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RBT Translation:
And she is saying, `Who has cut-off718 to Father-of-Tumult? Breastfeeding builders of ContentiousWoman?719 For I have born a builder to his old-ones.`
RBT Paraphrase:
And she is saying, "Who has cut off to Father of Multitude the Breastfeeding sons of Contentious Woman? For I have given birth to a son for the old ones of himself!"
LITV Translation:
And she said, Who would have said to Abraham, Will Sarah suckle sons? For I have borne a son to his old age.
ESV Translation:
And she said, “Who would have said to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children? Yet I have borne him a son in his old age.”
Brenton Septuagint Translation:
And she said, Who shall say to Abraham that Sarah suckles a child? for I have born a child in my old age.



Strong’s #4448, מָלַל malal. There is some connection with the verb for circumcise, cut off, מוּל mul. It appears to have two definitions to utter, speak, and to scrape, cut off. “Some consider the notion of cutting as primary, and this they consider to be applied to speaking…but I leave this undetermined.” – Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon. From its use in Proverbs 6:13 it seems to imply “uttering” in the sense of gesturing or signaling,

He winks with his eyes, signals with his feet, points with his fingers”

Because enigma is all about the play on words, it is possible that Proverbs 6:13 should read like this, in the good ‘ol fashioned literal,

Pinching in his eyes, cutting-off [malal] in his feet, causing to shoot in his fingers.” Provebs 6:13 literal

The wicked worthless “walker” suddenly goes from deceptive to violent.


The plural form builders בָנִ֖ים is sneakily put in here.