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Genesis Chapter 6

1 And he is becoming for the Red-one has untied to abound upon the faces of the Red-one, and built-ones have been born to-themselves,

2 and builders of the Elohim are seeing אֶת-the built-ones of the Red-one, that good one are themselves, and they are taking to-themselves women from the whole of whom they have chosen.3 And Yahweh is saying, `My Wind is not judging223 in the Red-one224 to the future, in whom also225 himself is flesh. And he has become his days a hundred and twenty duplications.`

4 The fallen ones226 have become in the Earth in the Days of Them, and also the back of227 upright, which the builders of the Elohim are coming toward built-ones of the Red-one, and they have borne to-themselves, those-ones are the Mighty-Men,228 who are from the future,229 the men of the Name.230

5 And Yahweh is seeing that abundant is the ruined-one231 of the Red-one in the Earth, and the whole form232 of the plans233 of his heart is only a ruinous one of the whole of the Hot-one.

6 And Yahweh is being consoled,234 for he has made אֶת-the Red-one in the Earth, and he is paining himself235 toward his heart.236 7 And Yahweh is saying, `I am blotting-out אֶת-the Red-one whom I have cut out from upon the faces of the Red-one,237 from the Red-one until a behemah, until a crawling-one, and until the flying one of the Dual-Heavens, for I have been consoled that I have made them.`238 8 And Rest has found a favored-one239 in the eyes of Yahweh.

9 These ones are births of Rest. Rest is a man of justice, perfect he has become in his revolutions240 את- the Elohim, Rest has walked himself.

10 And he is generating three builders, אֶת-Name, אֶת-Warm, and אֶת-Opened.241

11 And the Earth is being laid-waste242 to the faces of the Elohim, and the Earth is being filled with violence.

12 And elohim is seeing אֶת-the Earth, and behold, she has been laid-waste, for the whole of the flesh has laid-waste אֶת-his Road243 upon the Earth. 13 And elohim said to Rest, `A cut-off-end of the whole of the flesh is he-who-comes to my faces, for the Earth has been filled of violence from their faces.244 And behold-me, he-who-lays-waste-them את-the Earth. 14 `Make to-yourself a chest of gopher-woods,245 nests246 you are making את-the Chest,247 and you have covered אֶת-her248 from the house249 and from the outwall in the Kopher.25015 And this one is whom you are making אֶת-her,251 three hundred ammah252 is the length of the Chest, fifty ammah her width, and thirty ammah her height; 16 a light253 you are making to the Chest, and to an ammah you are ending אֶת-her from-to-above254 and the opening of the Chest you are placing in her side, bottom-ones, a pair, and a third-ones255 you are making her.17 `And myself, behold-me,256 is he-who-causes to come in אֶת-the Flow257 of dual-waters upon the Earth to lay-waste the whole of the flesh, which in-himself is a wind of dual-life258 from underneath the Dual-Heavens, the whole which is in the Earth, he is breathing out.259 18 `And I have caused to stand up260 אֶת-my cut-out-one261 את-yourself, and you have come in toward the Chest, yourself, and your builders, and your woman, and the women of your builders, את-yourself. 19 And from the whole of The Living-one,262 from the whole of a flesh, a pair263 from the whole264 you are causing to come in toward the Chest, to make-live את-yourself, a male and a female they are becoming. 20 Of the flying-one to his kind, and of the Behemah to her kind, from the whole of a crawling-one of the Red-one to his kind, a pair from the whole, they are coming in toward you, to cause-to-live. 21 `And you must take for yourself from the whole of the food that is being eaten; and you have gathered toward yourself, and she has become to-yourself and to-themselves for food.` 22 And Rest is making according to the whole which elohim has commanded אֶת-him. An upright he has made.