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The Favored 19

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Scourged Everyone
At that time therefore the Javelin took hold of the Salvation and scourged.
The Left Hand taking hold.

And the Soldiers, those who braided/wove a wreath-crown from out of thorns, are setting upon the head of himself, and are casting around himself a purple outer garment/cloak.
Slapping Himself with the Left
and they were coming toward himself, and were saying, "Rejoice! The King of the Casters!" And they were giving to himself slaps with the palm.
And the Javelin came out again outside, and he is speaking to themselves, "Behold! I am leading himself to yourselves outside so that you might know that I am finding not even one cause within himself.
Look at Yourself!
Therefore the Salvation came out outside, he who bears habitually the Thorny Wreath and the Purple Cloak. And he is speaking to themselves, "Behold the Man!"
"For what cause is your clothing red? And the garments of yourself like he who treads within the Winepress?" (Isaiah 63:2 RBT)
"Walk now, and we are arguing (not agreeing). He Is is saying, 'If the Misses of yourselves are becoming like scarlet ones, they are whitening as the snow... " (Isaiah 1:18 RBT)

When therefore the Chief Priests saw himself, and the Under-rowers, they clamored [the loud bay of animals], those who speak, Stake! Stake!
To Drive Stakes.

σταυρόω, to fence with stakes, drive down stakes, fortify with stakes, palisade. Cf. Strongs #4717.

The Javelin is saying to themselves, "Take hold of himself yourselves, and stake, for I myself am not finding a cause within himself."
Stake! Stake!

We Hold...a Law
The Casters answered to himself, "Ourselves are holding a law. And down to the Law he is indebted to die away because he made himself a son of God."
When therefore the Javelin heard this one, the Logos/Word, he was put to flight even more.
And he went into the Praetorium again and is speaking to the Salvation, "From where are you?" And the Salvation did not give an answer to himself.
To Be or not To Be, To Live or Not to Live
The Javelin is saying therefore to himself, "You are not uttering to myself. Do you not see that I am holding power to set you free away and I am holding power to stake you?"
A valley of decision.

Salvation answered to himself, "You would not hold power down from myself, not any, unless it was that which is given to you from above. Across to this one, the one who hands over myself to you, he is holding a greater miss.
Hand the Left over to the Right, not the Right over to the Left.

"You must not Let this one Be His own King!"
From out of this one the Javelin was searching to set free himself, and the Casters clamored [loud bay of animals], those who say, If this one you set free, you are not a friend of the Caesar ["dictator in perpetuity"], all/everyone who makes himself a king, is speaking anti to the Caesar ["dictator in perpetuity"].
The Ruling Caesar.

Listening to "the Words" of Animals
Therefore the Javelin, he who has heard the Words of these ones, led the Salvation outside and sat down on account of a raised platform into a place, that which is called, 'Stone Pavement', and in Hebrew, 'Lofty Place.'
"Sitting down" because of a raised platform, lofty place, paved with stones "not living."

And she was a preparation of the Pass-over, she was an hour as the sixth, and he is speaking to the Casters "Behold! the King of Yourselves!"
A Worship Service
Therefore they clamored [like animals] to those ones, Lift Up! Lift Up! Stake himself! The Javelin is saying to themselves "Will I stake the King of Yourselves?"118  Answered the Chief Priests, "We are not holding a king except Caesar ["dictator in perpetuity"].
The Left Hand takes hold
Therefore, at that time, he handed over himself to themselves so that he might be staked. Therefore, they took hold beside the Salvation.
And he who is carrying the Stake to himself,119 has come out into the one who is called 'the Place of the Skull' which is called in Hebrew, 'Rolling-Skull,'
where they staked himself, and with himself two others, from this side and from this side and the Salvation in the middle.
Carrying the Stake of himself, both hands pierced, driven down into the earth, a stillborn, a seed.
Netzer - Nazareth.

