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In the Head 40

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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And he is the back of the Words of These ones; the drink-giver of the king of Dual-Strait and the One-who-bakes have missed to their master, to the king of Dual-Strait.

And Pharaoh is furious upon his two eunuchs: upon the prince of Drink-givers, and upon the prince of those-who-bake,

and he is giving אֶת-them in a prison in the house of the prince of the Butchers, toward the house of the Round, the standing-place in which He-Adds is he-who-is-tied there.And the prince of the Butchers are visiting אֶת-He-Adds אֶת-them, and he is ministering אֶת-them; and they are becoming days in a prison.1213

And they are bonding a bonded-one, their two, a man his bonded-one, in the night of one, a man according to the division1214 of his bonded-one, the drink-giver and the One-who-bakes whom belong to the king of Dual-Strait, who are those-tied in the house of the Round.

And He-Adds is coming in toward them in the Dawn, and is seeing אֶת-them, and behold those-who-foam.1215

And he is asking the eunuchs of Pharaoh who are אֶת-him in the prison of the house of his master, saying, `Of what-perception are your faces ruinous1216 the Hot-one?`

And they are saying toward him, `A bonded-one we have bonded, and nothing is one-who-opens-up1217 אֶת-him.` And He-Adds is saying toward them, `Are not to elohim the opened-ones? Record, now, to-myself.`And the prince of the Drink-givers is recording אֶת-his bonded-one to He-Adds, and is saying to-himself, `In my bonded-one, and behold, a vine is to my faces.And in the Vine are three entwining-branches,1218 and herself is as one-who-breaks-forth, she has ascended, her sparkling-one, they caused to boil her clusters of grapes;and the cup of Pharaoh is in my hand, and I am taking אֶת-the Grapes and treading אֶת-them toward the cup of Pharaoh, and I am giving אֶת-the Cup in the palm of Pharaoh.`And He-Adds is saying to-himself, `This one is his division, the three Entwined-branches are three days themselves.In a going-around of1219 three days Pharaoh is lifting up אֶת-your shaking-one, and has caused you to turn back upon your stand,1220 and you have given the cup of Pharaoh in his hand, according to the First Judgement which you have become his drink-giver.For if you have memorialized-me, את-you, when you are creating-good to-yourself, and you have made, now, by-me a kind-one, and have caused to memorialize-me toward Pharaoh, then you have caused me to go out from the House of This one,for to steal I have been stolen from the Earth of the Beyond-ones; and here also I have not made a speck yet they have put אֶת-me in the Cistern.`And the prince of Those-who-bake is seeing for he has divided good, and he is saying toward He-Adds, `Also myself is in my Bonded-one, and behold, three reed-baskets1221 of a white-one1222 are upon my shaking-one,and in the Uppermost Reed-basket from the whole of the food of Pharaoh, a work of he-who-bakes; and the Flying-one is he-who-eats אֶת-them from out of the Reed-basket, from upon my shaking-one.`And He-Adds is facing and is saying, `This one is his division. The three Reed-baskets are three days themselves.In a going-around of three days Pharaoh is lifting up your shaking-one from upon you, and he has hung אֶת-you upon a wood,1223 and the Flying-one has eaten אֶת-your flesh from upon you.`

And he is in the Hot-one of the Third-one, a hot-one being-begotten אֶת-Pharaoh, and he is making a drink to the whole of his slaves, and is lifting up the shaking-one of the prince of the Drink-givers, and the shaking-one of the prince of Those-who-bake in the middle of his slaves,

and he is causing to turn back the prince of the Drink-givers upon his drink-giver, and he is giving the cup upon the hand of Pharaoh.And אֶת-the prince of Those-who-bake he has hanged, as when He-Adds has divided to them.And the prince of the Drink-givers has not memorialized אֶת-He-Adds but is forgetting him.