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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And He-Adds is falling upon the faces of his father, and he is weeping upon him, and is kissing to-himself.

And He-Adds is commanding אֶת-his slaves, אֶת-the Ones-who-mend,1380 to spice אֶת-his father, and the Ones-who-mend are spicing אֶת-El-Strives.And they are filling to-himself forty of a hot-one, for an upright they are filling the days of the spiced-ones, and the Dual-Siegeians are weeping אֶת-him seventy of a hot-one.

And the days of his weeping are crossing-over, and He-Adds is ordering toward the house of Pharaoh, to say, `If, now, I have found a kindness in your eyes, order, now, in the ears of Pharaoh, to say,

My father has sevened me, to say, Behold, Myself is he-who-dies, in my burying-place which I have dug to-myself in the earth of Humbled, there you are burying me. And now, I am ascending, now, and I am burying אֶת-my father, and I am turning-back.`And Pharaoh is saying, `Ascend and bury אֶת-your father, according to when he sevened you.`

And He-Adds is ascending to bury אֶת-his father, and the whole of the slaves of Pharoah are ascending את-him, the old-ones of his house, and the whole of the old-ones of the earth of Dual-Siege,

and the whole of the house of He-Adds, and his brothers, and the house of his father; only their tripping-ones, and their sheep, and their ploughing-ones have they forsaken in the earth of Goshen.And he is ascending with him, also a ridden-one,1381 also steeds,1382 and the camp is becoming exceedingly heavy.

And they are coming in until the threshing-floor of the Bramble,1383 which is in the beyond of the Descender, and they are wailing there a lamentation of a great and exceedingly heavy-one. And he is making for his father a mourning-one of seven days.

And he-who-sits the Earth of the Humbled is seeing אֶת-the Mourning-one in the threshing-floor of Bramble, and they are saying, `A heavy mourning-one is this one to Dual-Siege.` Upon an upright he has called-out her name, `The mourning-one of the Dual-Siege` who is in the beyond of the Descender.

And his builders are making to-himself an upright as when he commanded them.

And his builders are lifting אֶת-him earth-ward of Humbled, and they are burying אֶת-him in the cave of the field of Doublefold, which Father-of-Tumult has bought אֶת-the Field for a possession of a burying-place from אֶת-Fawn-Like the Terrified, upon the faces of Mamre.And He-Adds is turning back Dual-Siege-ward, himself and his brothers, and the whole of those-who-ascend את-him to bury אֶת-his father, the back of his burying אֶת-his father.

And the brothers of He-Adds are seeing that their father has died, and they are saying, `Oh He-Adds is hating us, and to turn back he is turning back to-ourselves אֶת-the whole of the ruined-one which we have weaned אֶת-him.`

And they are laying-charge toward He-Adds, to say, `Your father has laid-charge to the faces of his death,1384 to say,Thus you are saying to He-Adds, ah now!, lift, now, the rebellion of your brothers, and their miss-offering, for they have weaned you a ruined-one; and now, lift, now, to the rebellion of the slaves of the elohe of your father.` And He-Adds is weeping in their speaking toward him.

And they are walking, also his brothers, and are falling to his faces, and are saying, `Behold, to-yourself to slaves.`

And He-Adds is saying toward them, `Do not fear, for underneath elohim is myself.And yourselves, you have woven upon me a ruined-one, elohim has woven her to a good-one, for the purpose of making according to the Hot-one of This one, to make-live an abounding people.

And now, do not fear, Myself is containing אֶת-yourselves and אֶת-your tripping-ones.` And he is consoling אֶת-them, and is ordering upon their heart.

And He-Adds is sitting in Dual-Siege, himself and the house of his father, and He-Adds is living a hundred and ten duplications.

And He-Adds is seeing for Dual-Fruit builders of the third-ones, also the builders of Seller, builder of Forgotten, have been born upon the knees of He-Adds.

And He-Adds is saying toward his brothers, `Myself is he-who-dies, and elohim to visit is visiting אֶת-yourselves, and has caused you to ascend from-out of the Earth of This one, toward the Earth which He has sevened to Father-of-Tumult, to He-Laughs, and to Heel.`

And He-Adds is causing the builders of El-Strives to seven, to say, `Elohim to visit is visiting אֶת-yourselves, and you have caused to ascend אֶת-my bones from this one.`

And He-Adds is dying, a builder of a hundred and ten duplications, and they are spicing אֶת-him, and he is placing1385 in the Chest in Dual-Siege.