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Genesis Chapter 43

1 And the Hungry-one is a heavy-one in the Earth.

2 And he is becoming when they have ended eating אֶת-the broken-one which they caused to come in from Dual-Siege.

3 And Cast is saying toward him, to say, `The Man repeating, has repeated1259 in us, to say, You are not seeing my faces except your brother את-you.

4 If you are1260 him-who-sends אֶת-our brother את-us, we are descending and are breaking-in-pieces to-yourself a food. 5 And if you are not1261 him-who-sends, we are not descending, for the Man has said toward us, You are not seeing my faces except your brother את-you.`

6 And El-Strives is saying, `Why have you caused ruin to-myself, to front to the Man? Is again1262 to-yourselves a brother?`

7 And they are saying, `To ask, the Man has asked to-ourselves and to our birth-place, to say, Is again your father a living-one? Is there to-yourselves a brother? And we are exposing to-himself upon the mouth of the Words of These ones. To perceive, are we perceiving that he is saying, Cause to descend אֶת-your brother?`

8 And Cast is saying toward El-Strives his father, `Send the Scattered-one את-me, and we are standing up, and walking, and living, and are not dying, also ourselves, also yourself, and our tripping-one.

9 Myself is intermixing1263 him, from my hand you are seeking him. If I have not caused him to come in toward yourself, and have established him to your faces, then I have missed to-yourself the whole of the Days. 10 For if we have not delayed, then now we have turned back this one dual-occurances.`

11 And El-Strives their father is saying toward them, `If an upright, then, make this one, take from the pruned-one1264 of the Earth in your finished-articles, and cause them to descend to the Man a gift, a little cracked-one,1265 and a little lumped-one, a smitten-one1266 and a wrapped-one, bellies1267 and awake-ones.1268

12 And a double of a silver-one take in your hand, and אֶת-the Silver-one the One-who-causes-to-turn-back in the mouth of your stretched-out-ones, and turn back in your hand, perhaps a mistake is himself.

13 `And take אֶת-your brother, and stand up, turn back toward the Man. 14 And El of Destroyers is giving to-yourselves compassionate-ones1269 to the faces of the Man, and he has sent to-yourselves אֶת-your brother of a back-one, and אֶת-Builder-of-the-right, and myself according-to-whom I have been bereaved, I have been bereaved.`

15 And the Mortal-men are taking אֶת-the Gift of this one, and a double of a silver-one they have taken in their hand, and אֶת-Builder-of-the-right, and they are standing up, and are descending Dual-Siege, and are setting-upright to the faces of He-Adds.

16 And He-Adds is seeing אֶת-Builder-of-the-right את-them, and he is saying to-whom is upon his house, `Cause to come in the Mortal-men the House-ward, and slaughter a slaughtered-one, and cause to erect, for את-me the Mortal-men are eating in the Double-light.`1270

17 And the Man is making according to which He-Adds has said, and the Man is causing to come in the Mortal-men house-ward of He-Adds.

18 And the Mortal-men are fearing because they have been caused to come in the house of He-Adds, and they are saying, `Upon a word of the Silver-one, the One-who-turns-back in our stretched-out-ones in the Pierced-one, ourselves are those-who-are-caused-to-come in, to roll himself upon us, and to fall himself on us, and to take ourselves for slaves, and אֶת-fermenting-ones.`

19 And they are drawing near toward the Man who is upon the house of He-Adds, and are ordering toward him an opening of the House.

20 And they are saying, `Please, my master, to descend we have descended in the Pierced-one to break-in-pieces a food.

21 And he is becoming when we have come in toward the lodging-place, and she is being opened1271 אֶת-our stretched-out-ones, and behold, a silver-one of a man in the mouth of his stretched-out-one, our silver-one in his weight, and we are causing to turn back אֶת-him in our hand.

22 And a silver-one of a back-one have we caused to descend in our hand to break-in-pieces a food. We have not perceived who put our silver-one in our stretched-out-ones.`

23 And he is saying, `Peace to-yourselves, do not be fearing, your elohe and the elohe of your father has given to-yourselves a hidden-place1272 in your stretched-out-ones, your silver-one has come in toward me.` And he is causing to go out toward them News.

24 And the Man is causing to come in the Mortal-men house-ward of He-Adds, and he is giving a dual-waters, and they wash their feet-pair; and he is giving a fodder to their fermenting-ones.

25 And they are causing to erect the Gift until the coming of He-Adds in the Double-light, for they have heard that there they are eating a bread. 26 And He-Adds is coming in the House-ward, and they are causing to come in to-himself אֶת-the Gift whom is in their hand the House-ward and are bowing-down themselves to-himself earth-ward.

27 And he is asking to-themselves to peace, and he is saying, `Is peace of your father the Old-one of whom you have spoken? [Are we/is he] again1273 a living-one?`

28 And they are saying, `Peace is to our slave to our father is well, [we are/he is] again-him1274 a living-one.` And they are bending over, and they are bowing-down themselves. 29 And he is lifting up his eyes, and is seeing Builder-of-the-right his brother, builder of his mother, and is saying, `Is this one your brother the Small-one, whom you have spoken toward me?`

30 And He-Adds is hastening, for his compassionate-one1275 has been hot1276 toward his brother, and he is seeking to weep, and he is coming the Inner-Chamber-ward, and is weeping there-ward.

31 And he is washing his faces, and is going out, and is holding himself, and is saying, `Put a bread.`

32 And they are putting to-himself to his separation, and to-themselves to their separation, and to the Dual-Siegeians, those-who-are-eating את-him to their separation, for the Dual-Siegeians are not able to eat אֶת-the Hebrews a bread, for an abomination1277 is himself to the Dual-Siegeians.1278

33 And they are sitting to his faces, the First-born according to his firstborn, and the Little-one according to his little-one, and the Mortal-men are being astonished, a man toward his friend.

34 And he is lifting up lifted-ones from אֶת-his faces toward them, but a lifted-one of Builder-of-the-right is abounding from the lifted-ones of their whole, five hands. And they are drinking, and they are becoming drunk with him.