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In the Head 32

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RBT Paraphrase

And he is saying, "Your name is not being called 'Heel Chaser' going around, for if God is Straight then you have striven with mighty ones and with mortal men, and you are able.`

RBT Hebrew Literal

And Heel has walked to his road, and messengers of elohim are meeting in him.

And Heel is saying, when he has seen them, `The encampment of elohim is this one.` And he is calling-out the name of the Standing place of Himself `Double Camps.`1018

And Heel is sending forth messengers to his faces toward Prepared his brother, earth-ward of Hairy,1019 a field of Red.

And he is commanding אֶת-them, to say, `Thus you are saying to my master, to Prepared: Thus has said your slave Heel, With White I have offroaded, and I am remaining-behind1020 until now.

And he is becoming to-myself an ox, and an fermenting-one, a sheep, and a man-slave, and a slavewoman, and I am sending her forth1021 to front to my master, to find a favored-one in your eyes.`

And the Messengers are turning back toward Heel, to say, `We have come in toward your brother, toward Prepared, and also he-who-walks to meet you, and four hundred of a man are with him.`

And Heel is fearing exceedingly, and he is narrow to himself,1022 and he is dividing אֶת-the People who is את-him, and אֶת-the Sheep, and אֶת-the Ploughing-one, and the Camels, to double camps.

And he is saying, `If Prepared is coming in toward the Encampment of the One and he has smitten him, then he has become the Camp of the Remaining One1023 to an escape.`

And Heel is saying, `Elohe of my father Father-of-Tumult, and elohe of my father He-Laughs, Yahweh the One-who-speaks1024 toward me, Turn back to your earth, and to your birth, and I may create-good with you.

I have become small from the whole of the Kind-ones [Chasadim], and from the whole of the True-one which you have made אֶת-your slave—for, in my shoot I have crossed over אֶת-the Descender of This one, and now I have become to two camps.

`Snatch me, now, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Prepared: for afraid is myself אֶת-him, lest he is coming in and has smitten me—a mother upon builders.And yourself has said, Causing good I am creating-good with you, and have put your seed as the turning-one of the Sea, which is not recorded from abundance.`

And he is lodging there in the Night-ward of Himself, and he is taking from the One-who-comes-in1025 in his hand, a gift for Prepared his brother:

she-goats a double-hundred, and he-goats twenty, ewes a double-hundred, and rams twenty,suckling camels and their builders thirty, cows forty, and bulls ten, everflowing-onees twenty, and awake-ones1026 ten.And he is giving in a hand of his slaves, a sheep of a sheep1027 to his separation, and is saying toward his slaves, `Cross over to my faces, and an interval you are putting between a sheep and between a sheep.`

And he is commanding אֶת-the First one, to say, `For Prepared my brother is meeting you, and he has asked you, saying, To-who is yourself? And whither are you walking? And to-who are these ones to your faces?

And you have said: to your slave, to Heel, a gift is himself, one-who-is-sent to my master, to Prepared; and behold, also himself is the back of us.`

And he is commanding also אֶת-the Double, also אֶת-the Third-one, also אֶת-the whole of Those-following the back of the sheeps, to say, `According to the Word of This one you are ordering toward Prepared, in your finding אֶת-him,

and you have said also, Behold, your slave Heel is the back of us;` for he has said, `I may cover1028 his faces in the Gift1029 of the Walking one1030 to my faces, and the back of an upright I am seeing his faces— perhaps he is lifting up my faces.`

And the Gift is crossing over upon his faces, and himself has lodged in the Night-ward of Himself in the encampment.

And he is standing up in the Night-ward of himself, and he is taking אֶת-the pair of his women, and אֶת-the pair of his slavewomen, and אֶת-one ten of his born-ones and is crossing over אֶת-the crossing-place of He-Dusts [Yabbaq].1031

And he is taking them and is causing them to cross over the Torrent-Valley, and he is causing to cross over אֶת-which is to-himself.

And Heel is remaining over to his separation, and a man is dusting [yabbeq]1032 with him until the ascending of the Daybreak.1033

And he is seeing that he had not been able to-himself, and he is touching the palm1034 of his thigh, and the palm of the thigh of Heel is severed in his dusting [yabbeq] with him.

And he is saying, `Send me forth, for the Daybreak has ascended.` And he is saying, `I am not sending you forth, for if you have blessed me.`

And he is saying toward him, `What is your name?`

And he is saying, `Not Heel your name is being said going around, for if God is Straight1035 then you have striven with elohim and with mortal-men, and you are able.`

And Heel is asking, and is saying, `Expose,1036 now, your name.`

And Heel is calling-out the name of the Standing-place Face of El1037 for I have seen elohim, faces toward faces, and my breath has been snatched away.1038

And the sun is rising to-himself when he has crossed over אֶת-Face of El, and himself is he-who-bending-to-the-side1039 over his thigh.

Upon an upright the builders of El-Strives are not eating אֶת-the thread1040 of the Nerve,1041 which is over the palm of the thigh, until the Hot-one of This one, for he has touched in the palm of the thigh of Heel, in the thread of the Nerve.