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The Favored 10

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Enter Through the East/Right Side
Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves, the one who does not come across from the Door into the Courtyard of the Sheep [Forward-walkers], but who ascends up from another place/source, that one is a thief and a plunderer.
"The Revolving Door." The East side of the Dawn/Sunrise vs. The West side Shadow.

And the one who comes across from the Door is a shepherd of the Sheep.
To this one the Gatekeeper opens up and the Sheep hear the Sound/Voice of himself, and he is sounding/calling down to the own self cattle/sheep a name, and is leading themselves out.
He Leads Across to the Right
When he has cast out the own self whole in front of themselves, he is leading across, and the Sheep accompany himself.
They will not ever accompany, then, the one belonging to another, but will flee/escape away from himself, because they do not see the Sound/Voice of the ones belonging to another."
Fleeing the Evil one.

This one, the Wayside-saying, the Salvation spoke to themselves. Those ones there however did not know who those were who he was uttering to themselves.
I Myself Am = The Door
The Salvation therefore spoke again to themselves, "Amen Amen, I am saying to yourselves that I myself am the Door of the Sheep [Forward walkers]. The whole, as much as have come in front of myself, are thieves and plunderers, but the Sheep did not hear themselves.
I myself am the Door across from myself. If anyone is coming in he will be saved/rescued, and he will come in and will come out, and will find pasture [to feed].
"A melody into Beloved. He is the one who shepherds myself. I am not wanting. Within the pasture of green/tender sprout he is making me lie stretched out. Upon the water of resting places, he is leading/guiding myself." (Psalm 23:1-2 RBT)

The Thief does not come except that he might steal and sacrifice [by fire] and destroy away. Myself has come so that they might hold zoe-life, and hold all the way around.91b
Sets his soul across/beyond
I myself am the Good Shepherd, the Good Shepherd,the soul-life of himself he is setting across from the Sheep. The Hired one, he who is not even a shepherd, of whom the Sheep are not his own self, is looking attentively at the Wolf, he who is coming, and he is letting go of the Sheep and fleeing, and the Wolf is snatching/seizing themselves and scattering.
"Son/Builder of the Right is a wolf, he is tearing to pieces. In the Dawn he is eating a perpetual witness, and he is dividing the Dusk into plunder." (Genesis 49:27 RBT)

Because he is a hired one, he is not even caring for himself from around the Sheep.
I myself am the Shepherd, the Good One, and I know the ones of Mine.
According as the father is knowing myself, even I am knowing the father, and the soul-life of myself I am setting beyond the Sheep.
And other sheep I am holding, ones who are not from out of the courtyard of this one, even those ones myself must lead and the Sound/Voice of myself they will hear, and they will become one Flock, one Shepherd.
The Heart
Across to this one, the father agape-loves myself, because myself is setting the Soul-life of myself, so that I might again take hold of herself.
She is the Commandment, the Soul
No one lifts herself away from myself, but myself is setting herself away from myself. I hold power to set herself, and power to take hold of herself again. This one, the Commandment, I have taken hold of from close beside the father of myself."
"And mighty ones say, the dual water is swarming with a swarming one of the Breath of Life" (Genesis 1:20 RBT)

Split/Tear #3 - The Casters
There was a split/tear again within the Casters across to the Words/Logos of these ones.
Piercing the side, making straight the way, tearing the curtains/veil, etc.

Many from out of themselves then were saying, "An evil-spirit he holds and is insane/mad. Who of himself are you hearing?"
Others were saying, "These ones, the sayings, are not of him who is demonized/possessed of an evil-spirit. An evil spirit is not able to open eyes of a smoke-blind one!"
A Storm of White Snow
The Renewed Ones have become at that time within the Foundation of Peace. It was a winter-tempest/storm.92
And the Salvation was treading around within the sacred place within the Pillar Colonnade of Complete One [Solomon].
The Casters therefore encircled himself, and they were saying to himself, "How long until you lift up the soul-life of ourselves? If yourself is the Anointed, speak to ourselves boldly."
"The Works"
The Salvation answered themselves, "I spoke yourselves, and you do not believe. The Works whom myself is making within the Name of the Father of myself, these one are bearing witness from around myself.
But yourselves do not believe because you are not from out of the Sheep of Mine.
The Sheep of Mine hear the Sound/Voice of myself, and even myself knows themselves, and they accompany myself.
and even myself gives themselves zoe-life eternal. And they are not ever destroyed away into the Eternal One, and never will anyone catch/pluck themselves from out of the hand of myself.
The father of myself who has given to myself, is greater than the whole ones, and no one is able to catch/pluck from out of the Hand of the Father.
Myself and the Father are one." The Casters therefore carried again stones, that they might stone himself.
The Salvation answered themselves, "Many works I have shown yourselves, good ones from out of the father. Across to which work of themselves are you stoning myself?"
The Casters answered himself, "We are not stoning you from around a good work, but from around a blasphemy, and because you, he who is a man, are making yourself a god."
Myself has spoken: 'Your eternal (את) Self is Elohim...' - Psalms 82
The Salvation answered themselves, "Is it not written within the Law of Yourselves that 'Myself spoke: yourselves are gods'?
I am a son of the God
If those ones he spoke 'gods', toward whom the Word/Logos of the God has become, and the Writing is not able to be loosed/untied,
who the Father made sacred and sent away into the World, yourselves are speaking that 'you are blaspheming' because I spoke, 'A son of the God I am.'93 If I am not making the Works of the Father of Myself, do not believe myself.
If however I am making, even if you might not believe myself, believe the Works, so that you might know and be knowingthat within myself the father, even myself within the father.
Wrong Hand - "And Darkness Caught Him Not"
They were searching therefore again to grasp himself, and he came out from out of the hand themselves.
And he came away again to the other side of the Descent [Jordan], into the Place where Favored was, the First, he who submerges. And he remained there.
And many were coming toward himself, and were saying that Favored indeed made nothing a sign, and the whole, as much as Favored spoke from around this one, were true/real ones. And many believed into himself there.
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