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In the Head 46

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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And El-Strives is pulling-up, and the whole of whom is to-himself, and is coming in Well-ward of Seven, and is slaughtering slaughtered-ones to elohe of his father He-Laughs.

And elohim is saying to El-Strives in mirrors1301 of the Night-ward, and is saying, `Heel, Heel.`

And He is saying, `Myself is the El, elohe of your father, do not fear to descend to Dual-Siege-ward, for to a great nation I am placing you there.

Myself is descending with you to Dual-Siege-ward, and Myself is causing you to ascend, also to ascend, and He-Adds is setting his hand upon your eyes.`

And Heel is standing up from Well of Seven, and the builders of El-Strives are lifting Heel אֶת-their father, and אֶת-their tripping-ones, and אֶת-their women, in the Rolling-ones which Pharaoh has sent to lift אֶת-him.

And they are taking אֶת-their a bought-one, and אֶת-their possessions which they have gathered in the earth of Humbled, and are coming in Dual-Siege-ward, Heel, and the whole of his seed את-him,his builders, and the builders of his builders את-him, his built-ones, and the built-ones of his builders, and the whole of his seed he has caused to come in את-him Dual-Siege-ward.

And these ones are the names of the builders of El-Strives, the Ones-who-come-in Dual-Siege-ward, Heel and his builders, firstborn of Heel, Behold-Builder.

And the builders of Behold-Builder are Narrow, and Wonder, and Courtyard, and Vineyard-worker.1302

And the builders of News are Hot-one-of-El, and Right,1303 and Unity, and He-Erects, and Whiteness, and Asked, builder of the Humbled-one.

And the builders of Joined are Exile, Allied, and Bitter.

And builders of Cast: Awake, and Powerful, and Request, and Breach, and Risen, and Awake and Powerful are dying in the earth of Humbled. And builders of Breach are Courtyard and Spared.

And the builders of He-Brings-Wages are Worm,1304 and Blast, and Job [Enemy?],1305 and Watch-Height.1306

And the builders of Indwell are Trembling, and Strong-one, and El-Waits.

These ones are builders of Weary whom she has borne to Heel in Highland-Castle, and Justice his built-one, the whole of the breath of his builders and his built-ones are thirty and three.

And the builders of Troop are Watchtower, and Feast-Circle,1307 Quiet, and Ezbon,1308 Awake, and Arodi,1309 and Areli.1310

And the builders of Straight are Right,1311 and He-Resembles, and He-Resembles-Me, and In-a-Ruin, and Overlap1312 their sister. And builders of In-a-Ruin, United and My-King-is-El.1313

These ones are the builders of Trickle, whom White has given to Weary his built-one, and she has borne אֶת-these ones to Heel, six ten breath.

The builders of Ewe, woman of Heel are He-Adds and Builder-of-the-right.

And he-has-been-born1314 to He-Adds in the earth of Dual-Siege, whom Asenath built-one of Poti-Pherah, priest of On, has borne to-himself, אֶת-Forgotten and אֶת-Dual-Fruit.

And builders of Builder-of-the-right are Swallowed, and First-one,1315 and Flowing-Skirt,1316 Kernel, and Pleasant, My-Brother, and Head, Muppim [Waving-Ones],1317 and Huppim [Chambers/Covered-ones], and Ard [Wander].

These ones are the builders of Ewe, who have been born to Heel, the whole of the breath four ten.

And builders1318 of Judge: Hushim [Hastening-ones].

And builders of My-Wrestling: El-Divides, and Hedge, and Form, and Complete.1319

These are builders of Troubled, whom White has given to Ewe his built-one. And she is bearing אֶת-these ones to Heel, the whole of the breath seven.

The whole of the Breath is the One-who-comes-in1320 to Heel Dual-Siege-ward, those-who-go-out of his thigh, from-to-a-separation,1321 of the women of the builders of Heel, the whole of the breath sixty and six.

And the builders of He-Adds who have been born to-himself in Dual-Siege breath double.1322 The whole of the Breath to the house of Heel is the One-who-comes-in Dual-Siege-ward seventy.

And אֶת-Cast he has sent to his faces, toward He-Adds, to cast to his faces Goshen-ward, and they are coming in earth-ward of Goshen.

And He-Adds is tying his riding-place and is ascending to meet El-Strives his father, Goshen-ward, and he is being seen toward him, and is falling upon his neck, and he is weeping upon his neck again.And El-Strives is saying toward He-Adds, `I am dying the Occurance,1323 the back of my seeing אֶת-your faces, for again-you1324 are a living-one.`

And He-Adds is saying toward his brothers, and toward the house of his father, `I am ascending, and exposing to Pharaoh, and I am saying toward him, My brothers, and the house of my father who are in the earth of Humbled have come in toward me.

And the Mortal-men are those-who-tend a sheep, for they have become mortal-men of a bought-one, and their sheep, and their ploughing-one, and the whole of whom is to-themselves they have caused to come in.``And he has become, when Pharaoh is calling-out to-yourselves, and has said, What are your works?And you all have said, Your slaves have become mortal-men of a bought-one from our youths, and until now, also ourselves, also our fathers, in the sake that you all are sitting in the earth of Goshen, for an abomination1325 of Dual-Siege is the whole of he-who-tends a sheep.`