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In the Head 18

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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And Yahweh is being seen toward him in oaks of Mamre, and himself is he-who-sits at an opening of the Tent, as the hot-one of the Hot-one.

And he is lifting up his eyes and he is seeing, and behold, three mortal-men standing-firm upon him, and he is seeing, and he is running to meet them from an opening of the Tent, and he is bowing-down earth-ward.

And he is saying, `My master, if, now, I have found a favored-one in your eyes, do not, now, pass-by from upon your slave.

He is being taken, now, a little one of the dual-waters629 and you-all wash your feet-pair, and lean underneath the Wood.And I am taking a broken-piece630 of bread, and supporting631 your heart, the back you are passing-by,632 for upon an upright you have crossed-over your slave.` And they say, `Thus you are making as when you have ordered.`

And Father-of-Tumult is hastening tent-ward toward ContentiousWoman, and is saying, `Hasten three measures of flour-meal, knead, and make bread-rounds.`

And toward the Ploughing-one Father-of-Tumult has run, and he is taking a builder of a ploughing-one, tender and good, and is giving toward the Shaken-out-one,633 and he is hastening to make himself.634

And he is taking curd and milk-fat,635 and the builder of the Ploughing-one which he has made and is giving to their faces, and himself set-upright636 upon them underneath the Wood, and they are eating.

And they are saying toward him, `Where is ContentiousWoman your woman?` And he is saying, `Behold—in the Tent.`And he is saying, `Turning back I am turning back toward you, according to the Time of a living-one, and behold, a builder is to ContentiousWoman, your woman.`And Father-of-Tumult and ContentiousWoman are old coming into the Days, the caravan-way638 according to the Women has quit to become to ContentiousWoman.And ContentiousWoman is laughing639 in her inner-part, to say, `The back-ones of my wearing out,640 she has become to-myself a luxurious-one, and myself has grown old.`641And Yahweh is saying toward Father-of-Tumult, `Why this one? ContentiousWoman has laughed, to say, Truly really am I bearing and myself has grown old?Is a word from Yahweh extraordinary? To the appointed time I am returning toward you, according to the Time of a living-one, and to ContentiousWoman, a builder.`

And ContentiousWoman is lying,642 to say, `I have not laughed;` for she has feared. And he is saying, `Nay, for you have laughed.`

And the Mortal-men643 are standing up from there, and they are looking-down upon the faces of Sodom, and Father-of-Tumult is he-who-walks with them to send them forth.644

And Yahweh has said, `The One-Covering645 is myself from Father-of-Tumult which myself is he-who-makes.And Father-of-Tumult To become he is646 to a nation great and mighty.647 And the whole of the nations of the Earth have been kneeled in-himself.648For I have perceived him, to the purpose which he is charging אֶת-his builders, and אֶת-his house his back-ones, and they have guarded the road649 of Yahweh, to make justice and judgment, to the purpose of Yahweh causing to come in upon Father-of-Tumult אֶת-which he has spoken upon him.`And Yahweh is saying, `An outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah—for she has been abundant; And their miss—for she has been heavy exceedingly.Let me descend, now, and am seeing whether according to the outcry650 of her, she has come in toward me they have made complete—and if not—I am perceiving.`

And the Mortal-men are facing651 from there, and they are walking Sodom-ward; and Father-of-Tumult is again-him652 standing to the faces of Yahweh.

And Father-of-Tumult is drawing near and is saying, `Really are you sweeping653 even righteous with wicked?Perhaps there exists fifty righteous in the inner-part of the City654—really are you sweeping and not lifting to the Standing-place to the purpose of fifty of the Righteous who are in her inner-part?655Profane-thing!656 to-yourself from making like This Word to cause to die righteous with wicked; then he has become like the Righteous, like the Wicked—Profane-thing! to-yourself. Is the one-who-judges the whole of the Earth not making a justice?`And Yahweh is saying, `If I am finding in Sodom fifty righteous in the middle of the city, then I have lifted to the whole of the Standing-place in account of them.`And Father-of-Tumult is facing657 and is saying, `Behold, now, I have determined to order toward my master, and myself is a dust and ashes.Perhaps there are lacking fifty of the Righteous, five—Will you be laying-waste in the Five אֶת-the whole of the City?`And he is adding continually to order toward Him, and he is saying, `Perhaps there are being found there forty?`And he is saying, `Do not, now, burn to my master, and I am ordering. Perhaps there are being found there thirty?`And he is saying, `Behold, now, I have determined to order toward my master. Perhaps there are being found there twenty?`And he is saying, ` Do not, now, burn to my master, and I am ordering, yet the Occurance:658 Perhaps ten are being found there?`

And Yahweh is walking, when he has ended to order toward Father-of-Tumult, and Father-of-Tumult has turned back to his standing-place.