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In the Head 42

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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And Heel is seeing that there exists a broken-one1244 in Dual-Strait. And Heel is saying to his builders, `Why are you seeing yourselves?`

And he is saying, `Behold, I have heard that there exists a broken-one in Dual-Strait, descend there-ward, and break-in-pieces to-ourselves from there, and we are living and are not dying.`And ten brothers of He-Adds are descending to break-in-pieces a broken-one in Dual-Strait,and אֶת-Builder-of-the-right, a brother of He-Adds, Heel has not sent את-his brothers, for he has said, `Lest a harm encounter him.`

And the builders of Israel are coming to break-in-pieces in the middle of Those-who-come, for he has become the Hungry-one in the Earth of Humbled.

And He-Adds himself is the Authority1245 upon the Earth, himself is the One-who-breaks-in-pieces to the whole of the people of the Earth, and the brothers of He-Adds are coming in and are bowing-down themselves to-himself, dual-nostrils earth-ward.

And He-Adds is seeing אֶת-his brothers, and is recognizing them, and is recognizing himself1246 toward them, and is ordering את-them harsh-ones, and is saying toward them, `From where have you come in?` And they are saying, `From the earth of Humbled, to break-in-pieces a food.`

And He-Adds is recognizing אֶת-his brothers, but they have not recognized him.

And He-Adds is memorializing the Bonded-ones which he has bonded to them, and is saying toward them, `You are those-who-foot,1247 to see אֶת-the naked-one of the Earth you have come.`

And they say toward him, `No, my master, but your slaves have come in to break-in-pieces a food.The whole of us builders of one man are ourselves, stands are ourselves your slaves have not become those-who-foot.`

And he is saying toward them, `No, for the naked-one of the Earth you have come in to see.`

And they are saying, `Double ten are your slaves, brothers, ourselves are builders of one man in the Earth of Humbled, and behold, the Small-one is את-our father the Hot-one, and the One is nothing.`

And He-Adds is saying toward them, `Himself is whom I have ordered toward you, to say, Yourselves are those-who-foot.

In this one you are being tested, a living-one of Pharaoh, if you are going out from this one, that if in the coming of your brother the Small-one here.Send from you one, and he is taking אֶת-your brother. And yourselves, be ye tied, and your words are being tested, the words of the True-one את-you. And if not, a living-one of Pharaoh, then Yourselves are those-who-foot.`

And he is gathering אֶת-them toward a prison three days.

And He-Adds is saying toward them in the Hot-one of the Third-one, `This one make, and live, אֶת-the Elohim myself has feared!If yourselves are stands, one of your brothers is being tied in the house of your prison, and yourselves, walk, cause to come in a broken-one of the Hungry-one of your houses,and אֶת-your brother the Small-one cause to come in toward me, and your words are being supported, and you are not dying.` And they are making an upright.

And they are saying, a man toward his brother, `Indeed ourselves are guilty-ones upon our brother, whom we have seen the straits of his breath, in his favoring himself1248 toward us, and we have not heard. Upon an upright a strait of this one has come in toward us.`

And Behold-Builder is facing אֶת-them, to say, `Have not I said toward you, to say, Do not miss in the Born-one? But you have not heard. And also his blood, behold, is he-who-is-sought.`

And themselves have not perceived that he-who-hears is He-Adds, for the One-who-causes-scorn1249 is between them.

And he is encircling from upon them, and is weeping, and is turning back toward them, and is ordering toward them, and is taking from אֶת-them אֶת-News and is tying אֶת-him to their eyes.And He-Adds is laying-charge, and they are filling their complete-ones, a broken-one, and to turn back their silver-one, a man toward his sack, and to give to them a hunted-one1250 for the Road. And he is making for them an upright.

And they are lifting up their broken-one upon their fermenting-ones and are walking from there.

And the One is opening אֶת-his sack to give a fodder to his fermenting-one in a lodging-place, and he is seeing אֶת-his silver-one, and behold, himself is in the mouth of his stretched-out-one.1251

And he is saying toward his brothers, `My silver-one has been turned back, and also, behold, in my stretched-out-one.` And their heart is going out, and they are trembling, a man toward his brother, saying, `What is this one elohim has made to-ourselves?`

And they are coming in toward Heel their father, earth-ward of Humbled, and they are exposing to him the whole of those-who-meet אֶת-them, to say,

`The Man, the master of the Earth, has ordered אֶת-us harsh-ones, and he is giving אֶת-us as those-who-foot אֶת-the Earth.And we are saying toward him, Stands are we, we have not become those-who-foot,Double ten are we, brothers, builders of our father, the One is nothing,1252 and the Small-one is the Hot-one את-our father in the earth of Humbled.`And the Man, the master of the Earth, is saying toward us, In this one I am perceiving that uprights are yourselves, your brother, the One, cause to rest את-me, and אֶת-the Hungry-one1253 of your houses take, and walk.And cause to come in your brother, the Small-one, toward me, and I am perceiving that yourselves are not those-who-foot, that uprights are yourselves; אֶת-your brother I am giving to you, and the Earth you are going-round.`

And he is, them, those-who-pour-out their sacks, and behold, a man of a bundle,1254 his silver-one is in his sack, and they are seeing אֶת-the bundle of their silv

And Heel their father is saying toward them, `You have miscarried1255 אֶת-me. He-Adds is nothing. And News is nothing, and Builder-of-the-right you are taking, upon me the whole of these1256 have become.`

And Behold-Builder is saying toward his father, to say, `אֶת-Double of my builders you are causing to die, if I am not causing him to come in toward you. Give אֶת-him upon my hand, and myself is causing him to come in toward you.`And he is saying, `My builder is not descending with yourselves, for his brother has died, and himself is to his separation he-who-remains. And a harm has encountered him in the Road which you all are walking in her, and you all have caused to descend אֶת-my grey-one in a sorrow1257 sheol-ward.`1258