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In the Head 7

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RBT Paraphrase

For to seven days again, myself is he who brings rain upon the Earth, forty of day and forty of her night, and I have wiped out the eternal self whole of the Standing One, whom I have made from upon the faces of the Land of Adam.`

RBT Hebrew Literal

And Yahweh is saying to Rest, `Come in, yourself and the whole of your house, toward the Chest, for yourself I have seen righteous to my faces in this revolution.

From the whole of the Clean Behemah you are taking to-yourself

Also, from a flying-one of the Dual-Heavens,For to days again seven, myself is he-who-causes-rain upon the Earth forty hot-one and forty night-hers,268 and I have wiped-out the את-whole of the Standing-one269 who I have made from upon the faces of the Red-one.`And Rest is making according to the whole of which Yahweh has commanded him:and Rest is a builder of six hundred duplications, and the Flow has become a dual-waters upon the Earth.

And Rest is going in, and his builders, and his woman, and his builders’ women, את-himself,270 toward the Chest, from the faces of the dual-waters of the Flow;

from-out of the Behemah of the Clean-one and from-out of the Behemah whom is nothing clean, and from-out of the flying-one, and the whole of him-who-crawls upon the Red-one,a pair a pair271 they have come in toward Rest, toward the Chest, a male and a female, when elohim has commanded Rest.And he is becoming for seven Days, and the dual-waters of the Flow have become upon the Earth.272

In a duplication six hundred of a duplication273 to living ones274 of Rest, in the Double New-one,275 in the seven ten hot-one to the New-one, in the Hot-one of This one276 the whole of the eye-springs277 of the abundant uproar278 have been split,279 and the ambushes280 of the Dual-Heavens have been opened,

and the Rain-Shower is upon the Earth forty hot-one and forty night-hers.In the bone of the Hot-one of This one281, he has come in282 Rest, and Name, and Warm, and Opened, builders of Rest, and woman of Rest and the three women of his builders את-themselves, toward the Chest;they, and the whole of a living-one to her kind, and the whole of the Behemah to her kind, and the whole of the Crawling-one of the One-who-crawls upon the Earth to his kind, and the whole of the flying-one to his kind, the whole of the sparrow, the whole of the extremity.And they are coming in toward Rest, toward the Chest, a pair a pair of the whole of the flesh which in-himself is a wind of living-ones.283And those-who-come-in,284 a male and a female from the whole of the flesh, have come in when elohim has commanded him, and Yahweh is shutting in behind285 him.286And the Flow is forty hot-one on the Earth, and the Dual-Waters are becoming abundant287 and are lifting up the Chest, and she is being raised288 from upon the Earth.

And the Dual-Waters are prevailing and becoming abundant exceedingly upon the Earth; and the Chest is walking289 upon the faces of the dual-waters.

And the Dual-Waters have prevailed290 exceedingly exceedingly291 on the Earth, and are covering the whole of the High Mountains292 which are underneath the whole of the dual-heavens;

fifteen ammah from-to-above293 the Dual-Waters have prevailed [gaber], and the mountains are being covered.And the whole of the flesh is breathing out,294 the One-who-crawls upon the Earth, in the Flying-one, and in the Behemah, and in the Living-one, and in the whole of the Creeping-one of the One-who-creeps upon the Earth,295 and the whole of the Red-one,the whole of whom in his dual-nostrils is a blow of the wind of living-ones, from the whole of whom is in the Desolate-one296 have died.297

And he is wiping-out the whole of the Standing-one298 who is upon the faces of the Red-one, from the Red-one until behemah, until creeper, and until the flying one of the Dual-Heavens; they are being wiped-out from the Earth, and only Rest is remaining299 and those who are את-himself in the Chest.

And the Dual-Waters are prevailing on the Earth a hundred and fifty hot-one.