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In the Head 24

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RBT Paraphrase

`Myself is yet before I am completing to order words toward the heart of myself, and behold! Stall Fed, she who is going out, and her jar is upon her shoulder, and she is descending the Eye of herself, and she is drawing out. And I am saying toward herself, "Give myself to drink, now."

RBT Hebrew Literal

And Father-of-Tumult has become old, he has come-in in the Days, and Yahweh has kneeled אֶת-Father-of-Tumult in the whole.794

And Father-of-Tumult is saying toward his slave, the oldest of his house, the Ruling-one in the whole of which is to himself, `Place, now, your hand underneath my thigh,and I am causing you to seven-yourself in Yahweh, elohe of the Dual-Heavens, and elohe of the Earth, which you are not taking a woman to my builder from built-ones of the Humbled, whom myself is he-who-sits in the inner-part.For toward my earth and toward my birth-place you are walking, and you have taken a woman to my builder, to He-Laughs.`

And the Slave is saying toward him, `Perhaps the Woman is not breathing-after795 to walk the back of me toward this Earth of This one. To cause to turn back am I causing to turn back אֶת-your builder toward the Earth which you have gone out from there?`

And Father-of-Tumult is saying toward him, `Guard-yourself to yourself796 lest you are causing to turn back אֶת-my builder there-ward.

Yahweh, elohe of the Dual-Heavens, who has taken me from a house of my father, and from the earth of my birth-place, and who has ordered to-myself, and who has sevened-himself to myself, to say, To your seed I am giving אֶת-the Earth of This one, himself is sending forth his messenger to your faces, and you have taken a woman to my builder from there.And if the Woman is not breathing-after to walk the back of you, and then you have become clean from my sevened-oath of this one. only אֶת-my builder may you not cause to turn back there-ward.`

And the Slave is putting his hand underneath the thigh of Father-of-Tumult his master, and he is sevening-himself to himself upon the Word of This one.

And the Slave is taking ten camels from the camels of his master and he is walking, and the whole of a good of his master in his hand, and he is standing up, and he is walking toward Castle of the Double Rivers,797 toward the city of Snorter.

And he is causing to kneel798 the Camels at the outside to the city, in a well of the Dual-Waters, to the time of dusk, to the time of the going-out of the Water-Drawers.799

And he is saying, `Yahweh, elohe, master of Father-of-Tumult! Meet, now, to the faces of myself the Hot-one800—and make kindness with my master Father-of-Tumult.

Behold myself is he-who-is-standing-firm upon an eye of the Dual-Waters,801 and built-ones of mortal-men of the City going out to draw dual-waters.

And he has become, the Girl802 who I am saying toward her, stretch-out, now, your jar, and let me drink. And she has said, drink, and also your camels I am causing to drink— אֶת-her you have justified to your slave, to He-Laughs. And in-herself I am perceiving, for you have made a kindness with my master.`

And he is becoming himself before he has ended to order, and behold Stall-Fed,803 who has been born to Destroyed-of-El, builder of Queen, woman of Snorter, brother of Father-of-Tumult, going out, and her jar is upon her shoulder.804

And the Girl is a good-one of sight exceedingly, a separate-one,805 and a man has not perceived her. And she is descending the Eye-ward, and is filling her jar, and is ascending.

And the Slave is running to meet her, and he is saying, `Cause me to swallow, now, a little bit of dual-waters from your jar.`

And she is saying, `Drink, my master.` And she is hastening, and she is causing to descend her jar upon her hand, and she is causing him to drink.And she is ending to cause him to drink, and she is saying, `Also to your camels I am drawing until when they have ended to drink.`

And she is hastening, and she is laying-bare806 her jar toward the Drinking-Trough, and she is running continually toward the Well to draw, and she is drawing to the whole of his camels.

And the Man, wondering to-herself, is he-who-is-dumb807 to perceive if Yahweh has made his road successful or not.And he is becoming when the Camels have ended to drink, and the Man is taking a ring of a gold-one of a half of his weight,808 and two bracelets upon her hands, ten of a gold-one of their weight.809

And he is saying, `Built-one of who are you? Reveal, now, to-myself, is there in the house of your father a standing-place to-ourselves to lodge?`

And she is saying toward him, `A built-one of Destroyed-of-El is myself, builder of Queen, whom she has borne to Snorter.`And she is saying toward him, `Also straw also a collection are abundant with ourselves, also a standing-place to lodge.`

And the Man is bending over,810 and he is bowing-down himself to Yahweh,

and he is saying, `Him-kneeling Yahweh elohe my master Father-of-Tumult, who has not forsaken his kindness and his true-one811 from-with my master, myself in the Road, Yahweh has led me to the house of brothers of my master.`

And the Girl is running, and she is exposing to a house of her mother according to the Words of These ones.

And to Stall-Fed is a brother, and his name is White,812 and White is running toward the Man the Outside-ward, toward the Eye.

And he is becoming, when he is seeing אֶת-the Ring,813 and אֶת-the Bracelets upon the hands of his sister, and when he is hearing אֶת-words of Stall-Fed his sister, to say, `Thus the Man has ordered toward me.` And he is coming in toward the Man, and behold, he-who-sets-upright upon the Camels upon the Eye.

