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John 1:15



The Ego Self

The Greek word ἐγώ (ego) appears about 2600 times in the NT. In ancient Greek philosophy and language, the term "ἐγώ" (ego), representing the first-person singular pronoun "I" or "me," is was a fundamental element of ancient Greek philosophy for discussions aroun self-awareness, personal identity, communication and expression, agency, and autonomy.

The Scriptures point to the colony of bees as a the example for building a honeycomb, producing honey, and "guarding" a queen. Under a queen bee, a bee colony exhibits characteristics of a "swarm intelligence" which resembles a collective conscience or "self" awareness.

If there be from the many, one ἐγώ, what would this mean for autonomy and agency? The Writings are pointing squarely to this ἐγώ and the belief into it.