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John 1:1



Strong’s #G2316, theos. In classical Greek this was the general word for god, gods (in plural form θεοσιν), divines, goddess (in the feminine), immortals, authorities, judges. Cf. . The question therefore is why Jesus and the Apostles did not use the word Yahweh anywhere in the NT. But "Yahweh" translated means "He is". For example, the egō eimi,

“Jesus said to them, ‘Amen, amen, I am saying to yourselves before Abraham came to be, myself is.” John 8:58 literal

The Greek myself is from egō (#G1473), I, myself. It is not a necessary word to form a verb construct, i.e. legō = I-am-saying. The reflexive form of this, μο, would also be translated myself.