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Genesis Chapter 29

1 And Heel is lifting up his feet-pair and is walking earth-ward of the builders of the front [east].

2 And he is seeing, and behold, a well in the Field, and behold, there three sheeps of a sheep those-lying-stretched-out upon her, for from the Well of Himself944 they are causing to drink the sheeps, and the Stone of a great one is upon the mouth of the Well.

3 And have been gathered there-ward the whole of the Sheeps, and they have rolled אֶת-the Stone from upon the mouth of the Well, and have caused to drink the sheep, and then they have rolled back the Stone upon the mouth of the Well to her standing-place.

4 And Heel is saying to-themselves, `My brothers, from where are ye?` And they say, `From Scorched945 is ourselves.` 5 And he is saying to-themselves, `Have ye perceived אֶת-White, builder of Snort?` And they are saying, `We have perceived.` 6 And he is saying to-themselves, `Is a completeness to-himself?` And they are saying, `Completeness; and behold, Ewe946 his built-one is she-coming with the sheep.` 7 And he is saying, `Behold, again the Hot-one is great, it is not time for the Bought-one to be gathered; cause-to-drink you all the Sheep, and walk, tend them.`

8 And they are saying, `We are not able, until which they are being gathered the whole of the Sheep, and they have rolled אֶת-the Stone from the mouth of the Well, then we have caused to drink the Sheep.`

9 His-again947 is he-who-orders with them,948 and Ewe has come with the sheep which are to her father, for she-who-pastures is himself.

10 And he is becoming when Heel has seen אֶת-Ewe, built-one of White, brother of his mother, and the sheep of White, brother of his mother, then Heel is drawing near and he is rolling אֶת-the Stone from upon the mouth of the Well, and he is causing to drink the Sheep of White, brother of his mother. 11 And Heel is kissing to Ewe, and he is lifting up אֶת-his voice, and is weeping. 12 And Heel is exposing to Ewe for a brother of her father is himself, and for a builder of Stall-Fed is himself, and she is running and is exposing to her father.

13 And he is becoming, when White hears אֶת-the news of Heel the builder of his sister, that he is running to meet him, and he sticking to-himself, and is kissing to-himself, and is causing him to come in toward his house. And he is counting to White אֶת-the whole of the Words of These ones.

14 And White is saying to-himself, `Only my bone and my flesh art you.` And he is sitting with him a new moon of days.

15 And White is saying to Heel, `Because you art my brother you have served me for nothing? Expose her949 to-myself what is your wages.`

16 And to White are two built-ones, the name of the Great one is Weary,950 and the name of the Small one is Ewe.

17 And the eyes of Weary are weak,951 and Ewe has become beautiful of outline952 and beautiful of sight. 18 And Heel is loving אֶת-Ewe, and he is saying, `I am serving you seven duplications in Ewe, your built-one the Small one.` 19 And White is saying, `A good one is my giving אֶת-her to-yourself953 from [rather than] my giving אֶת-her to a man of a back-one. Sit her by me.`954 20 And Heel is serving in Ewe seven duplications; and they are becoming in his eyes according to days of ones,955 in his loving אֶת-her.

21 And Heel is saying toward White, `Give her אֶת-my woman, for my days have been filled, and I may come in toward her.`

22 and White is gathering all the mortal-men of the Standing-place, and he is making a drink. 23 And he is in the Dusk, and he is taking Weary, his built-one, and he is causing to come in אֶת-her toward him, and he is coming in toward her. 24 And White is giving to-herself אֶת-Trickle, his slavewoman, to Weary his built-one, a slavewoman.

25 And he is becoming in the Dawn, and behold, himself is Weary; and he is saying toward White, `What is this one you have made to-myself? Is it not in Ewe I have served with you? And why have you shot me?`956

26 And White is saying, `He is not making thus in our standing-place, to give the Small-one to the faces of the firstborn; 27 fill the sevened-one of this one, and we may give to-yourself also אֶת-this one, in the service which you are serving with me again seven duplications of a back-one.` 28 And Heel is making thus, and is filling the sevened-one of this one, and he is giving to-himself אֶת-Ewe his built-one, to-himself to a woman. 29 And White is giving to Ewe his built-one אֶת-Troubled his slavewoman, to-herself to a slavewoman. 30 And he is coming in also toward Ewe, and he also is loving Ewe from Weary; and he is serving with him again seven duplications of a back-one. 31 And Yahweh is seeing that she-who-is-hated is Weary, and He is opening אֶת-her womb, and Ewe is a plucked-up one.

32 And Weary is conceiving, and is bearing a builder, and is calling-out his name Behold-Builder, for she said, `Because Yahweh has seen in my misery; for now my man is loving me.`

33 And she is conceiving again, and is bearing a builder, for she has said, `For Yahweh has heard that she-who-is-hated is myself, and he is giving to-myself also this one.` And she is calling-out his name News.957 34 And she is conceiving again, and is bearing a builder, and is saying, `Now is the Occurance,958 enjoined is my man toward me, for I have born to-himself three builders,` upon an upright his name has been called-out Joined.959 35 And she is conceiving again, and is bearing a builder, and is saying, `The Occurance,960 I am casting961 אֶת-Yahweh.` Upon an upright she has called-out his name Cast.962 And she is setting-upright from bearing.