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In the Head 21

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RBT Paraphrase

And she is walking and is sitting from anti to herself, causing to be distant as breadth of the bow, for she has said, "Never may I see in the death of the Born one." And she is sitting from anti, and is lifting up her eternal self voice, and is weeping.
And mighty ones is hearing the eternal self voice of the Male Child. And a messenger of mighty ones is calling out toward Hagar from out of the dual Heavenly ones, and is saying to herself, "What is to yourself, Hagar? Do not fear. For mighty ones has listened toward the voice of the Boy, within whom himself is there.

RBT Hebrew Literal

And Yahweh has visited אֶת-ContentiousWoman as when He has said, and Yahweh is making to ContentiousWoman according as He has ordered.

And ContentiousWoman is conceiving and is bearing to Father-of-Tumult a builder to his old-ones,713 to the Appointed-time which has ordered את-himself elohim.And Father-of-Tumult is calling-out אֶת-the name of his builder, the One-who-is-born714 to himself, whom she has born to himself ContentiousWoman, He-Laughs.715

And Father-of-Tumult is circumcising אֶת-He-Laughs his builder, a builder of eight days, as when elohim has laid charge upon אֶת-him.

And Father-of-Tumult is a builder of a hundred of a duplication in bearing to himself אֶת-He-Laughs, his builder.And ContentiousWoman is saying, `Elohim has made to-myself a laughing-one,716 the whole of the One-who-hears717 is laughing to-myself.`And she is saying also, `Who has cut-off718 to Father-of-Tumult? Has ContentiousWoman caused to suck builders?719 For I have born a builder to his old-ones.`

And the Born-one is growing-great, and he is being weaned,720 and Father-of-Tumult is making a great drink721 in the hot-one of being weaned,722 אֶת-He-Laughs.

And ContentiousWoman is seeing אֶת-the builder of Hagar of Dual-Strait, whom she has borne to Father-of-Tumult, is he-who-laughs.723

And she is saying to Father-of-Tumult, `Drive out the Slavewoman of This one and אֶת-her builder for the builder of the Slavewoman of This one is not inheriting with my builder, with He-Laughs.`

And the Word is ruinous exceedingly in the eyes of Father-of-Tumult, upon the causes of his builder.724And elohim is saying toward Father-of-Tumult, `Do not be ruinous in your eyes upon the Shaken-out-one, and upon your slavewoman. The whole of whom ContentiousWoman is saying toward you, hear her voice,725 for in He-Laughs a seed is being called-out to yourself.And also אֶת-the builder of the Slavewoman to a nation I am placing him, for your seed is himself.`726

And Father-of-Tumult is shouldering-up in the dawn, and is taking a bread, and a container727 of dual-waters, and he is giving toward Hagar, putting upon her shoulder, and אֶת-the Born-one,728 and is sending her forth, and she is walking and she is wandering in the wilderness of Well of Seven.729

And the Dual-Waters are ended from the Container, and she is throwing730 אֶת-the Born-one underneath one of the Shrubs.

And she is walking and is sitting to-herself from-anti,731 causing to be far, according to those extending a bow,732 for she has said, `Never may I see in the death of the Born-one.` And she is sitting from-anti, and is lifting up אֶת-her voice, and is weeping.

And elohim is hearing toward the voice of the Male-Child.733 And a messenger of elohim is calling-out toward Hagar from out of the Dual-Heavens, and is saying to herself, `What to yourself, Hagar? Do not be fearing. For elohim has heard toward the voice of the Shaken-out-one, in whom himself is there.

Stand up, lift up אֶת-the Shaken-out-one, and strengthen אֶת-your hand in-himself for to a great nation I am putting him.`And elohim is splitting אֶת-her eyes, and she is seeing a well of dual-waters, and she is walking and filling the Container of dual-waters, and is causing to drink אֶת-the Shaken-out-one.And he is elohim את-the Shaken-out-one. And he is growing-great, and he is sitting in the Wilderness, and he is he-who-abounds734 a bowman.

And he is sitting in a wilderness of Paran,735 And his mother is taking to himself a woman from the earth of Dual-Strait.

And he is in the Time of Himself,736 and Father-King is speaking, and Mouth-of-the-Whole,737 prince of his army toward Father-of-Tumult, to say, `Elohim is with you in the whole of which yourself makes.

And now, seven herself738 to myself in elohim here. If you are not cheating to-myself, and to my offspring and to my posterity, according to the Kindness which I have made with yourself, you are making with myself, and with the Earth which you have offroaded in-herself.`

And Father-of-Tumult is saying, `Myself is sevening myself.`739

And Father-of-Tumult has justified אֶת-Father-King upon the causes of a well of the Water which slaves of Father-King have torn away,740

and Father-King is saying, `I have not perceived741 who has made the Word of This one, and also yourself has not fronted to myself, and also myself has not heard until the Hot-one.`

And Father-of-Tumult is taking a sheep and a ploughing-one, and is giving to Father-King, and they are cutting-off, their double,742 a cut-out-one.743

And Father-of-Tumult is causing to stand-firm אֶת-seven ewe-lambs of the Sheep to their separation.And Father-King is saying toward Father-of-Tumult, `What are these seven ewe-lambs, These-ones which you have caused to stand-firm to their separation?`And he is saying, `For אֶת-seven lambs you are taking from my hand, in account of which he is to myself to a testimony that I have dug the Well of This one.`Upon an upright has he called-out to the Standing-place of Himself Well-of-Seven for there they have sevened themselves their two.And they are cutting-off a cut-out-one in Well-of-Seven, and Father-King is standing-up, and Mouth-of-the-Whole, prince of his army, and they are turning back toward the earth of Philistines.And he is setting-up a tamarisk in Well-of-Seven. And he is calling-out there in the name of Yahweh el of the future.744And Father-of-Tumult is offroading in the earth of Philistines, days abundant.