"And he has gone out, a rod from the Stump of Jesse, a branch [netser] from out of the roots of himself is bearing fruit." (Isaiah 11:1 RBT)

And the Javelin had written, even a title, and set on the basis of the Stake.119a And it was that which is written, 'Salvation,the Sprouting Place, the King of the Casters.'
The Place of the City, Many Read This...
Therefore many of the Casters read out/aloud [with certainty] this one, the Title, because the Place of the City where the Salvation was staked was near, and it was that which has been written in Hebrew, in Roman,121 in Greek.
In Hebrew.
In Roman.
In Greek.

Therefore the Chief Priests of the Casters were saying to the Javelin, "Do not write 'the King of the Casters' but because that one said 'A king I am of the Casters.'"
The Javelin answered, The one whom I have written, I have written.
What the Soldiers Made
Therefore the Soldiers, when they staked the Salvation, took hold of the Cloaks/Outer Garments of himself and made four portions, a portion to each soldier, and also the Tunic/Undergarment. And the Tunic was seamless/one-piece from out of the Above, woven entirely across.
The Soldiers Cast for Their Portion of Her
Therefore they said toward one another, "Let us not split up himself but let us obtain by casting lots around himself, of whom he will be." so that the Writing might be filled up, she who is saying, "They divided the Cloaks of myself to themselves, and upon the Attire/Outfit of myself they cast a lot/portion." Therefore the Soldiers indeed made these ones.

And they had been standing close beside the Stake of the Salvation: the Mother of himself and the Sister of the Mother himself, Bitter-Rebel, the one of the Thief-of-the-Whole [Clopas],120 and Bitter-Rebel the Tower-ene [Magdalene]. Therefore Salvation, he who has perceived the Mother and the Learner, he who has stood close by, whom he agape-loved, is speaking to the Mother, "Woman, behold the Son of you."
Next he is speaking to the Learner, "Behold the Mother of you." And away from That Hour, the Learner took hold of herself into the Own Ones.
Away from the "Sixth Hour".

With this one, the Salvation, he who has seen that already that all/the whole had been finished, in order that the Writing might be made perfect, he is saying, "I am thirsting."
A vessel was laying, full of vinegar, therefore those who have placed hyssop around a sponge full of the Vinegar, brought of himself to the Mouth.
This is Finished.
Bitter words, bitter drink, falsely presented.

The Sour Wine is Done
When therefore the Salvation took hold of the Vinegar he said, "It has been finished." And he who has inclined the Head, handed over the Spirit.
Therefore the Casters—since she was a preparation, so that she would not abide upon the basis of the Stake, the Bodies within the Cessation, for the Day of that one of the Cessation was mega/great—they questioned the Javelin so that might be broken down in pieces the Legs of themselves, and they might be lifted up.
Jointly Crucified
Therefore the Soldiers have come and indeed of the First one they broke down in pieces the Legs and of the Other one, the one who has been jointly-crucified/staked to himself.
And those who have come upon the Salvation, as they saw already himself, he who has been dead, they did not break down to pieces of himself the Legs.
But one of the Soldiers with a spear-head of himself pricked the Side and he came out straightly, blood and water.
and the One Who has Seen has borne witness and a true/real one of himself is the Witness, and that one is seeing that he is speaking true ones, so that also yourselves may believe.
For these ones have become so that the Writing may be filled up, "A bone of himself, will not be crushed." And again another writing is speaking, "They will perceive into him whom they have stabbed through." And with these ones He Adds [Joseph] away from High Place, he who is a learner of the Salvation and who has been hidden across to the Fear of the Casters, questioned the Javelin, in order that he might lift up the Body of the Salvation, and the Javelin turned over. Therefore he came and lifted up the Body of himself.
And came also Conqueror of the People, the one who has come toward himself from night, the First one, he who is carrying a mixture of myrhh and aloes like as a hundred Roman-pounds.
Wrapping the Body in Linen Cloths
They took hold therefore of the Body the Salvation, and they bound itself in linen cloths with the Spices just as is a custom for the Casters to prepare for burial.
A New Monument
And a garden was within the Place where he was staked, and within the Garden was a new monument within which no one yet has been set.
Therefore there, across the Preparation of the Casters, because the Monument was near, they set the Salvation.
Setting the First Stone upon herself.

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