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Genesis Chapter 37

1 And Heel is sitting in the earth of the offroading-places of his father, in the earth of Humbled.

2 These ones are births of Heel: He-Adds, a builder of seven ten of a duplication, he has become he-who-tends את-his brothers in the Sheep, and himself is a shaken-out-one, את-the builders of Troubled, and את-the builders of Trickle, the women of his father, and He-Adds is causing to come in אֶת-their gliding-one1162 of ruined-one toward their father.

3 And El-Strives has loved He-Adds from the whole of his builders, for a builder of old-ones1163 is himself to-himself. And he has made to-himself a tunic of soles.1164

4 And his brothers are seeing that their father has loved אֶת-him from the whole of his brothers, and they are hating him, and have not been able to order him1165 to completeness.

5 And He-Adds is bonding1166 a bonded-one, and he is exposing to his brothers, and they are adding again to hate אֶת-him.

6 And he is saying toward them, `Hear ye, now, the Bonding-one of This one which I have bonded, 7 and behold, ourselves are binders of bound-ones1167 in the middle of the Field, and behold, my bound-one has stood up, and also has stood firm, and behold, your bound-ones are encircling, and are bowing-down themselves to my bound-one.`

8 And his brothers are saying to-himself, `To reign are you reigning over us? Or to rule are you ruling in us?` And they are adding again to hate אֶת-him, upon his bonded-ones, and upon his words.

9 And he is bonding again a bonded-one of a back-one, and he is recording אֶת-him to his brothers, and he is saying, `Behold, I have bonded a bonded-one again, and behold, the Sun and the Moon, and one ten round-ones, are those-who-bow-down themselves to-myself.`

10 And he is recording toward his father, and toward his brothers; and his father is rebuking in him, and is saying to-himself, `What is the Bonded-one of This one which you have bonded? To come in, myself is coming in, and your mother, and your brothers to bow-down to-yourself earth-ward?`1168

11 And his brothers are envying in him, and his father has guarded אֶת-the Word.

12 And his brothers are walking to tend אֶת-a sheep of their father in Shoulder,

13 and El-Strives is saying toward He-Adds, `Are not your brothers those-who-tend in Shoulder? Walk, and I may send you toward them.`

14 And he is saying to him, `Walk, now, see אֶת-the completeness of your brothers, and the completeness of the Sheep, and cause to turn back a word.` And he is sending him from the depth1169 of League, and he is coming-in Shoulder-ward.

15 And a man is finding him, and behold, him-who-wanders in the Field,1170 and the Man is asking him, to say, `What are you seeking?`

16 And he is saying, `אֶת-My brothers myself is he-who-seeks; front now to-myself, where are they those-who-tend?` 17 And the man is saying, `They have pulled-up from this one, for I have heard those-who-say, Let us walk Two-Wells-ward.` 18 And they are seeing אֶת-him from afar, and in-before he is drawing near toward them, and they conspire אֶת-him to put him to death. 19 And they are saying, a man toward his brother, `Behold, the owner1171 of the Bonded-ones of This-one-further1172 is he-who-comes. 20 And now, walk, and we slay him, and throw him in one of the Cisterns, and we have said, A living-one of ruined-one has eaten him; and we are seeing what his bonded-ones are becoming.`

21 And Behold-Builder is hearing, and is snatching him from their hand, and is saying, `We are not smiting a breath.`

22 And Behold-Builder is saying toward them, `We do not pour out blood. Throw אֶת-him toward the Cistern of This one which is in the Wilderness, and do not send out a hand in him.`—to the purpose to snatch אֶת-him from their hand, to turn him back toward his father.

23 And he is becoming when He-Adds has come toward his brothers, and they are stripping אֶת-He-Adds אֶת-his tunic, אֶת-the tunic of Soles which is upon him,

24 and they are taking אֶת-him and are throwing him the Cistern-ward, and the Cistern is empty, nothing is in him of dual-waters. 25 And they are sitting to eat bread, and they are lifting up their eyes, and are seeing, and behold, a traveling-company of El-Hears-ites, she-who-comes from Witness-Heap, and their camels are those-who-lift-up a smitten-one,1173 and a lumped-one,1174 and a wrapped-one,1175 going to take them down to Dual-Siege.

26 And Judah is saying toward his brothers, `What gain when we slay our brother, and have concealed his blood?

27 Walk, and we may sell him to the El-Hears-ites, and our hand is not becoming in him, for our brother our flesh is himself.` And his brothers are hearing. 28 And mortal-men Contentious-ones those-who-go-round are crossing over and they are drawing out and causing to ascend אֶת-He-Adds from out of the Cistern, and are selling אֶת-He-Adds to the El-Hears-ites in twenty of a silver-one, and they are causing to come in He-Adds Duel-Siege-ward.

29 And Behold-Builder is turning back toward the Cistern, and behold, He-Adds is not in the Cistern; and he is rending his treacherous-garments,

30 and he is turning back toward his brothers, and is saying, `The Born-one, they are nothing,1176 and myself is where myself is he-who-comes.1177`

31 And they are taking אֶת-the tunic of He-Adds, and are slaughtering a hairy-one of the female-goats,1178 and are dipping אֶת-the tunic in the Blood,

32 and are sending אֶת-the tunic of the Soles, and they are causing to come in toward their father, and are saying, `This one we have found; recognize, now, the Tunic: of your builder is himself or no.` 33 And he is recognizing her, and is saying, `The tunic of my builder. A living-one of ruined-one has eaten him; torn-off he has been torn-off He-Adds.`1179

34 And Heel is rending his garments and is putting a sack on his double-loins,1180 and is mourning-himself upon his builder the days of abundant-ones.

35 And the whole of his builders and the whole of his built-ones are standing up to console him, and he is refusing to console-himself, and is saying, `For I am descending toward my builder, mournful Sheol-ward.`1181 And his father is weeping אֶת-him. 36 And the Contentious-ones have sold אֶת-him toward Dual-Siege, to Potiphar, a eunuch of Pharaoh prince of the Butchers.1182