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The Favored 11

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The Dual Mistress and the Weak Brother Away from the House of Misery
Someone was, then, he who is weak, Helpless [Lazarus]94 away from House of Misery, from out of the Village-home of Bitter-Rebel [Mary] and Mistress [Martha] the sister of herself.
Her Hair and Myrrh vs. His Feet
And Bitter-Rebel was her who has smeared the Master with fragrant-oil and who has kneaded out the Feet of himself with the Hairs of herself, her of whom the Brother, Helpless, was weak.94b
Her hair is a flock of goats inclining down

"Turn around your eyes from opposite/against myself, which are they that storm/dismay myself. Your hair is as a flock of the Female Goats that have reclined down from the Witness Heap." (Song of Solomon 6:5 RBT)

"And myself is as a little one, my pair of feet is he who is bent down, she has poured out my happiness/straightness as nothing." (Psalm 73:2 RBT)

"He is not coming in, he who is wounded, crushed. And he who is cut off she has poured out within the assembly of He Is." (Deuteronomy 23:1 RBT)

"Master, the one you love is needs help!"
The sisters therefore sent away toward himself, those who say, Master, Behold! the one whom you philo-love is weak! The Salvation, he who has heard, said, "She, the Weak One [without strength] is not toward Death, but instead is across from the Glory of the God, so that the Son of the God may be glorified across from herself."
The Glory of God.

"Just as the Woman from out of the Man, thus even the Man through the Woman. And the Whole ones from out of the God." (1 Corinthians 11:12 RBT)

"For a male, indeed, is not indebted to veil-down/hide the Head, a likeness/image and glory of God who begins below." (1 Corinthians 11:7 RBT)

As the Woman from the Man, so the Man through the Woman.
Left: Sheol. Night of Herself.
Right: The Day. The Foundation of Peace beginning below.

The Salvation agape-loved then the Mistress, and the Sister of herself, and the Helpless.
"Below three the earth has quaked/trembled. And below four [two pairs, male-female] she is not able to lift up:
Below a male-servant for he is reigning, and a foolish one for he is satisfied of bread.
Below her who is hated for she is being married/owned, and a maidservant for she is possessing/inheriting her mistress."
(Proverbs 30:21-23 RBT)

When therefore he heard that he is weak, at that time indeed, he abode within whom he was two days.
Two days. On the third, he will lift us up.

Thereafter, with this one, he is saying to the Learners, "Let us lead into the Land of Casters again."
The Learners of himself are saying, "My Multiplying one,
, the Casters were searching for to stone you, and again you are leading under there?"
Not Time Yet
Salvation answered, "Are there not twelve hours of the Day?"
Why you're Hindered
If, then, anyone is treading around within the Night, he is tripping/hindered, because the Light is not within himself.
These ones he spoke, and with this one, he is saying to themselves, "Helpless, the Friend of ourselves has slept, but I am leading across so that I might awaken himself."
Said therefore the Learners of himself, "Master, if he has slept, he will be rescued."
Not RIP Death, That Death
And the Salvation had spoken from around the Death of himself. And that one thought/had opinion that he is speaking from around 'the Rest of the Sleep'.
Then therefore, the Salvation said to themselves boldly, "Helpless has died away.
And I am rejoicing across to yourselves so that you might believe that I was not there, but we are leading toward himself."
Therefore Twin [Thomas], he who is spoken 'the Double' said to the co-learners, "Let us lead, even ourselves, so that we might die away with himself."
Helpless in the Pit.
He must die away, so that he may stand up and live.

Therefore the Salvation, he who has come, found himself already four days, him who holds within the Monument.
The Monument.
Holding within the Monument.
Dying away = cut it off! He is tripping, hindered, stumbling, falling, striking his foot, missing at every moment, because the light is not within himself.

The House of Misery, then, was next to the Foundation of Peace, about fifteen stadium[foot-race length] away.
δεκαπέντε σταδίων: deka pente stadias.
The House of Misery, "ten and five" stadiums (tracks). Away from The Foundation of Peace.

