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In the Head 37

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RBT Paraphrase

And He-Increases is dreaming a dream; and he is exposing it to his brothers, and they are increasing going around to hate [from beginning to end] him.
And he is counting toward the father of himself, and toward the brothers of himself; and his father is rebuking within himself, and he is saying to himself, "What is the Dream of This which you have dreamed? The Coming, we are prophesying, myself, and your mother, and your brothers to bow down to yourself to earth?"

RBT Hebrew Literal

And Heel is sitting in the earth of the offroading-places of his father, in the earth of Humbled.

These ones are births of Heel: He-Adds, a builder of seven ten of a duplication, he has become he-who-tends את-his brothers in the Sheep, and himself is a shaken-out-one, את-the builders of Troubled, and את-the builders of Trickle, the women of his father, and He-Adds is causing to come in אֶת-their gliding-one1162 of ruined-one toward their father.

And El-Strives has loved He-Adds from the whole of his builders, for a builder of old-ones1163 is himself to-himself. And he has made to-himself a tunic of soles.1164

And his brothers are seeing that their father has loved אֶת-him from the whole of his brothers, and they are hating him, and have not been able to order him1165 to completeness.

And He-Adds is bonding1166 a bonded-one, and he is exposing to his brothers, and they are adding again to hate אֶת-him.

And he is saying toward them, `Hear ye, now, the Bonding-one of This one which I have bonded,and behold, ourselves are binders of bound-ones1167 in the middle of the Field, and behold, my bound-one has stood up, and also has stood firm, and behold, your bound-ones are encircling, and are bowing-down themselves to my bound-one.`

And his brothers are saying to-himself, `To reign are you reigning over us? Or to rule are you ruling in us?` And they are adding again to hate אֶת-him, upon his bonded-ones, and upon his words.

And he is bonding again a bonded-one of a back-one, and he is recording אֶת-him to his brothers, and he is saying, `Behold, I have bonded a bonded-one again, and behold, the Sun and the Moon, and one ten round-ones, are those-who-bow-down themselves to-myself.`

And he is recording toward his father, and toward his brothers; and his father is rebuking in him, and is saying to-himself, `What is the Dream of This one which you have dreamt? The Coming, we are prophesying,1168 myself, and your mother, and your brothers to bow-down to-yourself earth-her?`

And his brothers are envying in him, and his father has guarded אֶת-the Word.

And his brothers are walking to tend אֶת-a sheep of their father in Shoulder,

and El-Strives is saying toward He-Adds, `Are not your brothers those-who-tend in Shoulder? Walk, and I may send you toward them.`

And he is saying to him, `Walk, now, see אֶת-the completeness of your brothers, and the completeness of the Sheep, and cause to turn back a word.` And he is sending him from the depth1169 of League, and he is coming-in Shoulder-ward.

And a man is finding him, and behold, him-who-wanders in the Field,1170 and the Man is asking him, to say, `What are you seeking?`

And he is saying, `אֶת-My brothers myself is he-who-seeks; front now to-myself, where are they those-who-tend?`And the man is saying, `They have pulled-up from this one, for I have heard those-who-say, Let us walk Two-Wells-ward.`And they are seeing אֶת-him from afar, and in-before he is drawing near toward them, and they conspire אֶת-him to put him to death.And they are saying, a man toward his brother, `Behold, the owner1171 of the Bonded-ones of This-one-further1172 is he-who-comes.And now, walk, and we slay him, and throw him in one of the Cisterns, and we have said, A living-one of ruined-one has eaten him; and we are seeing what his bonded-ones are becoming.`

And Behold-Builder is hearing, and is snatching him from their hand, and is saying, `We are not smiting a breath.`

And Behold-Builder is saying toward them, `We do not pour out blood. Throw אֶת-him toward the Cistern of This one which is in the Wilderness, and do not send out a hand in him.`—to the purpose to snatch אֶת-him from their hand, to turn him back toward his father.

And he is becoming when He-Adds has come toward his brothers, and they are stripping אֶת-He-Adds אֶת-his tunic, אֶת-the tunic of Soles which is upon him,

and they are taking אֶת-him and are throwing him the Cistern-ward, and the Cistern is empty, nothing is in him of dual-waters.And they are sitting to eat bread, and they are lifting up their eyes, and are seeing, and behold, a traveling-company of El-Hears-ites, she-who-comes from Witness-Heap, and their camels are those-who-lift-up a smitten-one,1173 and a lumped-one,1174 and a wrapped-one,1175 going to take them down to Dual-Strait.

And Judah is saying toward his brothers, `What gain when we slay our brother, and have concealed his blood?

Walk, and we may sell him to the El-Hears-ites, and our hand is not becoming in him, for our brother our flesh is himself.` And his brothers are hearing.And mortal-men Contentious-ones those-who-go-round are crossing over and they are drawing out and causing to ascend אֶת-He-Adds from out of the Cistern, and are selling אֶת-He-Adds to the El-Hears-ites in twenty of a silver-one, and they are causing to come in He-Adds Duel-Siege-ward.

And Behold-Builder is turning back toward the Cistern, and behold, He-Adds is not in the Cistern; and he is rending his treacherous-garments,

and he is turning back toward his brothers, and is saying, `The Born-one, they are nothing,1176 and myself is where myself is he-who-comes.1177`

And they are taking אֶת-the tunic of He-Adds, and are slaughtering a hairy-one of the female-goats,1178 and are dipping אֶת-the tunic in the Blood,

and are sending אֶת-the tunic of the Soles, and they are causing to come in toward their father, and are saying, `This one we have found; recognize, now, the Tunic: of your builder is himself or no.`And he is recognizing her, and is saying, `The tunic of my builder. A living-one of ruined-one has eaten him; torn-off he has been torn-off He-Adds.`1179

And Heel is rending his garments and is putting a sack on his double-loins,1180 and is mourning-himself upon his builder the days of abundant-ones.

And the whole of his builders and the whole of his built-ones are standing up to console him, and he is refusing to console-himself, and is saying, `For I am descending toward my builder, mournful Sheol-ward.`1181 And his father is weeping אֶת-him.And the Contentious-ones have sold אֶת-him toward Dual-Strait, to Potiphar, a eunuch of Pharaoh prince of the Butchers.1182