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John 1:41



Christos Χριστός (#5547) here lacks any definite article because it is a translation of the Messiah where there is a definite article. A translation wouldn’t constitute a proper name any more than a proper name would constitute a “translation.” Only a couple of translations accurately render this obvious “translating” – the Weymouth New Testament and Young’s Literal Translation. Christos means in the Greek, anointed with olive oil. The root verb is chrió (#G5548) to anoint, consecrate by anointing.

5548 xríō – to anoint by rubbing or pouring olive oil on someone to represent the flow (empowering) of the Holy Spirit. Anointing (literally) involved rubbing olive oil on the head, etc., especially to present someone as divinely-authorized (appointed by God) to serve as prophet, priest or king, etc. Ki 19:16; Lev 8:12; Ps 133:2; 1 Sam 10:1, 16:13; 2 Sam 2:4, 5:3. – Helps Word Studies