"Words of Encouragement"
Many then from out of the Casters had come toward the Mistress and Bitter-Rebel so that they might speak to comfort/encourage themselves from around the Brother.
Therefore the Mistress, when she heard that Salvation is coming, face-to-face-encountered himself. Bitter-Rebel though, was sitting down within the House.
The Mistress then spoke toward the Salvation, "Master, if you were in this place, the Brother of myself would not have died away.
, I see that as much as you might request/ask the God, the God will give to you.
The Salvation is saying to herself, "The Brother of yourself will stand up."
The Mistress is saying to himself, "I see that he will stand up within the Standing-Up within the Last Day.
The Salvation said to herself, "I myself am the Standing-Up and the Zoe-life. The One Who Believes into myself, even if he might die away, he will live.
And the whole of the One Who Lives and Who Believes into myself, is not ever dying into the Eternal One. Are you believing this one?
She believes into himself
She is saying to himself, "Yea, Master. Myself has believed that yourself is the Anointed, the Son of the God, the one, he who comes into the World."
And she who has said this one, came away and sounded/called to Bitter-Rebel, the sister of herself secretly, she who has said, "The Teacher has come and he is calling out to yourself.
Hearing is Waking Up
That one then, when she heard, quickly woke up and was coming toward himself.
The Salvation had not yet, then, come into the Village-home, but was still within the Place where the Mistress had face-to-face-encountered himself.
The Casters therefore, the ones who are being with herself within the House, and those who comfort herself, those who have seen the Bitter-Rebel that she woke up quickly and came out, accompanied herself, those who have honored/gloried94c that she is leading under into the Monument so that she might lament/wail there.
The Bitter-Rebel therefore, when she came to where Salvation was, she who has seen himself, fell down of himself at the Feet, saying to himself, "Master, if you were here, not from myself would the Brother have died."
The Horse is Breathing Angrily
Salvation therefore, when he saw herself, she who is weeping, and the ones who have come together with herself, the Casters, those who are weeping, he snorted indignantly in the Spirit and troubled himself.
They put himself in the Tomb
And he said, "Where have you put himself?" They are saying to himself, "Master, come and behold!"
The Salvation shed tears.
The Casters were saying therefore, "Behold! How he philo-loved himself!
Some then, from out of themselves said, "Was this one not able, he who has opened the Eyes of the Smoke-blind, to even make so that this one not die?"
Salvation therefore again, he who snorts-indignantly within himself, is coming into the Monument. And it was a cave, and a stone was lying upon himself.

"Are you giving to the Horse an empowered one? Are you wrapping her thunder around his neck? Are you shaking him like the locust? The majesty of his snorting is a terror/dread!" (Job 39:19-20 RBT)

"You are raising/exalting my horn as the unicorn, I have been mixed within the luxuriant Oil." (Psalm 92:10 RBT)

He is Finished, Lift him Up
The Salvation is saying, "Lift up the Stone." The Sister of him who has finished, Mistress, is saying to himself, "Master, already he smells/stinks for he is fourth."
Woken up on the Third Day.
The word "τεταρταῖος" (tetartaios) in Greek means "fourth" or "of the fourth." It is derived from the cardinal number "τέταρτος" (tetartos), which means "fourth." So, "τεταρταῖος" indicates something or someone that is associated with or belongs to the fourth position or order in a sequence.

The Salvation is saying to herself, "Did I not speak to you that if you should believe, you will perceive the Glory of the God?"
Therefore they lifted up the Stone. The Salvation then lifted the Eyes up above and spoke, "Father, I give thanks to you that you have heard myself.
And I Myself saw that you are always hearing myself, but I spoke across to the Multitude Who Stands All Around, so that they might believe that yourself sent away myself."
And he who has spoken these ones, with a mega/great voice he exclaimed, "Helpless, come here, outside!"
"Here! Outside!"

Let my Feet and Hands and Head Go
And he came out, the One Who has been Dead, Who has been Tied with Bands the Feet and the Hands, and the Face of himself bound/tied around with a headcloth. The Salvation is saying to themselves, "Loosen himself, and let go of himself to lead under."
The face of himself...
"as is the custom of the Casters for burial preparation..."
"For a male, indeed, is not indebted to veil-down/hide the Head [feminine], a likeness/image and glory of God who begins below." (1 Corinthians 11:7 RBT)

Many therefore from out of the Casters, those who have come toward the Bitter-Rebel, and those who have beheld who he made, believed into himself.
The Deliverance of the Helpless Multiplies
Some then, came away from out of themselves toward the Separatists and spoke to themselves those who Salvation made.
Therefore the Ruling Priests and the Separatists led together a sitting-council, and they were saying, "Who are we making, because this one, the Man, makes many signs?
If we should let go of himself in this way, the whole will believe into himself, and the Romans will come and will lift up both the Place and the Ethnos of ourselves.
"One Should Die Away for the Sake of the Ethnos"
And one, a certain one from out of themselves, Depresser,95 he who is a chief priest of the Year of that one, said to themselves, "Yourselves have not seen anything!

neither are you reasoning that he is profiting/carrying together to yourselves that one man might die away across from the People, and not the entire whole of the Ethnos be destroyed away." This one then, he did not speak away from himself, but he who is the ruling priest of the Year of that one, prophesied that Salvation was about to die away across from the Ethnos,
and not across from the Ethnos only, but also so that the Children of the God, those ones who have been thoroughly scattered [like sheep/seed], he might lead together into One.
Away from that one therefore, the Day, they deliberated/purposed that they might kill away himself.
Therefore, the Salvation no longer boldly tread around within the Casters, but instead came away from that place into the Expanse/Space near the desolate one, into a city, she who is called Dual-Fruit [Ephrayim]. There also he abode with the Learners.
The Pass-over of the Casters was then near, and many ascended into Foundation of Peace, from out of the Space in front of the Pass-over, so that they might cleanse themselves.
Therefore they were searching for the Salvation and were saying, standing firm with one another within the Sacred Place, "Who do you seem to yourselves? That he might not ever come into the Feast?"
The Ruling Priests and the Separatists then, had given a commandment so that if someone might know where he is, he might declare/make known, so that they might grasp himself.
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