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In the Head 33

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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And Heel is lifting up his eyes and he is seeing, and behold, Prepared is he-who-comes-in, and with him four hundreds of a man. And he is dividing אֶת-the Born-ones over Weary, and over Ewe, and over two of the Slavewomen.

And he is putting אֶת-the Slavewomen and אֶת-their born-ones the first one, and אֶת-Weary and her born-ones1042 the last ones,1043 and Ewe and He-Adds the last ones.1044

And himself has crossed over to their faces, and is bowing-down himself Earth-ward seven occurances,1045 until his drawing near until his brother.

And Prepared is running to his meeting him, and is sticking to him, and is falling upon his neck, and is kissing him, and they are weeping.

And he is lifting up אֶת-his eyes, and is seeing אֶת-the Women and אֶת-the Born-ones, and is saying, `Who are these ones to-yourself?1046` And he is saying, `The Born-ones who elohim has bent-over1047 אֶת-your slave.`

And the Slavewomen are drawing near, they and their born-ones, and are bowing-down themselves.

And Weary also is drawing near, and her born-ones, and they are bowing-down themselves.

And he is saying, `Who is to-yourself of the whole of the Encampment of This one which I have met?`

And Prepared is saying, `There is to-myself an abundant one,1048 my brother, he is becoming1049 to-yourself whom is to-yourself.`1050

And Heel is saying, `Nay, now, if, now, I have found a favored-one in your eyes, and you have taken my gift from my hand, for upon an upright I have seen your faces, like seeing the faces of elohim, and you are reconciling1051 me.

Take, now, אֶת-my kneeling, which has been caused to come in to-yourself, for elohim has bent-down to me, and for there is to-myself the whole.` And he is pecking in him, and he is taking.

And he is saying, `May we pull-up and walk, and may I walk to your anti.`

And he is saying toward him, `My master is he-who-perceives that the Born-ones are weak, and the Sheep and the Ploughing-one are those-who-give-suck1052 upon me. And they have knocked1053 them hot-one of one, and they have died, the whole of the Sheep.

He is crossing over, now, my master, to the faces of his slave, and myself is guiding to my gentle-one,1054 to the foot of the Work whom is to my faces, and to the foot of the Born-ones until whom I am coming in toward my master Hairy-ward.`

And Prepared is saying, `May I cause to set, now, with you from the People who is with me.` And he is saying, `Why is this one? I am finding a favored-one in the eyes of my master.`

And Prepared is turning back in the Hot-one of Himself to his road Hairy-ward.

And Heel has pulled up Booth-ward, and is building to-himself a house, and to his a bought-one he has made booths,1055 upon an upright he has called-out the name of the Standing-place Booth.

And Heel is coming in Complete [Salem],1056 a city of Shoulder, which is in the earth of Humbled, in his coming in from Highland Castle, and he is bending-down אֶת-the faces of the City.And he is buying אֶת-the portion of the Field which he has stretched-out there his tent, from the hand of the builders of Fermenting-one,1057 father of Shoulder, in a hundred kesitah.1058And he is causing to stand there a slaughtering-place, and he is calling-out to-himself el elohe of El-Strives.1059