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In the Head 49

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RBT Paraphrase

Builder of the Right, a wolf, is tearing to pieces, in the Dawn he is eating a perpetual witness, and he is dividing the Dusk into plunder.

RBT Hebrew Literal

And Heel is calling-out toward his builders and is saying, `Be gathered, and I am exposing to-yourselves אֶת-whom1351 is encountering אֶת-yourselves in the last one1352 of the Days.

`Be grasped, and hear, builders of Heel, And hear toward El-Strives your father.1353

Behold-Builder my firstborn, yourself is my strong-one, and the head of my ability, a remnant of an exalted-one, and a remnant of a powerful-one.Froth as the Dual-Waters, do not remain-over, for you have ascended the lying-place of your father. At-that-time you have untied; my couch he has ascended.News and Joined are brothers, finished-articles of violence are their mekerot.1354In their secret-council, do not go in, my breath. In their assembly do not be united, my weight. For in their nostril they have slain a man. And in their pleasure1355 they have uprooted1356 an ox.He-who-is-cursed is their nostril, for it is a powerful-one. And their outpouring,1357 for she has been hard [severe]. I am dividing them in Heel, And I am dashing-them-in-pieces in El-Strives.Cast, Yourself—your brothers are casting you. Your hand is against the neck-back of your enemies, the builders of your father are bowing down themselves to-yourself.An offroader1358 of a lion1359 [plucking-one] is Cast; from a torn-one of my builder, you have ascended; he has bent-the-knee,1360 he has lain-stretched-out as the lion, and as a roarer1361 who is he causing him to stand up?The stick-branch1362 is not turning aside from Cast, and he-who-inscribes from between his feet-pair, until that he is coming in, Shiloh.1363 And to-himself is the obedience of peoples.He-who-ties to the Vine his fermenting-one, and to the choice-vine, the builder of his everflowing-one, he has trampled in the Wine his clothing,1364 And in the blood of grapes his sut.1365Dark are eyes from wine, and white are dual-teeth1366 from milk-fat.Indwell to a surrounding-shore1367 of the seas is dwelling; and himself is for a surrounding-shore of ships; and his side is upon Sidon [Hunt].He-Brings-Wages is a fermenting-one of a bone, he-who-stretches-out between The Dual-Pot-Sets.1368And he is seeing a resting-place that it is good one, and אֶת-the Earth that she has been lovely; and he is spreading out his shoulder to beara and he is becoming a labor-band of him-who-serves.Judge, his people is judging,1369 according to one of the stick-branches of El-Strives;Judge is becoming a serpent upon the road, a stinger1370 upon the caravan-way, the One-who-bites the heels of the horse, and his rider is falling the backside.For your saved-one1371 I have waited, Yahweh.Troop, a troop is invading him, and himself is invading the heel.From Straight is a fat-one of his bread; and himself is giving delicacies of a king.My-Wrestling is a doe, she-who-is-sent, the One-who-gives fair sayings.Builder of she-who-bears-fruit He-Adds builder of she-who-bears-fruit1372 upon an eye; built-ones have marched upon the wall.And they have made him bitter, they have abounded, owners1373 of piercers1374 have hated him.And his bow is sitting in a reoccurrence.1375 And the arms of his hands are leaping from the hands of a mighty-one of Heel,1376 from there is he-who-tends a stone of El-Strives.From el of your father, and he is aiding you, and אֶת-the destroyers, and he is kneeling you, kneeled-ones of a dual-heavens from upon the kneeled-ones of the uproar, she-who-lies-stretched-out underneath, kneeled-ones of dual-breasts and the compassionate-one.The kneeled-ones of your father have prevailed upon the kneeled-ones of my conceivers as-far-as the limit-boundary of the hills of the eternal one. They are becoming to the shaking-one of He-Adds, and to the [קדקד qodqod] head-crown1377 of the set-apart-one1378 of his brothers.Builder-of-Right is a wolf, he is tearing-to-pieces, in the Dawn he is eating a perpetual witness,1379 and to the Dusk he is dividing the plunder.`

The whole of these ones are the rods of El-Strives, double ten. And this one is whom their father has ordered to-themselves, and he is kneeling אֶת-them; a man whom is according to his kneeled-one he has kneeled אֶת-them.

And he is commanding אֶת-them, and is saying toward them, `Myself is he-who-is-gathered toward my people; bury אֶת-me toward my fathers, toward the Cave which is in the field of Fawn-Like the Terrified,

in the Cave which is in the field of Doublefold, which is upon the faces of Mamre, in the Earth of Humbled, which Father-of-Tumult has bought אֶת-the Field from אֶת-Fawn-Like the Terrified to a possession of a burying-place,there they have buried אֶת-Father-of-Tumult and אֶת-ContentiousWoman his woman; there they have buried אֶת-He-Laughs and אֶת-Stall-Fed his woman; and there I have buried אֶת-Weary.A bought-one of the Field, and the Cave which is in him, is from אֶת-builders of Terror.`

And Heel is ending to command אֶת-his builders and is gathering his feet-pair toward the Stretch-out-place, and he is breathing out, and is being gathered toward his people.