And he is saying, `Come in, kneeling-one of Yahweh, why are you standing in the Outside? And myself I have faced the House and a standing-place to the Camels!`

And the Man is coming in the House-ward, and he is opening the Camels, and he is giving straw and fodder to the Camels, and dual-waters to wash his feet-pair, and the feet-pair of the Mortal-men who are את-himself.And he-is-placing814 to his faces to eat, and he is saying, `I am not eating until if I have ordered my words.`

And he is saying,815 `A slave of Father-of-Tumult is myself,

and Yahweh has kneeled אֶת-my master exceedingly, and he has grown great, and he is giving to-himself a sheep, and a ploughing-one, and a silver-one, and gold, and men-slaves, and slavewomen, and camels, and asses.And ContentiousWoman is bearing, a woman of my master, a builder to my master, the back-ones of her old age, and he is giving to-himself the whole of whom is to-himself.`And he has caused-to-seven-myself my master, to say, You are not taking a woman to my builder from built-ones of the Humbled, of whom myself is sitting in his earth.If not, toward house of my father you are walking, and toward my family, and you have taken a woman to my builder.`And I am saying toward my master, perhaps the woman is not walking the back of me?And he is saying toward me, Yahweh, whom I have walked-about to his faces, is sending forth his messenger near you, and he has caused to succeed your road, and you have taken a woman to my builder from my family, and from house of my father.At that time you are clean from my curse,816 for you are coming in toward my family, and if they are not giving to-yourself. And you have become clean from my curse.

`And I am coming in the Hot-one toward the Eye, and I am saying, Yahweh, elohe my master Father-of-Tumult, if there is of yourself,817 now, one causing to succeed my road, which myself is he-who-walks upon her,818

behold myself standing upon the eye of the Dual-Waters, and he has become the Veiled-Maiden819 Going-Out820 to draw. And I have said toward her, cause me to drink, now, a little bit of dual-waters from your jar.And she has said toward me, Also yourself drink, and also to your camels I am drawing—himself is the Woman whom Yahweh has justified to a builder of my master.

Myself is before I am completing to order-words toward the heart of myself, and behold! Stall-Fed, she who is going out, and her jar is upon her shoulder, and she is descending the Eye-her, and is drawing out. And I am saying toward herself, give me to drink, now.

And she is hastening and is causing to descend her jar from upon herself and she is saying, Drink, and also your camels I am causing to drink. And I am drinking, and also the Camels she has caused to drink.`And I am asking אֶת-her, and I am saying, Built-one of who is yourself? And she is saying, Built-one of Destroyed-of-El, builder of Snorter, whom Queen has borne to-himself. And I am putting the Ring upon her nostril, and the Bracelets upon her hands.

And I am bending over, and I am bowing-down myself to Yahweh, and I am kneeling אֶת-Yahweh, elohe, my master Father-of-Tumult, who has guided me in a road of true-one, to take אֶת-a built-one of a brother of my master to his builder.

`And now, if there exists of yourselves one-who-makes a kind-one and a true-one near my master, front to-myself. And if not, front to-myself. And I may face upon the right or upon the left.`

And White is facing, also Destroyed-of-El, and they are saying, `From Yahweh has gone out the Word; we are not able to order toward yourself ruined-one or good one.

Behold, Stall-Fed is to the faces of yourself, take and walk, and may she become a woman to a builder of your master, when Yahweh has ordered.`

And he is becoming when a slave of Father-of-Tumult has heard אֶת-their words, and he is bowing-down himself earth-ward to Yahweh.And the Slave is causing to go out finished-articles821 of a silver-one, and finished-articles of a gold-one, and garments-of-treachery,822 and he is giving to Stall-Fed, and he has given precious-things823 to her brother and to her mother.

And they are eating and drinking, himself and the Mortal-men who are with him, and they are lodging, and they are standing up in the Dawn. And he is saying, `Send me forth to my master.`

And he is saying her brother, and her mother,824 `The Girl is sitting near ourselves days or ten, the back she is walking.`And he is saying toward them, `Do not you-all remain-behind825 אֶת-me. And Yahweh has caused to succeed my road. Send me forth, and I may walk to my master.`And they are saying, `May we call to the Girl, and may we ask אֶת-her mouth.`And they are calling-out to Stall-Fed, and are saying toward her, `Do you walk with the Man of This one?` And she is saying, `I am walking.`

And they are sending forth אֶת-Stall-Fed their sister, and אֶת-she-nursing-her,826 and אֶת-a slave of Father-of-Tumult, and אֶת-his mortal-men.

And they are kneeling אֶת-Stall-Fed, and are saying to-herself, `Our sister is yourself, become you to thousands of myriads, and your seed is inheriting אֶת-the gate of those-who-hate-him.`

And Stall-Fed is standing up, and her girls, and they are riding upon the Camels, and are walking the back of the Man. And the Slave is taking אֶת-Stall-Fed, and he is walking.

And He-Laughs has come in from coming in Well to the Living One of Sight; and himself sitting in the earth of the Dry-South.

And He-Laughs is going out to sink827 in the Field,828 to face the dusk, and he is lifting up his eyes, and he is seeing, and behold, camels are those-who-come-in.

And Stall-Fed is lifting up her eyes, and she is seeing אֶת-He-Laughs, and she is falling829 from upon the Camel.

And she is saying toward the Slave, `Who is the Man of This-one-further?830 The One-who-walks in the Field to meet us?` And the Slave is saying, `Himself is my master.` And she is taking the Veil, and is covering herself.

And the Slave is recording to He-Laughs אֶת-the whole of the Words which he has made.And He-Laughs is causing her to come in the Tent-ward of ContentiousWoman his mother, and he is taking אֶת-Stall-Fed, and she is to-himself to a woman, and he is loving her, and He-Laughs is being consoled the back of his mother.