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The Favored 1

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The Word within The Writing
The Word was within the origin1 and the Word was toward the God2 and the Word was God.3
The Six Days of Creation
The Hand Stretched into Time from the Origin of the Self. Movement slows as one draws closer to the Origin. The Way to The Sabbath Rest of "timelessness" must be made straight, where motion ceases.

The Origin as Self
This one was within the origin toward the God.4
"He who loves the woman of himself, loves himself."
Everyone5 became7 through himself,6 and he has become separate from himself, neither of whom has become one.8
Her Night and Day.
The "Number of Man" vs. the "Number of the Woman." The Whole of herself is seven. Six "days" around the origin of the seventh where the Whole "ceases" to move. This would mean the whole of Himself/the Man is six. She represents the Heart of himself. There was no "whole" until she was "cut out/shaped" as written in Genesis 1:1 - "Within the Head [feminine]..."

The Mother: A Light and Dark one
Within himself was zoe-life9, and the Zoe-Life she was the Light of the Men.
And the Light is bringing to light10 within the Dark one and the Dark one did not catch down itself.11
Sent Away from Himself
A man became, he who has been sent away from close beside12 God. A name to himself is the Favored.13
Sent away from close beside God = Favored.

He came into a witness, so that he might bear witness from around14 the Light, so that all/the whole might believe through himself.
That one was not the Light, but in order that he might bear witness from around the Light.15
The True Man
The Light was the Real/True one which enlightens the whole man—he who comes into the World.
He has not known himself
He was within the World, and the World became across to the other side of himself, but the World did not know himself.16

Into the Own selves17 he came, yet the Own selves did not take hold beside himself.18
As many however as took hold of himself,19 he gave to themselves a power20 to become children of God: those who believe into the name of himself.
Begotten of God out of the Origin
Who not from out of blood, neither from out of a will of a flesh, neither from out of a will of a man, but from out of God were begotten.21
A one of a kind Chosen from a One of a kind Mother.
And the Logos/Word became flesh and tented within ourselves and we looked upon the Glory of himself a glory, even as of an only-kind23 from close beside a father completely full of a kind one and a true one.

Wreathed Ones (Levite Priests): a man sent out from "himself", to search for "himself."

The First One Genesis 8:7
The Favored is bearing witness from around himself and has croaked [as a raven],24 he who says, "This one was him whom I spoke. The one in the back of myself has become him who is coming in the front of myself, because he was first of myself."24b
Eternal sight, from beginning to end. Thus an eternal message from beginning to end. The last will be the first, the first last, etc.
The back, and the front.

Partakers of the Eternal "Anti" Nature
Because from out of the Fullness of himself, the whole of ourselves have taken hold even of a kind one25 opposite of26 a kind one.
"Ariel Ariel!"

Amen Amen
Because the Law was given across the other side from Drawn-Out (Moses),27 the Kind one and the True one has become across the other side from Salvation, Anointed one.28
You're Blind from Birth
None have perceived29
God at any point in time. The only-kind God,30 the One Who Is into the Bosom31 of the Father, that one has led the way out.32
The Cast Seed/Building Stone
And she33 is the Witness of the Favored34 when the Casters34a sent away toward himself, from The Foundation of Peace, priests and Wreathed-ones,34b that they might question himself, "Who are you?"
Levites, Wreathed Ones, enjoined. The Hebrew word לִוְיָה (livyah) has the meaning of "something attached" or "a wreath." It is derived from the same root as "Levi" (לֵוִי), the name of the tribe, emphasizing the idea of being "attached" or "joined". A Levite (from above) is one who is eternally united with himself--the first and last becoming one.
Who are you?

I'm not myself: The Last Hour of "Anti-Christs"
And he confessed,35 and he denied not,36 and he confessedthat, "I am not myself, the Anointed One."37
Eternal One/Self.
Left one, Middle one, Right one.
"The one who was, the one who comes, the one who is."

Is yourself the Prophet?
And they questioned himself, "What then, is yourself He is my God [Elijah]? And he is saying, "I am not. Yourself is the Prophet" and he answered not.37b
They said therefore to himself, who are you, that an answer we might give to those ones sending us? what are you saying from around38 yourself?
And Elohim Heard the Voice of the Boy - Genesis 21:17
He said, myself is a voice39 of him who cries out within the Desolate one,40 "Make straight the Road of Master according to what He is Liberator [Isaiah] the Prophet has spoken."41
The "Road of Master" is not straight.

Religious Separatists
And those who were sent away were from out of the Separatists.42
They speak to their Self - Psalm 43:5
And they questioned himself and are saying to himself, Why43 therefore are you submerging44 if yourself is not the Anointed,45 neither He is My God [Elijah], neither the prophet?
Baptize Yourself (Themselves)
the Favored answered themselves, he who says, "Myself46 is submerging in water. Him whom yourselves have not seen has stood firm in the middle of47 yourselves. The one behind myself is he who comes, whom myself is not suitable/corresponding so that I might untie/loose the Band of the Sandal of himself.
Becoming In the House of Misery, Crossing the Jordan
These ones became in the House-of-Misery,48 on the other side of the Descent,49 where the Favored was, he who submerges.50
The River Decent (Jordan).
House of Misery vs. House of Wisdom

The Miss Offering Lifted Up - Genesis 4:7
Tomorrow he is seeing the Salvation, he who comes toward himself and is saying, "Behold the Lamb of the God, he who lifts up the Miss51 of the World."
"If you are not making good, in front of the doorway is the Miss/Sin of him who lies stretched out. And toward yourself is the Desire of himself. And your eternal self is ruling within himself." (Genesis 4:7 RBT)

