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In the Head 10

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RBT Paraphrase

And to the Beyond two builders have been born; the name of the One is Division [Peleg] for in his days the Earth became divided, and his brother’s name is Small/Little.

RBT Hebrew Literal

And these are births of the builders of Rest, Name, Warm,356 and Opened. And builders are being born to-themselves of a back-one of the Flow.

`Builders of Opened are End, and Magog, and Middleland, and Wine, and Flow, and Drawing-up, and Tiras.357

And builders of End are Ashkenaz,358 and Riphath,359 and Togarmah.360

And builders of Wine are Elishah,361 and Tarshish,362 Kittim,363 and Dodanim.364

From these the isles365 of the Nations [Backside]366 have been separated in their earths, a man to his tongue, to their families, in their nations [backs].

And builders of Warm are Cush, and Dual-Siege,367 and Disparaged,368 and Humbled.And builders of Cush are Drunkard,369 and Circle,370 and Sabtah, and Thunder,371 and Sabtechah; and builders of Thunder are Seven372 and Low-Country.373

And Cush has begotten אֶת-Nimrod, himself has untied to become a warrior in the Earth.

Himself has become a warrior hunter374 to the faces of Yahweh; upon an upright he is being called-out,And she is becoming the shaking-one376 of his kingdom of Babel, and Long,377 and Accad,378 and Calneh,379 in the Earth of Two-Rivers.380From the Earth of Himself 381 Straight-one382 has gone out and he is building Nineveh, and Open-city,383 and Vigor,384and Bridle between Nineveh and between Vigor; himself is the Great City.385

And Dual-Siege has begotten the Ludim, and the Anamim, and the Blades,386 and the Naphtuhim,

and the Pathrusim, and the Casluhim who go out from them the Philistines,387 and the Caphtorim.388

And Humbled has begotten אֶת-Hunt389 his first-born, and אֶת-Terror,390

and אֶת-the Trodden,391 and אֶת-the Sayers,392 and אֶת-the Clay-Dwellers,393and the Tent-Dwellers,394 and אֶת-the Gnawers,395 and אֶת-the Thorns,396and אֶת-the Arvadite, and אֶת-the Wool,397 and אֶת-the Walled.398 And a back-one the families of the Humbled have been dashed-in-pieces.399And he is becoming the boundary of the Humbled from Hunt, coming in Dragged-ward,400 until Fierce401 coming in Sodom-ward, and Gomorrah,402 and Admah, and Zeboim, until Lasha.403These are builders of Warm, to their families, to their tongues, in their earths, in their nations.

And to Name has been born, also himself, a father of the whole of the builders of Beyond,404 brother of Opened the Great:405

Builders of Name are Concealed,406 and Straight,407 and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Castle.408And builders of Castle are Counsel,409 and Turning,410 and Gether, and Mash.And Arphaxad has begotten Sent,411 and Sent has begotten Beyond.And to Beyond have two builders been born; the name of the One is Division for in his days the Earth has been divided,412 and his brother’s name is Small.413And Small has begotten Almodad, and Dragged,414 and Court-of-Death,415 and Moon,416and Hadoram, and Uzal, and Diklah,and Obal, and Abimael, and Seven,417and Ophir,418 and Circled, and Crier.419 The whole of these ones are builders of Small.420And he is becoming their seat from Burden,421 coming in to Book,422 a mountain of the Front [East].These are builders of Name, by their families, to their tongues, in their earths, to their nations.

These are families of the builders of Rest, to their births, in their nations, and from these ones have the Nations been divided in the Earth, the back of the Flow.423