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In the Head 28

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RBT Paraphrase

The Crown of Beauty
And he is meeting in the Standing place, and he is lodging there, for the Sun is he who comes in, and he is taking from the stones of the Standing place, and he is setting in place his head piece, and he is lying down in the Standing place of Himself.
And he is dreaming, and behold a ladder is he who is made to stand firm toward the earth, and his head is touching toward the dual heavenly ones. And behold, angels of mighty ones are those who ascend and those who descend in himself.
And behold: I am is he who stands firm upon himself, and he says,
Myself is I am God of Father of Groaning-ones, your father, and God of He Laughs. The Earth whom yourself has laid down upon her, to yourself I am giving her, and to your seed.

RBT Hebrew Literal

And He-Laughs is calling-out toward Heel, and is kneeling him, and is commanding him, and is saying to him, `You are not taking a woman of the built-ones of Humbled.

Stand up, walk Highland-Castle-ward, the house-ward of Destroyed-of-El, the father of your mother, and take to-yourself from there a woman of the built-ones of White, the brother of your mother.And El of Destroyers is kneeling you אֶת-you, and is making-you-bear-fruit, and is abounding you, and you have become an assembly of peoples.And he is giving to-yourself אֶת-the kneeled-one of Father-of-Tumult, to-yourself and to your seed את-you, to inherit yourself,924 the Earth of your offroad-places,925 which elohim has given to Father-of-Tumult.`

And He-Laughs is sending forth Heel, and he is walking Highland-Castle-ward, toward White, builder of Destroyed-of-El the Castle-Dweller, brother of Stall-Fed, mother of Heel and Prepared.

And Prepared is seeing for He-Laughs has kneeled אֶת-Heel, and has sent forth אֶת-him to Highland-Castle-ward to take to-himself from there a woman—in his kneeling him אֶת-him926, and he is laying-charge upon him, to say, You are not taking a woman from the built-ones of Humbled.

And Heel is hearing toward his father and toward his mother, and he is walking Highland-Castle-ward.

And Prepared is seeing for the built-ones of Humbled are ruinous ones in the eyes of He-Laughs his father.

And Prepared is walking toward El-Hears, and is taking אֶת-Mahalath,927 built-one of El-Hears, builder of Father-of-Tumult, sister of Fruitfulnesses,928 upon his women, to himself, to a woman.

And Heel is going out from Well of Seven and is walking Scorched-ward.

And he is meeting in the Standing-place, and he is lodging there, for the Sun is he-who-comes-in,929 and he is taking from the stones of the Standing-place, and he is setting his head-piece,930 and he is lying down in the Standing-place of Himself.

And he is dreaming:931 and behold a casting-up-one932 is him-being-made-to-stand-firm earth-ward, and his shaking-one is him-touching the Dual-Heavens-ward. And behold, messengers of elohim are those-ascending and those-descending in himself.933

And behold Yahweh is he-who-stands-firm upon himself, and he is saying, Myself is YAHWEH, elohe of Father-of-Tumult your father, and elohe of He-Laughs. The Earth whom אתה yourself is he-who-lies-down upon her, to-yourself I am giving her, and to your seed.934

And your seed has become as the dust of the Earth, and you have broken out935 sea-ward, and front-ward [eastward], and hidden-ward, and Dry-South-ward,936 and in-yourself the whole of the families of the Red-one have been kneeled and in your seed.`And behold, myself is with you, and I have guarded you in the whole of which you are walking, and have caused you to turn back toward the Red-one of This one; for I am not forsaking you until which if I have made אֶת-which I have ordered to-yourself.`And Heel is awaking from his sleep, and he is saying, `Truly there exists Yahweh in the Standing-place of This one, and myself has not perceived.`And he is fearing, and is saying, `How is he-fearing937 the Standing-place of This one?938 Nothing is this one for if a house of elohim, and this one is a gate of the Dual-Heavens.`939

And Heel is shouldering up in the Dawn, and he is taking the Stone which he has put as his head-places, and he is putting אֶת-her as a standing-pillar, and he is pouring oil upon her head,940

and he is calling-out אֶת-the name of the Standing-place of Himself941 House of El, and yet, Almond-tree is a name of the City to the First one.942

And Heel is vowing a vow, saying, `If he is becoming elohim by-me, and he has guarded me in the Road of This one which myself is him-walking, and he has given to-myself bread to eat, and a treacherous-garment to put on,

then I have turned back in completeness toward a house of my father, then Yahweh has become to-myself to elohim,and the Stone of This one which I have put as a standing-pillar, he is becoming a house of elohim, and the whole of which you are giving to-myself—to tenth I am tenthing him to-yourself.`943