Behold the First of Yourself
This one is across from51b whom myself has spoken, "Behind myself is coming52 a man who in front of myself has become, because first of myself he was.53
Blessed/happy are the Bent over ones with the Spirit, because the Queen of the Heavenly ones is of themselves. (Matt. 5:3 RBT)

Even myself,54 I did not perceive himself. But in order that he might be made manifest to the God Straightened (Israel) across to this one, I have come, myself, he who submerges within water.
Descending like a Bride
And the Favored bore witness, he who speaks that, I have beheld the Spirit descending as a dove from out of heaven, and she remained over himself.55
First the dark one, the Raven, then the light, the Dove. Genesis 1:24. The birds return from the time-circuit of the earth to the place from which they came forth.
"But the one above, Foundation of Peace, is free, she who is a mother of ourselves." (Galatians 4:26 RBT)

Born of Water and Spirit
Even myself, I saw not himself, but the one who sent me to submerge within water, that one said to myself, "Upon whom you might see the Spirit descending and remaining upon himself:this one is the one submerging in the Holy Spirit." Even myself, I have seen and have borne witness that this one is the Son of the God.
Doubled- Standing Firm Tomorrow, Now
Tomorrow, again, the Favored had stood firm,55b and from out of the Learners of himself two.
Standing firm, erect. "Those who walk" are those selves comprehended in time and who can only see what is directly in front of them. Standing firm in place in the center of time means seeing all from beginning to end.

The dual man of heaven stands firm and walks at the same time, means looking at what is directly in front of yourself and also at what is coming at the end.

And he who has looked at the Salvation, he who treads all around [in a circuit]56 is saying, "Behold, the Lamb of the God."
"Behold the Lamb of the God"

And the two learners heard himself speaking, and they accompanied the Salvation.57
"The one who holds an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying..." (Rev. 2:7 RBT)

Salvation reflected in his own Images
Then the Salvation, twisted-around, and looked upon themselves following, he is saying to themselves "What are you searching for?" And those ones answered himself, "My Multiplying one58 whom is being spoken, being translated 'Teacher', the place where you are abiding."
From the Night of herself, to the Day of Himself
He is saying to themselves, come and you will perceive. They came therefore and perceived where he is abiding and they stayed close beside himself, the Day of that one. She was an hour like the tenth.59
"For all/the whole of yourselves are sons of Light and sons of Day. We are not of Night, nor of a dark one." (1 Thess. 5:5 RBT)

From Favored to Manly and Hearing Small Stone
Manly60 was the brother of Hearing Small-Stone, one from out of the two of those who have heard from close beside the Favored, and those who have accompanied himself.
He is finding first the brother of his own self, Hearing, and he is saying to himself, we have found the Anointed One who is being translated "Christ".61
He who has beheld himself
He led himself toward the Salvation. He who has gazed on himself, the Salvation, said, "You are Hearing,62 the son of the Favored! You will be called Rock [Cephas], who is being interpreted ‘a small stone’.63
His name is Lover of the Horse
Tomorrow he desired to come out63b into the Land of Circuit [Galilaia].64 And he is finding Lover-of-the-Horse,65 and the Salvation is saying to himself, "Follow myself."
Only horses (and other members of the equine family, such as donkeys and zebras) have a single, large, unsplit hoof on each foot. Hence, the symbolic significance of horses and donkeys.

From House of Misery to House of Fish
Now the Lover of the Horse was from House-of-Fish, from out of the city of Manly and Small-Stone.66
His Name is Gift of God
Lover-of-the-Horse is finding Given-of-God67 and is saying to himself, him whom Drawn-Out wrote about in the Law and the Prophets, we have found the Salvation, son of He Adds,68 the one from Sprouting Place [Nazareth].69
Good is Possible
And Given of God said to himself, "From out of Sprouting Place is anyone able to be good?" The Lover-of-the-Horse is saying to himself, "Come and look!"
the Salvation saw Given of God coming toward himself, and he is saying from around himself "Behold a true God Straightened [Israelite] in whom there is no craftiness/guile!"
Given of God is saying to himself, from what place are you knowing myself? Answered the Salvation and said to himself, "Before the Lover of the Horse sounding/calling to yourself, the one who is, I perceived yourself under the fig tree.
You are the King
Answered himself Given of God, "My Multiplying One, you are the son of the God, you are the king of God Straightened [Israel]."
Answered the Salvation and said to himself, "Because I said to yourself that I saw yourself below the fig-tree, you are believing. You will perceive greater ones than these ones."
And he is saying to "Himself" (Her)
And he is saying to himself, "Amen Amen69bI am saying to yourselves, you will see the heavenly one opening and the Angels of the God, those who ascend and those who descend upon the son of the Man."70
Herself within Himself.

The Stork, called the "Kind Bird" in Hebrew (Ha-Chesedah) is (generally) a six "fingered" bird (the Primary Feathers). Where the Complete Man stands up in the sixth day, his counterpart within, the "Perfect Woman" stands up also in the sixth day as "the hour of himself," being "taken from his side."
"Six" being the "number of man" the dual man adds up to twelve. They are now dual like the black and white of the Stork.

The Spirit is in Their Wings

"And I am lifting up my eyes, and I am perceiving, and behold: dual women—those who go out. And the Spirit is in their wings. And to these ones are dual wings like the wings of the Kind Bird, and they are lifting up [supporting as pillars] the eternal ephah between the earth and between the dual heavenly ones." (Zechariah 5:9 RBT)

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