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Genesis Chapter 15

1 After of the Words of These ones553 has become a word of Yahweh toward Raised-Father in the Vision, to say, `Do not fear Raised-Father, myself is a shield to-yourself, your wages is exceedingly abundant.`

2 And Raised-Father is saying, `My master554 Yahweh, what do you give to-myself, and myself he-walking stripped?555 And a builder of Meshek in my house, himself is Dammeshek El-is-Help.`556

3 And Raised-Father is saying, `Behold, to-myself you have not given a seed, and behold, a builder of my house is he-who-inherits אֶת-me.` 4 And behold, a word of Yahweh is toward him, saying, `This one is not inheriting you;557 but he who is coming out from your stomach,558 himself is inheriting you.`

5 And he is causing to go out אֶת-him the Outside-ward,559 and is saying, `Look, now, Dual-Heavens-ward,560 and count the Round-ones, if you are able to record561 אֶת-them.` And he is saying to-himself, `Thus he is becoming your seed.`

6 And he has supported562 in Yahweh, and he is interweaving563 her to-himself a just-one.564 7 And he is saying toward him, `Myself is Yahweh who has caused you to go out from Flame of the Chaldees,565 to give to-yourself אֶת-the Earth of This one to inherit her.`

8 And he is saying, `Master Yahweh, how am I perceiving that I am inheriting her?`

9 And he is saying toward him, `Take to-myself a heifer of her-who-is-threefold566 and a she-goat of her-who-is-threefold, and a ram567 of him-who-is-threefold,568 and a turtle-dove, and a nestling.`

10 And he is taking to him the whole of these, and is cutting them in two in the middle, and is putting, a man his part to meet his friend,569 but the sparrow he has not divided.

11 And the ravenous birds descend upon the corpses, and he causes Raised-Father to blow them.570

12 And he is becoming the sun571 to go in, and a dead-sleep has fallen upon Raised-Father, and behold, a dread572 of a great dark-one is her-who-falls upon him.

13 And he is saying to Raised-Father, `To perceive you are perceiving that an offroader he is becoming, your seed, in an earth not theirs,573 and they have served them, and they have faced574 them four hundred of a duplication,

14 and also אֶת-the Nation whom they are serving, he-who-judges is myself,575 and after-ones of an upright they are going out in a great possession; 15 and yourself is coming in toward your fathers in peace; you are being buried in a good grey-one.576 16 And a fourth revolution is turning back here, for the bent-one of the Sayer is not yet complete until here.`

17 And he is becoming the Sun, she-who-comes,577 and a veiled-one578 he has become and behold, a fire-pot of smoke579 and a torch of fire which has crossed-over between the Pieces of These ones.580

18 In the Hot-one of Himself581 Yahweh has cut off582 אֶת-Raised-Father a cut-out-one583 to say, `To your seed I have given אֶת-Earth of This one, from the river of Dual-Siege until the Great River—the river Phrat, 19 אֶת-the Kenite,584 and אֶת-the Kenizzite,585 and אֶת-the Easterner,586 20 and אֶת-the Terrified,587 and אֶת-the Unwalled,588 and אֶת-the Healers,589 21 and אֶת-the Sayer,590 and אֶת-the Humbled, and אֶת-the Clay-dwellers, and אֶת-the Jebusite.591`