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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And Yahweh is saying toward Raised-Father, `Walk to-yourself,464 from your earth, and from your birth-place,465 and from the house of your father, toward the Earth which I am causing you to see.466And I am making you to a great nation, and kneeling you,467 and may your name grow up.468 And become you a kneeled-one.469And may I kneel those kneeling you, and him-who-is-disesteeming you I am execrating,470 and have kneeled in you the whole of the families of the Red-one.

And Raised-Father is walking when Yahweh has ordered toward him, and Lot is walking אֶת-471himself, and Raised-Father is a builder of five duplications and seventy of a duplication in his going out from Scorched.

And Raised-Father is taking Noble-Lady his woman, and Lot his brother’s builder, and the whole of their possessions that they have received, and the Breath which they have made in Scorched; and they are going out to walk earth-ward of Humbled; and they are coming in earth-ward of Humbled.472

And Raised-Father is passing-by in the Earth, until the Standing-place of Shoulder,473 until the oak of Teacher/Shooter;474 and at that time the Humbled-one is in the Earth.475

And Yahweh is being seen toward Raised-Father, and is saying, `To your seed I give the Earth of This one.` And he is building there a slaughtering-place to Yahweh, who has been seen toward him.

And he is causing to remove from there Mountain­-ward from the front [east] to House of El, and is stretching-out his tent, House of El from the sea,476 and the Ruins from the front [east],477 and he is building there a slaughtering-place to Yahweh, and is calling-out in the name of Yahweh.

And Raised-Father is pulling up, walking on and pulling up Dry-South-ward.478

And there is a hungry-one in the Earth and Raised-Father is descending Dual-Siege-ward to offroad479 there, for heavy is the Hungry-one in the Earth.

And he is when he has drawn near to come in Dual-Siege-ward, and he is saying toward Noble-Lady his woman, `Behold now, I have perceived that you are a woman of beautiful sight;and he has become that the Egyptians see אֶת-you, and they have said, `This one is his woman,` and they have slain me, and you they let live:480say, now, you art my sister, to the purpose that he is causing-good to-myself in account of you, and my breath has lived for your sake.`And he is becoming, at the coming in of Raised-Father Dual-Siege-ward, that the Egyptians are seeing אֶת-the Woman that himself is exceedingly beautiful;and princes of Pharaoh are seeing אֶת-her,481 and shining482 אֶת-her toward Pharaoh, and the Woman is being taken by the house of Pharaoh;and to Raised-Father he has done well in account of her, and he is becoming to-himself483 a sheep and a ploughing-one,484 and fermenting-one,485 and men-slaves, and slavewomen, and everflowing-ones, and camels.

And Yahweh is touching אֶת-Pharaoh with great marks,486 and אֶת-his house, upon the word of Noble-Lady, the woman of Raised-Father.

And Pharaoh is calling-out for Raised-Father, and is saying, `What is this-one you have made to-myself? Why have you not fronted to-myself, for himself is your woman?Why have you said, My sister is himself, and I am taking her to-myself to a woman?And Pharaoh is charging mortal-men concerning him, and they are sending him forth, and his woman, and the whole that he has.