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In the Head 48

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RBT Paraphrase

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RBT Hebrew Literal

And he is becoming the back of the Words of These ones, and he is saying to He-Adds, `Behold, your father is him-who-is-diseased.` And he is taking אֶת-the dual builders with him, אֶת-Forgotten and אֶת-Dual-Fruit.

And he is exposing to Heel, and he is saying, `Behold, your builder He-Adds has come in toward you.` And El-Strives is strengthening himself, and is sitting upon the stretch-out-place.

And Heel is saying toward He-Adds, `El of Destroyers has been seen toward me, in Almond-tree, in the earth of Humbled, and is kneeling אֶת-me.

And he is saying toward me, Behold, him-who-makes-you-bear-fruit, and I have abounded you, and I have given you for an assembly of peoples, and I have given אֶת-the Earth of This one to your seed the back of you, a possession of future.1335`And now, dual are your builders, those-who-are-born to-yourself in the earth of Dual-Siege, until my coming in toward you Dual-Siege-ward, to-myself are themselves, Dual-Fruit and Forgotten, according to Behold-Builder and News they are becoming to-myself.And your birth-place which you have begotten the back of them, to-yourself they are becoming. Upon the name of their brothers they are being called-out in their inheritance.`And myself in my coming in from Highland, Ewe has died upon me in the earth of Humbled, in the Road, in again a kibrath1336 of earth to come in Fruitful-ward, and I am burying her there in the road of Fruitful, himself is House-of-Bread.`

And El-Strives is seeing the builders of He-Adds, and is saying, `Who are these ones?`

And He-Adds is saying toward his father, `My builders are they, whom elohim has given to-myself in this one.` And he is saying, `Take them, now, toward me, and I am kneeling them.`

And the eyes of El-Strives they-have-become-heavy from an old-one,1337 he is not able to see. And he is causing to draw near אֶת-them toward him, and he is kissing to-themselves, and is sticking to-themselves.

And El-Strives is saying toward He-Adds, `To see your faces I have not interposed, and behold, elohim has caused אֶת-me to see, also אֶת-your seed.`

And He-Adds is causing אֶת-them to go out from-with1338 his knees, and he is bowing-down himself to his dual-nostrils1339 earth-ward.

And He-Adds is taking אֶת-their double, אֶת-Dual-Fruit in his right-one from the left-one of El-Strives, and אֶת-Forgotten in his left-one from the right-one1340 of El-Strives and is causing to draw near toward him.

And El-Strives is sending אֶת-his right-one, and he is setting upon the shaking-one of Dual-Fruit, and himself is the Little-one, and אֶת-his left-one upon the shaking-one of Forgotten; he has caused to cross1341 אֶת-his dual-hands, for Forgotten is the Firstborn.

And he is kneeling אֶת-He-Adds, and he is saying, `The Elohim, whom have walked-themselves to the faces of my fathers, Father-of-Tumult and He-Laughs, the Elohim of the One-who-tends אֶת-me from-my-going-around1342 until the Hot-one of This one.The Messenger is the One-who-redeems [acts as kinsman-redeemer] אֶת-me from the whole of the ruinous-one, he is kneeling אֶת-the Scattered-ones, and my name is being called-out in them, and the name of my fathers, Father-of-Tumult and He-Laughs; and they are spawning [as fish]1343 to the Abundance in the inner part1344 of the Earth.`

And He-Adds is seeing that his father is setting the hand of his right-one1345 upon the shaking-one of Dual-Fruit, and he is creating-ruin in his eyes, and he is upholding the hand of his father to turn-aside אֶת-her from upon the shaking-one of Dual-Fruit upon the shaking-one of Forgotten.

And He-Adds is saying toward his father, `Not an upright, my father, for this one is the Firstborn. Place your right-one upon his shaking-one.`And his father is refusing, and is saying,And he is kneeling them in the Hot-one of Himself, to say, `In you El-Strives is kneeling, to say, elohim is placing you according to Dual-Fruit and according to Forgotten.` And he is placing אֶת-Dual-Fruit to the faces of Forgotten.And El-Strives is saying toward He-Adds, `Behold, myself is him-who-dies, and elohim has become with you all,1349 and he has caused אֶת-you all to turn back toward the earth of your fathers.And myself has given to-yourself a shoulder1350 of one upon your brothers, which I have taken from the hand of the Sayers in my sword and in my bow.`