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Genesis 21:3

And Father-of-Tumult is calling-out אֶת-the name of his builder, the One-who-is-born714 to himself, whom she has born to himself ContentiousWoman, He-Laughs.715



Strong’s #3327, Yitschaq. He laughs or mocks. The context of this word in the whole of Genesis is mocking as in laughing in derision. Not a positive name. The possessive preposition ל֛וֹ to himself is used twice in the sentence, and the order of the words is as strange as it sounds. If by now you are still not used to odd sentences and usages of pronouns, possessives, and the obscure nature of word structure in the Scripture, then I can’t help you. Sarah is either referred to as “himself” in a slight-of-hand, inconspicuous way or the text is unnecessarily redundant, and the writer something of an idiot.