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Genesis Chapter 32

1 And Heel has walked to his road, and messengers of elohim are meeting in him.

2 And Heel is saying, when he has seen them, `The encampment of elohim is this one.` And he is calling-out the name of the Standing place of Himself `Double Camps.`1018

3 And Heel is sending forth messengers to his faces toward Prepared his brother, earth-ward of Hairy,1019 a field of Red.

4 And he is commanding אֶת-them, to say, `Thus you are saying to my master, to Prepared: Thus has said your slave Heel, With White I have offroaded, and I am remaining-behind1020 until now.

5 And he is becoming to-myself an ox, and an fermenting-one, a sheep, and a man-slave, and a slavewoman, and I am sending her forth1021 to front to my master, to find a favored-one in your eyes.`

6 And the Messengers are turning back toward Heel, to say, `We have come in toward your brother, toward Prepared, and also he-who-walks to meet you, and four hundred of a man are with him.`

7 And Heel is fearing exceedingly, and he is narrow to himself,1022 and he is dividing אֶת-the People who is את-him, and אֶת-the Sheep, and אֶת-the Ploughing-one, and the Camels, to double camps.

8 And he is saying, `If Prepared is coming in toward the Encampment of the One and he has smitten him, then he has become the Camp of the Remaining One1023 to an escape.`

9 And Heel is saying, `Elohe of my father Father-of-Tumult, and elohe of my father He-Laughs, Yahweh the One-who-speaks1024 toward me, Turn back to your earth, and to your birth, and I may create-good with you.

10 I have become small from the whole of the Kind-ones [Chasadim], and from the whole of the True-one which you have made אֶת-your slave—for, in my shoot I have crossed over אֶת-the Descender of This one, and now I have become to two camps.

11 `Snatch me, now, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Prepared: for afraid is myself אֶת-him, lest he is coming in and has smitten me—a mother upon builders. 12 And yourself has said, Causing good I am creating-good with you, and have put your seed as the turning-one of the Sea, which is not recorded from abundance.`

13 And he is lodging there in the Night-ward of Himself, and he is taking from the One-who-comes-in1025 in his hand, a gift for Prepared his brother:

14 she-goats a double-hundred, and he-goats twenty, ewes a double-hundred, and rams twenty, 15 suckling camels and their builders thirty, cows forty, and bulls ten, everflowing-onees twenty, and awake-ones1026 ten. 16 And he is giving in a hand of his slaves, a sheep of a sheep1027 to his separation, and is saying toward his slaves, `Cross over to my faces, and an interval you are putting between a sheep and between a sheep.`

17 And he is commanding אֶת-the First one, to say, `For Prepared my brother is meeting you, and he has asked you, saying, To-who is yourself? And whither are you walking? And to-who are these ones to your faces?

18 And you have said: to your slave, to Heel, a gift is himself, one-who-is-sent to my master, to Prepared; and behold, also himself is the back of us.`

19 And he is commanding also אֶת-the Double, also אֶת-the Third-one, also אֶת-the whole of Those-following the back of the sheeps, to say, `According to the Word of This one you are ordering toward Prepared, in your finding אֶת-him,

20 and you have said also, Behold, your slave Heel is the back of us;` for he has said, `I may cover1028 his faces in the Gift1029 of the Walking one1030 to my faces, and the back of an upright I am seeing his faces— perhaps he is lifting up my faces.`

21 And the Gift is crossing over upon his faces, and himself has lodged in the Night-ward of Himself in the encampment.

22 And he is standing up in the Night-ward of himself, and he is taking אֶת-the pair of his women, and אֶת-the pair of his slavewomen, and אֶת-one ten of his born-ones and is crossing over אֶת-the crossing-place of He-Dusts [Yabbaq].1031

23 And he is taking them and is causing them to cross over the Torrent-Valley, and he is causing to cross over אֶת-which is to-himself.

24 And Heel is remaining over to his separation, and a man is dusting [yabbeq]1032 with him until the ascending of the Daybreak.1033

25 And he is seeing that he had not been able to-himself, and he is touching the palm1034 of his thigh, and the palm of the thigh of Heel is severed in his dusting [yabbeq] with him.

26 And he is saying, `Send me forth, for the Daybreak has ascended.` And he is saying, `I am not sending you forth, for if you have blessed me.`

27 And he is saying toward him, `What is your name?`

28 And he is saying, `Not Heel he is being said again your name, for if El-Strives1035 then you have striven with elohim and with mortal-men, and you are able.`

29 And Heel is asking, and is saying, `Expose,1036 now, your name.`

30 And Heel is calling-out the name of the Standing-place Face of El1037 for I have seen elohim, faces toward faces, and my breath has been snatched away.1038

31 And the sun is rising to-himself when he has crossed over אֶת-Face of El, and himself is he-who-bending-to-the-side1039 over his thigh.

32 Upon an upright the builders of El-Strives are not eating אֶת-the thread1040 of the Nerve,1041 which is over the palm of the thigh, until the Hot-one of This one, for he has touched in the palm of the thigh of Heel, in the thread of the Nerve.