from God."
Salvation answered to themselves, "At this moment you are believing.107
She is Coming
Behold an hour is coming and has come, so that you will be scattered each into the Own ones, even myself alone you are letting go, and I am not alone because the Father is with myself.
These ones I have uttered to yourselves so that within myself you might hold peace. Within the World you are holding a pressing-together. But be of good courage, myself has conquered the World.
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