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Genesis Chapter 2

1 And the Dual-Heavens and the Earth are being ended,54 and the whole army of them.55

2 And elohim is ending in the Seventh Hot-one his work whom he has made and is ceasing in the Seventh Hot-one from the whole of his work whom he has made.

3 And elohim is kneeling אֶת-the Seventh Hot-one,56 and is sanctifying אֶת-him, for in-him57 he has ceased from the whole of his work whom elohim has cut out to make.58

4 These are generated-ones of the Dual-Heavens and of the Earth in their being cut out, in the hot-one of Yahweh59 elohim making earth and dual-heavens.

5 And the whole of the shrub of the Field is before he is becoming in the Earth, and the whole of the grass of the Field is before he sprouts,60 for Yahweh elohim had not caused to rain upon the Earth, and a red-one is nothing to serve אֶת-the Red-one.

6 And a mist is going up from the Earth and has given drink to אֶת-the whole of the faces of the Red-one.

7 And Yahweh elohim is forming אֶת-the Red-one, a dust from the Red-one,61 and is blowing into his dual-nose a blow of dual-life,62 and he is becoming the Red-one to a breath of a living-one.63

8 And Yahweh elohim is fixing-up64 an enclosure65 in Eden, from the front [east],66 and he is placing there the Red-one whom he has formed.

9 And Yahweh elohim is causing to sprout from out of the Red-one the whole of a wood, him-who-is-desirable to the sight,67
and a good one for a food,
and the Wood of the Dual-life68 is in the middle of the Enclosure,
and the Wood is the Perception of69 a good one and ruined-one.70

10 And a river going out from Eden to cause to drink אֶת-the enclosure, and from there he is separating, and he has become to four shaking-ones,71

11 the name of the One is Fat,72 he is encircling73 אֶת-the whole earth of the Spinning-one74 whom there is the Gold-one, 12 and the gold-one of the Earth of Himself75 is good, there is the bedolach76 and stone of the Shoham.77 13 And the name of the River of the Second-one78 is Burst Forth [Gichon],79 himself encircling אֶת-the whole earth of Cush; 14 And the name of the River of the Third-one is Hiddekel,80 himself is the One-who-walks81 front [east] of Straight;82

15 And Yahweh elohim is taking84 אֶת-the Red-one and is causing him to rest in the enclosure of Eden, to serve her, and to guard her.85

16 And Yahweh elohim is laying-charge upon the Red-one, to say, `From the whole of a wood of the Enclosure, eating you are eating.86 17 And from a wood of the Perceiving-one87 of a good one and a ruined-one, you are not eating from us,88 for in a hot-one of your eating from us, dying you are dying.` 18 And Yahweh elohim is saying, It is not a good one the becoming of the Red-one to his own separation,89 I am making to-himself a surrounding-help90 according to his anti.91

19 And Yahweh elohim is forming from the Red-one the whole of a living one of the Field, and אֶת-the whole flying-one of the Dual-Heavens, and is causing to come in toward the Red-one, to see what he is calling-out to-himself.92 And the whole of whom the Red-one is calling-out to-himself, a breath of a living-one himself is his name.93

20 And the Red-one is calling-out names94 to the whole of the Behemah, and to the flying-one of the Dual-Heavens, and to the whole of a living one of the Field. And to Red-one the surrounding-help has not been found, according to his anti.95 21 And Yahweh elohim is causing to fall a dead-sleep96 upon the Red-one, and he is sleeping, and he is taking one of his ribs,97 and is shutting up flesh underneath-ward.98 22 And Yahweh elohim is building אֶת-the rib which he has taken from the Red-one to a Woman and is causing her to come in toward the Red-one.99 23 And the Red-one is saying, `This one is the Occurance,100 a bone of my bones. And a flesh of my flesh to this one; she is being called-out Woman for from a man101 this one has been taken.102 24 Upon an upright a man is forsaking אֶת-his father and אֶת-his mother,103 and has stuck in his Woman,104 and they have become to a flesh of one.105

25 And their double106 are becoming naked-ones,107 Red-one and his woman, and they are not ashamed-of- themselves.108