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In the Head 22

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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And he is becoming the back of the Words of These ones. And the Elohim has tested אֶת-Father-of-Tumult, and he is saying toward him, `Father-of-Tumult.`

And He is saying, `Take, now, אֶת-your builder, אֶת-your united-one746 whom you have loved, אֶת-He-Laughs, and walk to yourself toward the Earth of Vision-of-Yah,747 and cause him to ascend there for an ascending-one748 upon the one of the Mountains of whom I am saying toward you.`

And Father-of-Tumult is shouldering-up in the Dawn, and he is binding אֶת-his male-ass, and is taking אֶת-two of his scattered-ones את-himself, and אֶת-He-Laughs his builder, and he is cleaving wood of an offering, and he is standing up and is walking toward the Standing-place of which has said to himself the Elohim.

In the Hot-one of the Third-one Father-of-Tumult is lifting up his eyes and is seeing the Standing-place from afar.And Father-of-Tumult is saying toward his scattered-ones, `Sit to yourselves here with the Male-ass, and myself and the Shaken-out-one may walk until thus and are bowing-down ourselves, and may turn back toward yourselves.`

And Father-of-Tumult is taking אֶת-woods of the Ascending-one, and he is placing upon He-Laughs his builder, and he is taking in his hand אֶת-the Fire, and אֶת-the Eating-one[Knife]. And they are walking, their pair, unified.

And He-Laughs is saying toward Father-of-Tumult his father, and he is saying `My father,` and he is saying, `Behold-me, my builder.` And he is saying, `Behold, the Fire and the Woods, and where is the Sheep for an ascending-one?`

And Father-of-Tumult is saying, `Elohim is seeing to-himself749 the Sheep for an ascending-one of my builder. And they are walking, their two, united.`750

And they are coming in toward the Standing-place of which has said to himself the Elohim, and Father-of-Tumult is building there אֶת-the Slaughtering-place, and he is setting-in-order the Woods, and he is binding אֶת-He-Laughs his builder, and is putting אֶת-him upon the Slaughtering-place from-on-top751 to the woods.

And Father-of-Tumult is sending forth אֶת-his hand, and he is taking אֶת-the Knife to slaughter752 his builder.

And a messenger of Yahweh is calling-out toward him from the Dual-Heavens, and is saying, `Father-of-Tumult, Father-of-Tumult.` And he is saying, `Behold-me.`

And he is saying, `Do not send forth your hand toward the Shaken-out-one, and do not make to himself a blemish, for now I have perceived that fearful of elohim is yourself, and you have not withheld אֶת-your builder, אֶת-your united, from out of me.`

And Father-of-Tumult is lifting up אֶת-his eyes, and he is seeing, and behold, a chief753 of the back has been grasped754 in the Interwoven755 by his dual-horns.756 And Father-of-Tumult is walking, and is taking אֶת-the Chief, and is causing him to ascend to an ascension underneath his builder.

And Father-of-Tumult is calling-out the name of the Standing-place of Himself `Yahweh is seeing`757 whom he is being called the Hot-one,758 in the mountain of Yahweh he is being seen.`759

And a messenger of Yahweh is calling-out toward Father-of-Tumult a double-one from-out of the Dual-Heavens.

And he is saying, `In me I have sevened-myself, an oracle760 of Yahweh, for the purpose of which you have made אֶת-the Word of This one, and have not withheld אֶת-your builder, אֶת-your united-one,for kneeling I am kneeling you, and multiplying I am multiplying אֶת-your seed like the round-ones of the Dual-Heavens, and as the Turning-one761 which is upon the edge of the Sea. And your seed is inheriting אֶת-the gate of his enemies.And they have kneeled themselves762 in your seed the whole of the nations of the Earth, because of whom you have heard in my voice.`

And Father-of-Tumult is turning back toward his scattered-ones, and they are standing up and walking united toward Well of Seven. And Father-of-Tumult is sitting in Well of Seven.

And he is becoming the back-ones of the Words of These ones. And he is exposing to Father-of-Tumult, to say, `Behold, Queen has borne, also himself, builders to Snorter your brother,

אֶת-Counsel763 his first-born, and אֶת-Despise764 his brother, and אֶת-Standing-of-El765 father of Castle,and אֶת-Chesed,766 and אֶת-Seer,767 and אֶת-Pildash,768 and אֶת-He-Drips,769 and אֶת-Destroyed-of-El.770And Destroyed-of-El has begotten אֶת-Stall-Fed.771 Eight of these ones has Queen borne to Snorter, brother of Father-of-Tumult.

And his concubine, and her name is Raised,772 and she has borne, also himself, אֶת-Slaughtering,773 and אֶת-Flame,774 and אֶת-Leather,775 and אֶת-Pressed.776 `